Progressive Legislation is Sexy

A big wet sloppy kiss from me for State Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco. The Senator has written a bill that would allow judges to recognize multiple parents in cases where children would be best served by several parental relationships.

In other words, a child can have more than two parents.

I don’t know if they want my poly, perverted, queer, black ass as a poster boy for this, but this legislation affects me directly.

I am not the legal parent of my daughters. Lori’s husband is. Even though I’m the biological father of the children, it’s Steven’s name that’s on the girl’s birth certificate. Because they are married, he is the father. It’s state law. The only piece of me on the twin’s certificate is my last name, which is listed as one of their middle names (we made damn sure of that when we found this all out at the hospital).

I’m sure this bill ruffles the feathers of social conservatives, but I don’t give a fuck. I already take the responsibility. I want the legality as well. This is as family values as you can get.

I have my fingers crossed that this bill passes (it’s passed the Senate and is working it’s way through the Assembly). I look forward to becoming a full daddy in the eyes of the State of California.

Senator Leno, I’m willing to help do what I can to push this bill through. I have devastatingly cute children; they’d look great on posters and flyers! 🙂

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