Orgasmic Birth: Revealing the Sensual Nature of Birth

How do images of empowered women following their birthing instincts in labor impact our perceptions and experiences of pregnancy and childbirth?

I believe imagery that helps women and couples build trust and confidence in the body’s innate ability to give birth supports families in creating positive birth expectancy and increasing the possibility of a satisfying birth.

As a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, I have witnessed the inspiration in expecting moms when they watch women birthing babies from their own inner promptings. Their eyes, sometimes glistening with tears, seem to dance and say “I can do that!”

In the provocative and lovely film, Orgasmic Birth: Nature’s Best Kept Secret, director Debra Pascali-Bonaro takes us on a journey into homes and hospitals to witness seven women-centered births. Focusing on low-risk pregnancies, this film is about the ecstatic, expansive and transformative potential of childbirth. Witnessing the strength and power revealed in this film moves me deeply over and over. What will it produce in you?

Easily accessible, Orgasmic Birth can be instantly streamed on Amazon or rented from Netflix at

Orgasmic Birth reminds us of the sensual, sexual and intimate nature of childbirth, providing a broader context from which women (and their birthing companions) can move toward this joyous, life-changing experience.

Weaving together women-centered, evidence-based birth wisdom from the most trusted practitioners in the field, the film includes interviews with Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ina May Gaskin, Elizabeth Davis and Dr. Marsden Wagner.

Linking women-centered birth–where mom is free to move and express herself as she follows her own instincts within a quiet and supportive environment–with less interventions, higher satisfaction and greater possibility for pleasure and expansiveness, the film makes the case that the optimal conditions for creating a safe birth can also produce a more ecstatic one.

In the same way that women have defined female sexuality on our own terms in the last several decades, Orgasmic Birth joins a growing collection of films inviting women to relax into the intelligence and sensuality of their birthing bodies.

What kind of pleasure is possible when we are deeply connected to ourselves and fully supported in our environment to be our most expanded and expressive in birth?

Labor on a back deck, passionate kissing in a gently lit room and full body orgasm during water-birth are just a few of the many life-affirming images you will see. Orgasmic Birth brings the viewer face to face with the sensual and intimate possibilities of birth.

It is a truly revolutionary gift.


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