Packing For Pleasure: A Dandy Dyke-Daddy’s Guide

When I pack a dildo I am ready for sex.

I have a sense of heightened urgency. All sensation is focused on my genital area and I have a laser like focus on one thing. FUCKING. Sex is on my mind loudly and only a few button fly snaps away from coming to fruition. I want her and she knows it. I am ready for her and when she rubs up against me or sits in my lap or reaches behind to secretly stroke the bulge in my pants or reach over in my lap and feel the surprise I have in store for her, there is the dizzy and delicious feeling of mutual primal attraction and anticipation that causes us both to go from zero to 60 very quickly. We are literally thrust into our own animal kingdom rites of spring mating season dance full of lifting up her dress, ripping her stockings, pulling her panties over to the side and bending her over or lifting her up to face me while I fuck her deep and slow and then relentlessly until she comes all over my cock.

Another favorite scenario is the banter and build up at a restaurant table and then having to quickly adjourn to a bathroom stall for her to drop to her knees, unbutton my fly, release my cock from my pants and take it in her mouth and hands and give me head. I hold her head by her hair and come hard into her mouth before dessert is even served. A romantic date suddenly becomes an exercise in impulse control as I get hard and turned on and watch her mouth while she looks up at me with a look in her eyes that lets me know she loves being my object of desire and is just as excited as I am to show how much.

Packing a dildo does this. I obviously lean towards having a functional cock and not just a packing cock, I am more concerned with function and not just gender expression play. My favorite way to pack is wearing the Spare Parts Joque Harness and either the Vixen Bandit Realistic Silicone Dildo or the Vixen Mustang Silicone Dildo if my jeans are tighter than usual. The Joque harness is comfortable, light, and easy to wear under clothes. It holds the dildo in place and I can upturn the cock and do up my button fly snaps against it or wear it down towards one leg and fold it over downward. The flexibility of the silicone makes it easy to do so but be prepared for showing a bit of a bulge and plan accordingly to either wear with pride or be mindful about how long you will be sitting, etc. For more decorative rather than function then try the True Form Packing Strap and the Sailor 2 packer. The Sailor is more flaccid but can still be used to add some heat to the exchange or for yourself to just feel more normal if you are trans/FTM and want the feeling 24/7 of having a cock.

Another easy trick is wearing boxer briefs and having the cock against my skin underneath and pulling the shaft through the pee hole and wearing a tighter jockstrap over it all to hold in place. When I am ready for action I can pull the cock out and use the jock strap to hold it up from underneath and stabilize it further. The Joque works great though to keep things in the perfect spot and keep it there while action is happening. The Joque provides a stabilizing and centering arena or cock nest. Wearing the True Form packing strap or Spare Parts’ briefs and trunks are helpful with several dildo types especially packing dildos specifically designed for a sensation of a bulge at a more flaccid state instead of erect. Several packers and smaller dildos can accommodate that sensation and some are decorative and functional.

The most important thing is practice and get your center of gravity down so to speak. It’s fun so expect to feel a little funny and don’t stress about someone noticing you have a huge surprise in your pants. It feels like a huge surprise but unless you are leaving the house with only a speedo on, you should be ok. And it feels bigger than it looks (packing for speedos is another blog post). My favorite attire is something with a button fly because once again I can use some stabilization sometimes and also it’s just plain sexy to unbutton a few buttons and release a hard cock ready for action. Keep the cock clean, keep yourself clean. Nothing says I am not really thinking of your well-being like a dirty cock.

Have a lube sample packet in your pocket just in case you need a little something….there’s always a little spit too but for fuck’s sake make sure your mouth and hands are clean. Your babe doesn’t deserve an infection because you literally want to be ‘dirty.’ Lastly but not least please don’t be one of those guys who thinks he/she/they just discovered the golden cock and everyone should rub it for good luck. Unless you have been hired as a Chippendale dancer to stoke up some excitement at a party, don’t walk around wanting everyone to stroke and grab at you and take notice. You will embarrass yourself a little and the person you might be trying to impress is going to make a mental note to possibly lose your number really soon. Be suave. Don’t be ridiculous. Wear your cock with pride.

—Jack Strange


Want to know more about packing, dildos, lube, using a harness, or just how to choose a harness that’s right for you?

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