Q&A: Does the Person Wearing a Harness Feel Pleasure?

When it comes to harness play, people often ask me “Does the person wearing the harness receive any pleasure?”

Absolutely! A harness isn’t just a costume or article of clothing you’re adding on. It can be the connecting stitch or the glue if you will, between your partner’s body and your own.

For some people, a harness and dildo can be like a prosthetic, and can help them to physically match how they feel on the inside. This can be the case for Trans* folk, Cis-men with ED, role-players, or anyone that wants to change up their size. For others, the addition into the bedroom (or anywhere else) can be the perfect inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Combining your strap-on set with a butt plug or using the Deuce male harness can help you open a door (no pun intended) to double penetrating your sweetie. For couples looking to try pegging, we’ve got great books and DVDs like The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure and The Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men.

If you’ve ever been out dancing dirty with someone, and it gets to that point where your bodies align, rhythms match up, warm breath and hot moans against you as your hands traveling across each other’s skin… yeah… then you know how pleasurable that all feels even if no one is being penetrated! Some harnesses can actually add a nice addition of external pressure right over the clitoris, which in some cases is enough for the wearer to actually reach orgasm. For those looking for a little more direct stimulation, many of the ones we carry like the Joque Harness or Tomboi have a section built in for a small external vibrator.

Looking for ways to take it up a notch? Try adding something like the Joya, Smartballs, or We-Vibe 3 underneath! The Joya can help add vaginal and clitoral stimulation for you while you’re penetrating your partner. The Smartballs will add a wonderful rattling sensation as you work your hips and will also provide a sexy workout at the same time! Like the Joya, the we-vibe 3 will add dual stimulation both inside and out, but when you put the remote in your partner’s hands, they get to control the added vibration you’re feeling under your harness!

Like any other type of sex play, strapping it on should be exciting and pleasurable for all parties involved. Whether you’ve got a diverse selection of products, or just the basics, the options of what can be enjoyed with them is limitless.

Andy Duran

Andy Duran is the Educational Outreach & Affiliate Manager for Good Vibrations. As a trainer for over 15 years, this California bear cub and proud blue collar dandy loves providing accurate and accessible sex information with hopes to arouse curiosity and spread truth. When not philosophizing about all things sexual, Andy can be found singing George Michael, blushing, and keeping up his teddy bear figure.

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3 Responses

  1. Gina says:

    Thank you so much for your informational article. I myself have wondered about this as my partner and I are just discussing the world of strap-ons. It’s so nice to finally be able to explore myself with someone accepting and curious! Only took me til the age of 30!

  2. Hey there! :Grin: Have you ever given thought to publishing a “Best of” collection for On Our Backs magazine?

    Most Sincerely,


    • Hi! On Our Backs Magazine has unfortunately went out of business. But we’ve got a PLETHORA of amazing sex education books that answer a lot of the questions we get on the job. Check them out in our Sex Books & Erotica section. They’ve all been read and vetted for by our staffers so they’re each amazing resources or hot reads, but if you have any particular questions, we can help point you to the right book.