Ooh! Is it getting hot in here?

Summer is almost here! I just came back from an amazing vacation cruise and I missed you all so much! People always ask if Molly and I like what we do and we just love this question. Of course we do! We can’t stop talking about what we do! We truly love our jobs. What could be more fun than checking out the latest and greatest in sex toys, books and videos and then talking about them on the phone all day with fabulous people? If there’s anything you want to know about we’re here to help! Just email us at advice@goodvibes.com!

People heat up in the summer and we have just the toy for the cool down. Sometimes we miss just stripping down and running through those lawn sprinklers, but now there’s something for us grownups so that we can relive that same yummy sensation! Welcome the Lovejet! For years our customers have been asking for a high quality and easy to install water jet that can be used for fun in the shower or bathtub. The Lovejet attaches on to your faucet and has different settings you can try out. Like it a little bit more gentle? Try the mist setting. Need something with a little bit more strength? Try the full stream setting. This toy is perfect to use with another waterproof toy like the G-Twist, G-Swirl, The El Rey or the fabulous new The Right Spot. Silicone insertables are just so much fun to use in the tub! The Right Spot is super slim and has that slight curve at the tip that makes it perfect for G-spot stimulation.

We’ve received a ton of questions over the last few weeks from all of you curious readers, so we won’t keep in you in suspense any longer. Enjoy that wonderful weather out there and happy shopping!

CeeCee & Molly

Q: Hi There. I was wondering if you gals had something that goes inside and outside? I have been using two toys at once for a while and it just feels like too much to hold onto. I like to have a vibe on both my ‘sweet spots’ as you call them. Much obliged!
— Jenn

A: It can get complicated when you’re looking to get to all the right places at once. Molly always says that she wishes she could just borrow that third arm when she really needs it. Using multiple toys for stimulation can get so complicated! It’s a challenge to choose the perfect combination and we have the latest and greatest to help solve this tricky situation. The Rock-Chick is a brand new silicone toy that is perfect for G-spot and clitoral stimulation. It’s clever u-shaped design has a subtle curve at one end and soft ridges for extra sensation. The outside end has a pocket for a nice strong Magic Touch Bullet vibe and the feeling is just amazing when you turn this baby on and rock it gently in and out, back and forth, up and down — whatever feels the most delicious.

Other great options are our twice-as-nice vibes. The Rabbit Pearl, Mermaid Pearl and Tango are amazing for internal and external vibration. The ever-popular Rabbit Pearl has a shaft, so that you can change the angle and those famous rotating pearls that make everything so much better when you slip it in. The little bunny has its own motor and offers super strong vibration externally. The Mermaid Pearl vibe is very similar and those rotating pearls and strong external vibe are houses in velvety soft silicone. The brand-spanking-new Tango, a GV exclusive, has a soft curve at the tip of its vibrating shaft that is great for G-spot and P-spot stimulation and has an attachment with a strong vibe and multiple attachments. I know! We were trying to help you narrow things down but variety truly is the spice of life!

Q: My friends have decided to ditch the big wedding thing and run off to Vegas to get married! What can I get them to throw in an overnight bag to make the trip a bit more fun?
— NC

A: Ooh! That sounds like so much fun! We have a ton of fun things to suggest. My absolute, hands-down favorite gift of all time is the Remote Butterfly. I love this toy so much I give it for any special occasion that arises… weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day. It’s just such a fun toy. And, for Vegas? — It’s perfect! It’s undetectable under clothing and gives your newlyweds a sneaky, sexy secret to share while they run around Sin City, celebrating. Don’t forget the massage oils! The 1 oz sizes of our edible Body Candy and our fabulous Body Butter are the perfect size for their toiletries kit. We have both our lubes — Good Lubrications Cream and Gel — in these cute travel-sized containers. The Neptune Ring Vibe is another pocket sized treat. This vibrating cock ring is soft and has a strong vibe with variable speeds to change up the sensation. We have this feeling that your friends just may not make it out of the hotel room! And that’s a successful honeymoon!

Q: My best friend is graduating from an Ivy league school in June and I want to get him something a little different than a pen or a briefcase — Any ideas to point me towards? He’s sorta stressed out these days.
— Alan

A: You’ve emailed the right place! Sure, a business school grad could use a new portfolio case but what he probably needs is a little relaxation from the stress of all that hard work. Have you checked out the Tunnel of Love? This silicone toy comes in two different shapes and is perfect for a personal (or shared) hand job. It has ridges inside that offer a snug and stimulating fit. Silicone is long lasting, so this gift will be around for all of his hard days at the office. You can also use this toy with our best selling hand-job lubricant Men’s Cream. This slick lube is moisturizing and lasts and lasts and lasts.

If you do decide your friend needs a new case check out our new Condom Cube. This slick new container fits condoms perfectly and is an elegant way to keep condoms away from heat and sunlight (which can damage the material).

Congrats to all those grads out there!


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