Parking Goddess

“Jesus, how big is this parking garage, anyway?”

The hotel where she and I had just attended a boring professional conference was 12 floors down and about a half a mile over; this parking garage was enormous. We had prayed to the Parking Goddess, and the bitch had ignored us. And so Mia had dropped me off in the hotel turnaround; I had gone in to register both of us while she parked the car.

Mia stopped, stretched languidly, her skirt tugging up over her garters. She arched her back, her small, perfect breasts eloquently distending her thin, almost see-through blouse until several of the buttons almost popped. The blouse pulled up over her belly, of which quite a bit was visible, seeing that the skirt hung low on her hips as well as making only the briefest of showings on her thighs.

She always dressed outrageously when she knew she had something boring to do. And the conference, on a software package so dull it made my eyes cross, had certainly been that. What’s more, though, Mia always gets horny when she gets bored.

Mia fixed me with that mischievous look that tells me things I might not want to know.

“Uh-oh,” I said.

Her arms snaked around me, and she pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues entwined as she pulled me hard against her — or, rather, pulled herself hard against me. I could feel her nipples, hard and horizontal through her thin blouse. If she’d been half a cup size larger she would never have been able to get away with going braless.

My arms went around her, my hands traveling to her ass and up under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing much under there, just her most concise thong. I recognized it with a touch — it was the black one with little red bows, a silk-screened image of two cherries and a girly pink script that said “Juicy.” Mia always wore it when she was planning on doing something really slutty. When I eased it aside and slid my hand under it, I found her wet.

“We’re two floors down,” she said. “But this floor is much emptier.”

I pulled her skirt up and planted one hand on each of her perfect ass-cheeks, lifting her fully into the air. She’s just small enough that I can do that, but I didn’t want to take my chances, so I picked the nearest car, a little Japanese-made sports car. Brand new, from the lack of plates. I laid Mia down across the tiny trunk; it was just big enough for her to perch on. She stretched out, her legs pressing obediently together as I slipped my hand under the waist of her “Juicy” cherry-flavored thong and pulled it slowly down her thighs, over her knees, over her ankles, my eyes locked in hers the whole time. My two fingers went into her smoothly, and Mia squirmed, moaning, her thighs clamping shut around my hand. I discovered as my fingers slid into her that underwear doesn’t lie. Or, at least, this one didn’t, and it was as juicy as she was, soaked through. It had been a long conference, with Mia making semi-obscene doodles next to me on a hotel pad.

I tossed the thong onto the roof of the car.

“Don’t forget that,” she said. “It’s my favorite underwear.”

Mia spread her legs, her booted feet tucked onto the tiny bumpers of the sports car. I lunged forward, popping buttons on her blouse as I opened it. My mouth found her nipple and she moaned, running her fingers through my hair as I tongued her firm bud and licked my way down her belly.

She leaned back against the slanted window of the sports car, treating it like her personal chaise lounge. Her legs eased further apart as I brought my mouth between them, and when I breathed warmly on her cunt and looked up to lock her eyes, Mia appeared not to believe I was really doing this. For a moment, I was afraid she was going to tell me to stop.

So I fired a pre-emptive strike: I smiled at her.

“This was your idea, remember?” I said.

My mouth molded to her slit, my tongue licking hungrily from her moist entrance to the ringed firmness of her swollen clit. Mia slumped back against the sports car window, propping herself up on her elbows; I had to wrap my hands around her hips and push her hard against the trunk to keep her in place. She looked down at me hungrily, biting her lip to keep from moaning too loud, but as my tongue flickered down to her entrance again and let my fingers join my tongue, she couldn’t stop the uncontrolled gasp that shuddered through her, her whole body twisting as I slid two fingers into her.

“Fuck,” she moaned. “Right… there…”

I suckled on her clit, tonguing her rhythmically as I fucked her slowly with my hand, sliding my fingers deep. Her hands came to rest on my head, as if guiding me — but I didn’t need any guidance. I knew the taste of her cunt and the way she reacted better than I knew anything else in the world. And I had already decided that Mia was going to come.

She was pressed hard against the hood of the car, held down by the pressure of my left arm sprawled across her belly, my left hand squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples while I fucked her with my right. Mia began to tremble, her ass lifting off the trunk, her feet planted just firmly enough to support her as I rode her with my mouth, hand deep inside her, tongue working mercilessly. Her arms stretched over her head, searching for a handhold, wriggling helplessly as she floated in space. I could tell by the look on her face, by the way she pumped her hips against me, by the tension in her back, that she was going to come.

“Don’t… stop,” she gasped, and I didn’t.

When she came, her ass came down hard against the trunk of the sports car, making a hollow thump. Her arms came crashing against the sheet metal, her elbows hitting so hard I thought she’d hurt herself. Then her hips began to pump wildly, ass lifted high off the car as she fucked my face, but she couldn’t throw me; I kept tonguing her until she gave a huge groan of release and came down, again, the shocks of the sports car bouncing and protesting as the shrieking siren suddenly erupted from inside.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped, sliding off the sports car. “We set off the alarm.”

She pulled down her skirt and held her blouse closed, and the two of us ran for the elevator. It was empty, and she buttoned up inside, giving me one last kiss.

“We left him my thong,” she pouted. “My favorite one.”

I shrugged. “An offering to the Parking Goddess.” I pressed the button for level 10.

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