Pervasive Curves, Part Two

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“You can do anything you want to me, I replied, and then she grabbed me and yanked me behind the curtain, and then she was going down on me “ my first time having sex! And it was all happening so fast, but I didn’t care. I came, just a little later, biting my arm to muffle the sounds, and then she got off her knees, climbed up off the floor, and shoved me against the shower’s back wall.

“I’m going to make you come again, she said, “And again. And again. Until you’re just a puddle on the ground, your legs turned to jelly, until you’re completely spent. And she did just that, and then, I learned that after about eight orgasms, you start losing count. I have no idea how many times she got me off, but I can tell you this much “ she didn’t have to ask me twice to join her in her dorm room later. And once I got there, and shut the door, she got out her strap-on, and asked me if I’d ever been fucked in the ass before. Obviously, I hadn’t, because I was only barely out of virgin territory. Not that she knew that, but I just told her to take it slow.

She warmed me up with her fingers, first one, then two, and then, she did the most wonderful thing ever, getting down on her knees and licking me where her fingers had just been. God, did it ever feel amazing. And then the dildo replaced her tongue, and it felt, if not better, different in a very wonderful way. I felt so very full, even though my pussy was completely empty, and she teased me about that, told me that only sluts like me “ Ha! Sluts like me! “ took it in the ass before they took it in the cunt. I didn’t mind being called a slut, even if it wasn’t true, not in the least.

“And that’s what happened your first time, huh? I had gotten off about halfway into the part about her doing all those lovely anal acts, and then I’d come again as she told me about her first fuck’s teasing. Oh, how I’d enjoyed her story.

“So, my little anal queen, how about we get to work on your ass? I hear you like having things shoved up into that tight little hole of yours.

“Well, what can I say, other than yes?

And so she hands me the dildo, teasing me a little because before it’s out of me she fucks me a little more, sending lovely little shivers through all the different parts of me that enjoy pleasure so very much.

And then the dildo’s in my hand, and I take off the condom, tossing it in a nearby trash can, and I slide the second condom onto it, slowly, watching her as she watching me, her eyes glancing from cunt to face to dildo. Then I pump out some lube and slowly slide my hands up and down the dildo, slicking it up, getting it ready for the second act.

“Okay, sweetheart, on your back now, legs in the air.

“Happy to oblige, she says, and she lays back, slowly, and I take in the splendor of her young supple flesh, all tight and lovely, lovely in a different way than my older and fuller form, but I know I am lovely as well, or she wouldn’t be here with me, nor would the many others have gotten in line to be pleasured by me. Or vice versa, of course, because give and take is so very necessary in sexual involvements.

“You look so ready for this, I say, beginning to tease her hole with the dildo. “Can you take it without me using my fingers a little?

“Yes, I certainly can. Then, “Easily, she adds a few moments later.
“Good girl. So I slip the tip of it in, slow as anything, and she’s already writhing around a little, moaning, her face a lovely, pleasure-filled grimace. “What a good girl, I say again, and I begin to slide it home, until only the flanged bottom is still outside of her ass. “Look at how well you took that cock, you little slut, and I lean forward and slap each of her breasts, watch her arch her back a little as I do.

She seemed to enjoy those light little smacks, so I slap each one again, a little harder this time, and she gasps and writhes, and the dildo slides out a little, which causes her to gasp and writhe more. “Oh, you really like that, don’t you? So I start fucking her with the dildo, slow at first, then a little faster, and she’s moaning away, happy as pie, a happy little slut getting her slutty ass fucked, and I tell her this, and she laughs a little, then moans so very loudly, as I speed up the fucking.

“You know, she says between moans and gasps, “If you keep that up, I just might come.

“You can come just from getting your ass fucked? Well goddamn, that’s hot. And so I keep it up, but I just can’t help myself “ I have to lean down and taste that sweet, sweet pussy of hers while I fuck her ass. And so of course she comes, very soon, but not while I’m licking her, oh no, I’m just breathing on her cunt, staring at the lovely scene down there, her cunt flushed dark and engorged, and then she begins to fuck the dildo back, and then yes, she’s coming, and I’m guessing everyone in the place can hear her. Oh, how I love this part.And oh, it is so fucking hot that she can come just from having a dildo shoved up her ass, a dildo fucking what seems to be her sweet spot.

But now she’s not screaming out anymore, and so I slowly disengage, sliding it out, and I carefully remove the condom and toss it. I’ll be using this dildo on myself soon enough, after all. I’ll be fucking my own cunt with it when I get home tonight, replaying this scene, or perhaps making it even hotter. Maybe I’ll be making her come dozens of time from just fucking her ass. Maybe she’ll come just from licking mine. Maybe everyone in the place will take their turn on her ass, all of them stopping right before she comes, and then I’ll come by, wearing my strap-on and my largest dick. And then it will just take mere seconds, of me just teasing her hole, so delicately, so gently, and then the orgasm to end all will build, will crest, will come. Yes, that sounds just about right.


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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