Q&A Sex Toy Recommendations for a Lesbian Couple

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Q: Any product recommendations for a lesbian couple that have the basic gear but are wanting to go a lil further? 🙂

– @MyRestlessDream

A: Thanks so much for your question! It’s a great one, and is also always a hard one to answer because we’re each so unique and every couple’s different. That said, if we’re talking about two female-bodied lovers, and if by “basic gear,” you mean a strap-on harness, then we can suggest additional toys like a Share Double Dildo (which can be worn in a harness or without), or wearing something while using the harness, such as the Joya (this thing is seriously cool, and such a unique toy!), We-Vibe 3 (can be worn vaginally by giver or receiver, plus it has a remote!), or Kegel Balls worn by the giver, for added stimulation. You could also add a butt plug into the mix, either for the strap-on wearer or receiver if there’s vaginal penetration involved. You can also put vibrating cock rings on a strap-on dildo which will transmit vibration along the shaft of the toy, or, add a external vibrator that can be used in addition to penetration.

Joya Silicone Dildo

Joya Silicone Dildo

This uniquely designed L-shaped dildo features a three-faceted bulbous shaft with smooth, sexy curves and a protruding, moderately textured stem that is perfectly positioned for external stimulation. Created with simultaneous use in mind, Joya is equally effective as a vaginal dildo where the smaller stem can stimulating the clitoris, or for anal play with the smaller stem stimulating the perineum, and can even be worn under a harness during strap-on play! See more

If you’re looking to upgrade your basic strap-on harness, the Joque, Tomboi, or Shasha harnesses are customer favorites, as well as the Rookie and Riley dildo, which both hold a vibrating bullet at the base.  Check out our Good Vibrations Shopping Guide for Dykes & Lesbians for more ideas, and here’s a handy harness comparison chart. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the lube!

You can also experiment with kinky toys such as Please Arousal Cream, Blindfolds, Nipple Clamps, Ambiance Candles (light them then drip them for an exciting hot effect), Cuffs and Collars, and other restraints. One of our longtime bestsellers is the portable Under the Bed Restraint Kit. You might also be interested in Female Ejaculation (check out our G-Spot shopping guide for books and curved toys) and vaginal fisting, where we recommend the Hand in the Bush book.

Hand In The Bush: The Fine Art Of Vaginal Fisting

Hand In The Bush

From its connotations, “fisting” sounds like a brutal, scary act. In reality, vaginal fisting is simply the gradual insertion into the vagina of many fingers, then an entire hand curled into a fist, sending the recipient into paroxysms of pleasure. Deborah Addington dispels myths, tells us why folks like to do it, and gives details on how to put an entire hand inside a woman, and what to do once it’s in there. More info

If any of these strike your fancy, feel free to ask us more questions and you can also reach our customer service directly via Live Chat, phone, or email. We are trained sex educators and love what we do (seriously, best job ever!) and are happy to help you find the perfect toys!



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