Pervasive Curves, Part One

I am more than my body, and they know this, but it is my flesh that draws them to me. Men, so many of them, and women, too, all so very fond of my larger frame, my Venus curves, my body that is nothing like the breakable women you see walking down the catwalk. I love my body, and I am happy as I am “ after all, none of these men, nor these women, would be drawn to me if I wasn’t. No one wants to hear a woman insulting herself when all you want to do is praise her, worship at the altar of her goddess-like-glory, kiss and lick your way up and down every inch of her.

Tonight, though, I am going to a party. No, not the kind where you play board games, no, this is a different type entirely, and all of us are here for one purpose and one purpose alone “ to either be worshipped or to worship. It is a party for us lusciously large ladies, and the men and women who adore us. I am getting paid to come, but I know the pay is not why I am going. No, it’s because I want to be surrounded by people who hunger for women like me. Yes, you can certainly find such people on the street, in the bars, etc., and I have brought many of them home over the years, but to have them all gathered in one large room, gathered and wanting nothing but to please me, to follow my every sexual whim, well, who in their right mind could turn that down? Not I, no, not I.

I decided to wear a corset to this event, one where my ample breasts are completely revealed, hanging over the laced-up leather in all their glory. They love being free, unbound, available at a moment’s notice. And a skirt, loose, not tight, so it can easily be lifted up to reveal my bare cunt, shaved especially for this occasion, nothing to get in the way of mouths or fingers or toys. I have only one “ my favorite dildo, rich blue and big and best friends with my g-spot. Hopefully I can find just the right person to use it on me. And almost as soon as I walk in the room, I know exactly who it will be.

She is not especially tall, nor is she stick-thin “ no,she’s about medium-sized, with a long, black braid hanging down her back, going almost all the way to her waist. As I enter the room, she turns towards the door, and it’s lust at first sight. She’s wearing nothing but a pair of white, PVC panties, and I hope to make short work of getting them off of her. So I pick up a couple black, plastic gloves from the door, hopeful that they can be used on her. Lube, I don’t need “ it’s in my bag, my favorite kind, in a large pump-bottle.

But I don’t have to approach her “ she approaches me, the two of us drawn together like charged-up magnets. “Hi, I’m Nina, she says to me, and I can’t help smiling “ she’s so very lovely, but she doesn’t have that haughty look that tells me she knows.

“Ruby, I say, and then, “Would you like to join me on that couch over there?

“I’d love to, Ruby, and she smiles back, a most demure smile, and I’m already getting wet.

I left my coat at the door, and so my breasts are already free, and I can see her eying them “ no need to be subtle in here, on these grounds where we are all together to be joined together, in twisted, sweaty pleasure, and so she stares at them openly once we reach the couch.

“Take off your panties, I tell her, and she doesn’t hesitate for even a second.
“Lovely…your cunt, it’s just lovely. I don’t even try to avert my eyes, and for a few seconds I wish that the rules in this room were different, and I could shove my head into her crotch, lick away like there’s no tomorrow, taste her, because I can sense how good she’ll taste, because I know I’m a cunt-licking queen, and I know that she’ll be quick to come when it’s my tongue working her over. But that’s not what we came here for, no.

I hand her the gloves, and get ready to give her an order “ we’re all about safer sex here, and I certainly don’t want to break the rules, or I won’t be allowed back. And Heaven forbid that should happen. “One for you, and one for me “ for later.

“Certainly. She slides one on, and Goddamn, do her fingers ever look sexy with it on.

“Mmm, I hum, then, “Now, I want you to play with yourself until you get close to coming, and then I want you to stop.

“Yes, she says, and then, again, “Yes, only this time there’s a different sound to the word, because she’s started touching herself, a slight grimace on her face, and I watch as her lips quiver, and then I look down at her cunt, glistening with wetness, and then I shove her onto the couch. She collapses onto it with a small grunt, but only pauses for a second before she gets back to playing with herself. I can tell she’s getting close, and so I get next to her on the couch, reach for her nipples, and squeeze them, hard, each one pinched tight between finger and thumb. They’re lovely, attached to her tight, perfect breasts, just as lovely as the sounds she makes as I squeeze tighter and tighter, and she still is touching herself, fingers practically a blur, but she listens well “ just a few moments later, she stops.

“I’m “ I’m so close, on the very edge. What would you like me to do to you now?

“Now, I want you to fuck me with my dildo, and then, I’m going to use it to fuck your ass.

“Sounds great, Ruby, and her face matches her words, as her mouth stretches into a wide, wide grin. “I love getting my ass fucked.

And so I remove the dildo from my purse, along with two condoms and my lube “ not needed yet, because I’m soaking, but for later.

One condom goes onto the dildo, and then I say, “Put on your other glove, and start fucking me. You damn well better get me off, or else your ass might not get its turn. And based on your reaction, I just know you’d be disappointed.

“Yes, I most definitely would be. She takes the dildo from me, and I recline on the couch, watching as she tosses her old glove into the trash and puts on the new one. Then she kneels between my legs, one hand gripping the dildo, the other already touching me, sliding silky black fingers back and forth, near my clit, but not quite on it.

“You really know how to get a woman worked up, don’t you, darling?

“Yes, well, I do have a few years practice under my belt. My first time was with a woman, after all.

“I want you to tell me about that, while you fuck me, every detail you can remember.

“I’d be happy to. She slowly slides the dildo into me, and then she begins to tell me the story.

I was nineteen, and in my second year of college at Berkeley. I had never had sex, just a few kisses from sloppy freshman boys, with only the barest hint of pleasure from each kiss, so little that when they tried to invite themselves up to my dormroom, I always declined. But there was this girl, this beautiful girl, with short, dark brown hair and the most beautiful body I’d ever seen, who would always be in the showers when I went in to get clean. Except one day, I forgot my shampoo.

I knocked on the wall next to the curtain she was showering behind, and said in what was probably a shaky voice, “Can I please have some of your shampoo? I forgot mine.

“Sure, Nina. She knew my name! And then she handed me the shampoo, but instead of letting go of it, I watched as she pulled back the curtain, revealing a beautiful, curvaceous, full-figure, just dripping with suds. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. And then she said, “Can I kiss you?

To be continued…


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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