“Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs” Book Review

“Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs” is a photography book sold by Good Vibrations. The book is softcover but has full-color pages on the inside. The book is not really divided into chapters, but instead, just has 191 pages of photography. The book is basically a photographic journey into the sex clubs in Japan. The book only took me an hour to completely flip-through and read, so it isn’t a long book, but I feel extremely educated about Japan’s sex trade after reading it.

The book has an interesting cover. The cover shows the two girls on the front, but it doesn’t show the actual rubber-like pink cover that also comes with the book. The cover is removable, but it’s basically a pink, rubber jacket for the book that says “Pink Box” and protects the book. This book is filled with naked pictures, so it’s not at all suitable for public reading.

I am beyond impressed with this book. Beyond impressed. The book starts off with an introduction about Japan’s sex trade and why it’s so interesting. Tt’s so interesting because, while sex is the second largest industry in Japan, the laws still “pretend” to make it illegal. While the US has downtown districts with small business, almost every Japanese city has a downtown district with sex clubs in it. Sex clubs advertise on tissue packages and billboards just like we’d see advertisements for a pair of jeans. All of this blatant sexuality in a culture that is stringent about rules and order makes for an interesting paradox.

After the introduction, the book is divided into little subsections by the type of club it is. Each little club chapter is entranced by information about the type of club than the rest of the chapter is just pictures and captions that explain the pictures. All of the pictures seem really telling in nature, and it’s amazing to be able to see behind-the-scenes with such a secretive industry. You’ll be seeing naked Japanese women as well and quite a few of them are amazingly adorable. The book really does focus on the sex industry in Japan, though, and it does a great job of showing you the rules, customs, and what exactly goes on in Japan’s sex clubs.

For example, Japan actually has sex clubs that are “themed” and a lot more effort than Americans go through. There are rooms themed like subways stuffed full of female workers, so the man can experience subway groping. There are rooms that look like full classrooms, so the man can “punish” the schoolgirl. The book even explains the “host” clubs which are basically clubs where attractive men wine and dine beautiful (and usually sex working) women to help them forget about their day. One of the interesting things, I thought, was the fact that the male worker is expected to wait outside the bathroom door with a warm washcloth to hand to her after she’s finished using the toilet.

Pink Box: Inside Japan’s Sex Clubs” is just an extraordinary look into the sex world outside of your own country. This is easily one of my most treasured photography books now; it’s informative while still being sexy and shocking. If you have any interest in sex, Japanese women, or photography, this book, from Good Vibes, is seriously a must-have for your shelf.

Good Vibrations

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