Pleasures Entwined: Coliloquy & Good Vibrations Erotica Contest

Our personal pleasures. They’re invigorating, engaging, and enjoyable. We come alive when we indulge in them, leaving us whole and human and, at least for a time, sated. And when I think about it, few pleasures engage me as fully as sex and reading. Whether I lose myself in the heat of bodily passions or in hot passionate words, I experience something that I refuse to live without.

Both arouse me. Both thrill me. When I discovered erotica for women readers, I never looked back—and looking forward, I knew I had to join its legion of authors. In the ensuing years, I saw countless short stories published, covering a range of sexual practices and written for audiences across the entire spectrum of orientations and identities. With the advent of ebook readers, I turned to writing erotic novels, finding pleasure and fulfillment in telling longer stories of erotic love and adventure. In 2012, I hit a highpoint when my lesbian BDSM novel, Story of L, won the Lambda Literary Award in the lesbian erotica category.

Reaching a personal pinnacle with that cherished win, I wondered what next? The answer came from a partnership between the L. Perkins Literary Agency and a company called They wanted to launch a line of erotica novellas called Entwined. But instead of publishing ebooks one at a time, they wanted to give consumers something more.

They wanted to give readers choices.

I became a cog in the wheel of that effort. I was one of four authors handed the same first chapter of what would become four divergent stories, all gathered under the collective title, Unbound. Using that chapter as a launching point, we each wrote our own version of what happened to its protagonist, Charity McCormick, as she threw aside her long-standing hesitance to discover her full sexual self.

The result? A work that fractures into four erotic directions: lesbian/BDSM, menage, multiple partners/BDSM, and multiple partners/paranormal. Each tale easily stands alone on its own solid ground but taken together? They provide a repeatable, pleasurable reading experience. You, the reader, can pick any of Unbound’s paths and once you’ve completed it, you can return and discover what happened to Charity when she opted for a different erotic opportunity. All are immediately available across multiple platforms, from ebooks for the Kindle and Nook to Android apps and audiobooks.

When I first embraced reading erotica on a regular basis decades ago, I wanted to satisfy several long-negated needs. With the intense early years of motherhood finally behind me, I wanted to reconnect with the full range of my own arousal and imagination. I wanted to pleasure myself and, by knowing myself better, more adeptly share that pleasure. I wanted to reclaim my sexual savviness.

But along the way, I encountered something new: validation of the erotic word as a valuable avenue for sexual satisfaction and self-awareness. Oh, I had shared my fantasies and those delightfully dirty parts of books with partners in my younger years, but I had done it by instinct and on impulse. Now, however, I had sexperts telling me that, yes, I could. The erotic word mattered—legitimately so. Good Vibrations was one of those validating voices back then and I feel fortunate to pay it forward, as it goes.

Entwined Volume 1 Unbound

If I could wave a magic wand for Unbound’s readers, I’d enchant our four-books-in-one with the gift of action. That the erotic ideas we authors expressed in our prose will spur you into your own erotic adventures—exploring role playings, experimenting with different toys, and discovering new erotic landscapes. Nothing would please us more than to know that our words spiced things up for you and yours. That, to us, is a job well done.

I like to think each of Entwined’s volumes as enriching excursions. Whether you read about Charity McCormick’s discoveries along all of its paths or only one, its wide-ranging variety is unique to erotica. It’s immersive and actively engaging. We authors hope to keep you up all night with our tales—furthering your pleasure one way or another!

If you do try our first Entwined collection, Unbound, join us at our website and submit your own erotic tale about Charity and her erotic pursuits. Unbound might begin in the words of its authors, but it doesn’t have to end there—nor do we want it to.


Debra Hyde

Debra Hyde is one of four authors of Entwined: Unbound, a literary experiment that lets readers choose which erotic adventure they would like to follow. It is available in ebook format for the Kindle, Nook, Android, and as an audiobook. Check out the community at

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