On Sexy in Great Literature . . . With a Nod to “SexyBack”

Something there is that doesn’t love a . . . blank page. That’s an allusion to Robert Frost’s poem I used to love. Still do? That was then . . . This blank page thing, my thing about blank pages, inspires me to write.

What’s this entry about? Ramping up . . . this new blog. Intrigues me. Compels me. Tantalizes me. Ye-a-a-a-ah, in the context of GV, you know it does really tantalize. Let’s play with that word! Let’s get some practice with the software. I am a practicing . . . blogger. A silly one, at that.

Off I go on an Internet search about Frost’s poem and come upon a site called Sparknotes. Going sparking? I am now seeing sexy in everything . . . as in “Sexy’s Back! . . . my colleague down the hall says. Last night, downloaded several versions of Justin’s song “SexyBack and hope to move to it down the street at the gym . . . emphasis on “hope. Heard Corinne Bailey Rae’s Live Lounge cover on YouTube? You know, Justin is originally from Memphis, the town of my out coming.

The pre-adolescent me was captivated by Frost’s poems, especially the one about “whose woods these are, I think know and that image of him blinded by the sunlight trying to read at JFK’s inaugural. Then, one time I wrote a paper about him concluding: Robert Frost was not a very nice old man. Time to revisit that thought and see if I’d still think the same?

Sparknotes has a search function, so I typed in “dildos and up comes Will Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale wherein, Act 4, Scene 4 appears: “…with such delicate burdens of dildos and fadings. I swear, there is sexual imagery and metaphor everywhere I look now with my new eyes. My GV eyes.

Straight (dare I use the word?) out of Wikipedia comes some great stuff:

“The term first appeared in English language print when Ben Jonson’s 1610 play, The Alchemist, was published in 1616. William Shakespeare used the term once in The Winter’s Tale, also believed to be from 1610, but it was not printed until the First Folio of 1623. The phrase “Dil Doul,” referring to man’s penis, appears in the 17th century folk ballad “The Maids Complaint for want of a Dil Doul”.[2] The song was among the many in the library of Samuel Pepys. Signior Dildo is a 17th century poem by notorious libertine John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester.

Ya gotta luv it, ’tis what I say. One never knows what life is going to bring . . .

Two excerpts found along the trail, little doggie . . . or kitten, if you prefer:

(1) Thomas Middleton, A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, 1613
“La dildo, dildo la dildo, la dildo dildo de dildo.”
Enter two Servants.
What has he got a-singing in his head now?
Now he’s out of work he falls to making dildoes.

(2) Thomas Nashe, “The Choise of Valentines” (circa 1592)
Hence-forth no more will I implore thine ayde,
Or thee, or men of cowardize upbrayde.
My little dildo shall supply their kinde:
A knaue, that moues as light as leaues by winde;
That bendeth not, nor fouldeth anie deale,
But stands as stiff, as he were made of steele,
And playes at peacock twixt my leggs right blythe,
And doeth my tickling swage with manie a sighe;
For, by Saint Runnion he’le refresh me well,
And neuer make my tender bellie swell.

Too much, too soon? Good practice!

Stay tuned. Come back. Same bat time. Same bat channel . . .

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