One for the Record Books

It had been a very hot summer so far – one for the record books, everyone seemed to think, because Lydia had heard that phrase almost daily. She sighed and wiped another few droplets of sweat off of her forehead. She had to concentrate, she reminded herself yet again – this college paper wasn’t going to write itself. If only it could, she thought with a slight grimace. She’d been typing away for hours, since about nine in the morning, and her iced tea was starting to wear off. So she went into the kitchen for a second glass, stopping to gaze out the window over the sink before she got ready to drag herself back into her study.

Outside, her girlfriend Nadine was digging in their back yard, sweating even more than Lydia was, which made her feel a bit guilty about her annoyance at the heat. At least she’d been indoors all morning, with a fan facing her at her desk. But Nadine was used to the heat – she’d grown up in Brazil, transplanted there by her missionary parents. No longer a Christian, she had become a Buddhist shortly after leaving home. Well, shortly after getting kicked out, actually. Nadine was quite happy in their relationship, but her parents didn’t share her joy. Only Lydia’s aunt Rae was supportive of their partnership, because Rae herself leaned towards the ladies when it came to the bedroom – and when it came to love. She’d been delighted when Lydia came out to her, and became even more delighted when she’d first met Nadine. “She’s a keeper,” Rae had whispered to Lydia that afternoon. Now, six years later, the only thing different was they were both in graduate school. They were still madly in love, planning on staying with each other for the long haul.

But sadly, one other thing had changed – while it wasn’t full on “bed death,” the sexual part of their relationship had slowed almost to a crawl. Yes, the sex was still very hot when they had it, but when did they have it? Not often, not really. So Lydia decided to take a break from her aggravating paper and go outside with some iced tea for her girlfriend. Possibly, if she were lucky, she could talk Nadine into heating the day up just a little more.

With two glasses of iced tea in her hands and a blanket tucked under her arm, she walked out the open back door of their house, going towards the spot where her girlfriend was planting flowers. Their garden would be the envy of anyone with a black thumb, full of multicolored blooms and various vegetables and fruit trees. Lydia lay the blanket out underneath a large oak tree near their fence – Nadine hadn’t even noticed her walk past, showing off her extreme competence when it came to getting completely lost in a task.

“Hon, I thought you could use a break. I brought out some iced tea and a blanket.” Lydia had sat down on the blanket by now, and held out a glass to Nadine now that she was looking in Lydia’s direction.

“Great idea, Lydia. Just a sec.” Nadine went over to their hose and turned on the water, cleaning all the dirt off of her arm and hands. Then she went over to where Lydia sat, pecking her on the head before she took a glass of tea and sat down.

“The flowers look amazing, Nadi, just beautiful.”

“Thanks, I think so too. I know I shouldn’t be doing all this gardening when I have a few papers due, but I needed to think over a few parts of the second paper, so I thought, what the hell, might as well have fun while I’m thinking away. But fuck, is it ever hot today.”

“Hot enough to set new records, huh?” They both laughed as Lydia said this – those words had become an inside joke of theirs, brought about by each of them having head the phrase about a million times in the past two months.

“Yep, one for the record books!” Nadine clinked her glass against Lydia’s, then proceeded to down her tea in about thirty seconds.

“Wow, someone was thirsty.” Lydia took another swallow of her own tea, then took Nadine’s glass and placed it and her own on a nearby footstool. “You know, I didn’t just come out here to bring you tea,” Lydia said – her voice now held a hint of what she hoped would happen next.

“Really? And what might that other reason be?” Nadine asked. As if it weren’t obvious! But only moments after she said this, she leaned forward and brushed Lydia’s hair off of her neck, kissing her softly on her now-revealed skin.

“Apparently I don’t need to tell you,” Lydia said, sighing as Nadine reached out and cupped her breast. Nadine ran her fingers back and forth across it, and Lydia felt her nipple harden against the pressure of her girlfriend’s hand. Thank god she’d skipped wearing a bra today – one less piece of clothing that would require removal.

And speaking of removing clothes, Lydia pulled her tank top up and over her head, tossing it to the side and revealing her full breasts to the hot summer air. Nadine placed her hand back on Lydia’s breast – the lack of clothing in between her hand and Lydia’s flesh made Lydia shiver despite the intense heat. Nadine slowly lowered both of them to the ground, the blanket’s soft fabric a welcome sensation against Lydia’s bare back. Nadine was still kissing her as she lay Lydia down, but a few moments later, she removed her lips from Lydia’s, instead placing them in the valley between her breasts. Nadine opened her mouth a little then, and flicked her tongue against Lydia’s sweat-flecked skin. “You taste…salty,” Nadine said softly, “but you smell…like sex.” Then she brought her lips to Lydia’s right nipple, sucking at it with a sudden intensity – it seemed as if Lydia’s smell had brought her arousal to a new level, considering the way she was going at her girlfriend now, a take-no-prisoners approach with her skilled mouth and tongue.

“I think you need to get off, Lydia,” and Nadine pushed up her skirt, shoving her hand into Lydia’s panties, panties that were moist in the crotch, panties that would have been getting even wetter there if Nadine’s hand hadn’t replaced their soft, silk lace’s touch with her own. Nadine slowly slid her fingers down, further and further, until she was down far enough to slip two of them inside Lydia’s wet hole.

“Fuck!” Lydia gasped. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, how good Nadine’s fingers felt in her oft-ignored cunt.
“You like that, don’t you, slut?” Nadine had moved her lips to Lydia’s ear to say this, and her voice was full of power. They played games sometimes, nothing too intense, but Lydia loved having Nadine act like she was the one in control. She even liked having Nadine restrain her, so she didn’t mind one bit when, only moments later, she took each of Lydia’s wrists and held them tight in her free hand – in the hand that wasn’t partially inside Lydia’s cunt, its fingers slipping in and out with immense ease. “You like having your hole filled up, you naughty little slut. I bet you’d like it if I added another finger, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I would. Please, do it,” Lydia pleaded.

Her eyes drifted shut as Nadine added that third finger, starting to fuck her hole a little faster now. Suddenly, she was empty – Nadine had yanked her fingers out, even going so far as to remove them from her panties. Now, she brought them up to her girlfriend’s lips, and said only one word – “Suck.”

Lydia did as ordered, taking Nadine’s moist fingers in between her lips, tasting herself as she ran her tongue and up and down their length. Her eyes were still shut, and her arms were still restrained, and Lydia was practically getting wetter by the second. Then, thankfully, Nadine removed her fingers from the second wet hole they’d entered, and Lydia found herself moaning as she felt Nadine place them on her clit. “Say please, and maybe I’ll let you come.”

“Please,” Lydia said, and Nadine began to press down a little more, sliding her fingers up and down. “Please,” Lydia said again, then, “Please, oh God, please.” She said it again and again, over and over, until she leaned to her right and bit her arm as she came, just barely stopping herself from crying out and flooding their backyard with sound.

Lydia slowly removed her teeth from her arm as she felt her orgasm come to a close, and then, finally, she opened her eyes.

“Good one?” Nadine asked her, her eyes creasing slightly at each corner as she grinned down at Lydia.

“Very, very good one. Good enough for me to be able to talk myself into dragging my body back indoors and getting back to work.” Lydia pushed herself up with a slight grunt, and picked up her shirt, pulling it over her head. “I’ll owe you one, if that’s okay.”

“It’s more than okay. You go ahead and get right back to work, missy. I’ll be inside whenever I can convince myself to get back to work myself. I don’t know how you can stand to write after an orgasm as good as that one seemed to be.”
“It was rather fucking invigorating, my sweet.”

“Well, speaking of invigoration, I might be needing another glass of tea. In, say, maybe a couple hours?” They were both back on their feet now, and Nadine winked at Lydia as she said this. Then she made her jump from a quick smack against her ass. “Now get yourself back inside, my love.”

“As you wish.” Lydia picked up their glasses and started walking back towards the house. She’d leave the blanket there, though – after all, she’d be bringing Nadine that tea in awhile, and she knew she’d probably want to sit down while she drank it. Maybe, Lydia thought as she went inside the house, she’d bring out a snack for her sweetie, too. And, she thought with a wicked grin, perhaps she’d also bring out their strap-on. After all, Nadine also deserved an orgasm that belonged in her very own record books.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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