Older Guys

“I don’t know about this,” Ben said. “Maybe it’s not such a good idea.”
Jade had seen it before. A lot of middle-aged men who were away from home on business saw it as an opportunity to have a fling. Having sex with a younger woman made them feel youthful again or helped them stave off visions of the grim reaper. The only problem, from Jade’s point of view, was that they occasionally got cold feet.
Maybe they remembered their wedding vows at the last minute or suddenly pictured their wives’ disappointed faces\’who knows what happened? But all of a sudden, just as she was starting to heat up, they wanted to back out. On a couple of occasions, they’d even left Jade high and dry outside their hotel room doors. Or to put it more accurately, she thought with a rueful smile, high and wet.
Not that she did this kind of thing very often. She wasn’t a slut, mind you. But every once in a while, when she was going through a dry spell, she headed down to the bars at some of the city’s fancier hotels looking for relief. It was easy enough striking up conversations with the men she found there Whether they were doctors, lawyers, or businessmen, they were generally happy to meet a sexy, 23-year-old woman who showed a genuine interest in them and wanted to get laid. Some of them probably thought they’d died and gone to heaven.
“What was it about older guys?” she asked herself. When she was a sophomore in college, she’d seduced her English professor right before Thanksgiving break. He was the first older man she’d slept with, and she’d never felt so hot or come so hard. After that, fucking guys her own age had paled by comparison. They often didn’t know what they were doing, for one thing. Their idea of sex was sticking their cocks in her and grinding away until they came, which usually happened far too soon. She wasn’t sure some of them even knew what a clitoris was. Trying to satisfy her needs seemed the farthest thing from their minds.
But it wasn’t just their more extensive sexual experience that made older men appealing to Jade. There was some other quality they had that drew her to them and made her feel especially horny when she was with them. She’d once read an article about the Oedipus Complex that made her worry she was acting out unconscious fantasies about her father. It was true he’d taken off when she was eight, and that she’d never seen him again, but she didn’t think that meant she wanted to fuck him. In fact, the idea always made her feel mildly ill, and she quickly pushed it away now.
Anyway, the problem at hand wasn’t her father, she reminded herself. The problem was Ben, who seemed to be losing his nerve rapidly. She wasn’t about to let that happen this time around. Her pussy was already too hot and too wet to be left unsatisfied. She was determined to get Ben inside her and felt confident about her ability to do so.
The good news was that he’d already undressed down to his underwear. The fact that he was wearing boxer shorts was an added bonus. She stepped forward, slid her hand up one leg of his boxer’s, and let her fingers brush lightly against his cock. It was rock hard\’another good sign\’and to Jade’s delight, it was on the large side.
“Stop,” he said, backing up a step. “I don’t think we should do this.”
Jade took another step forward and again let her fingers brush lightly against the length of his cock. He took another step back.
“Think of it this way, Ben,” she said, moving closer yet again. “This weekend is like an oasis in your life. You’ll never see me after this. There won’t be any strings attached Why not have some fun?”
“Have some fun?” He sounded uncertain.
“Yeah, have some fun,” she said. This time when she slid her hand up his shorts, she wrapped it around his cock for a millisecond and let go again. She noticed he didn’t move away from her.
Jade had learned a very useful lesson early on in her sexual education. She’d discovered that if she lightly touched a man’s erect penis on an intermittent basis, it gradually drove him crazy. Teasing men in this way created a growing sense of urgency in them that seemed to send their arousal levels off the top of the charts. And Jade knew what the urgency was about. After a while, all they could think about\’the whole focus of their beings\’was getting something wrapped tightly around their cocks, whether it be a hand, a mouth, a cunt, or an anus.
The thought of having Ben’s cock up her ass made Jade momentarily weak in the knees, but she pulled herself together. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, girl,” she scolded. “One step at a time.”
“Look,” she said to Ben. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. We can just fool around. It doesn’t really count if you just fool around.” She brushed her fingers back and forth across his balls and then drew her middle finger up his shaft from its base to its head.
“Fool around?” Ben was starting to get that glazed look in his eyes that men sometimes got when she touched them this way. Jade could sense his will draining away like water in a cracked bucket. She wasn’t taking any chances, however. She undid the front clasp of her bra and let her large, firm breasts spill out. Her long nipples were already fully erect. Ben’s eyes widened.
“Like you could suck on my tits for a while,” she suggested, rubbing first one and then the other with her left hand.
While Ben was staring at her breasts, transfixed, she took the opportunity to wrap her right hand loosely around the base of his cock and give a hint of a squeeze before letting go again. He moaned, thrusting his hips forward in an effort to find her hand with his cock, but she was too quick for him. As if in a trance, he leaned over and began to lick and then suck on Jade’s nipples. She felt a rush of molten liquid between her legs and realized her panties were now soaking wet.
“Doesn’t that feel good?” she asked, panting a little now.
“Feels so good,” Ben agreed.
Without warning, Jade pushed Ben’ head upright and steered him three steps backward so he was standing next to the bed. She pulled the elastic waistband of his boxer’s forward, and using all four fingers and the thumb of her right hand, stroked the head of Ben’s cock three times. He made a whimpering noise.
Dropping to her knees, she quickly slid Ben’s shorts down around his ankles. Leaning forward, she let her heavy tits brush against his cock, first in one direction, then the other.
“Don’t stop,” Ben pleaded.
“I’d like to keep going,” Jade said, “but I’ve changed my mind about something. We’re going to need to do more than fool around now.” She leaned forward and let her tongue flutter against the underside of his shaft.
“What do you mean?” Ben asked, his voice shaking.
Before answering, Jade wet her lips and briefly took the head of Ben’s cock in her mouth, barely touching him. “I mean I’m not going to suck on your cock until you promise to put this big boy up my cunt.”
Ben licked his lips. She could tell he was teetering, but she thought he could use a final shove.
“Why don’t you take a look at it,” she suggested, bouncing up off the floor. She turned her back to him, slid her panties down to her thighs, and bent over. Reaching back with both hands, she spread the cheeks of her ass apart so he could get a better view. As it happened, Jade had a very high opinion of her pussy’s looks. And she knew from experience that seeing it from this particular angle drove most men wild.
“It’s so hot and wet,” she said huskily, rubbing herself there with one hand. “Can you see how wet it is?”
Instead of answering the question, Ben made a strange guttural noise\’the kind of noise a drowning man might make. Jade smiled. She loved being able to do that to a man.
“God yes, I’ll do it,” he shouted. “I’ll fuck you. Now please get over here and suck on my cock.”
Jade kicked off her panties and got down on her knees. She started by licking Ben’s penis several times\’long, slow, wet licks. Then, grasping the base of his shaft firmly with one hand, she took the head of his cock between her lips and let her tongue swirl around it. As she gradually took him further and further into her mouth, she realized that he was even bigger than she’d first thought\’thick as well as long. She also became aware that her pussy was now throbbing steadily.
She was especially careful not to let him ejaculate. It wasn’t that Jade minded men coming in her mouth. In fact, when the timing was right, she loved it. But right now her only thought was to relieve the pulsating heat between her legs.
When she could stand it no more, she stood up and pushed Ben down on the bed. Straddling his torso, she reached behind her to find his cock. Then she guided it slowly to her opening and let its head slide back and forth between the juicy lips of her cunt. When she could feel his sense of urgency match hers, she pushed herself up on her knees, positioned him at just the right angle, and let herself sink slowly down, filling her cunt with his shaft. She was vaguely aware that she was making high-pitched moaning noises of a fairly elevated decibel, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t sure that anything had ever felt so good.
Although Ben had been indecisive about whether he should fuck her, he wasn’t indecisive about how to do it. They changed positions four or five times, and Ben seemed to know exactly how to move his cock to please her the most. As it turned out, he was pretty damned good with his tongue as well. That Mrs. Ben was one lucky woman, Jade thought.
When she came for the third and final time, Jade was down on her hands and knees with Ben’s cock up her ass to the hilt. In the end, she hadn’t even had to ask him to put it there. He’d pleaded with her to let him do it. (She suspected Mrs. Ben kept a closed sign on her asshole.)
To make him feel better about himself, Jade let Ben think he’d seduced her into having anal sex. She’d shown some hesitancy at first\’even put up some mild resistance. But when he’d started to touch her there in a serious way, she’d pretended to melt, overcome by his sexual prowess. She knew that middle-aged men could sometimes lose confidence in themselves sexually, and she saw it as something of a duty to boost their egos. It was the least she could do, considering all they did for her. (Not that it was pure altruism, she admitted. Once she realized how big Ben’s cock was, the idea of getting it up her butt had made her dizzy with lust.)
Once Ben was fucking her ass, he’d reached around with his left hand and begun fondling her tits. At the same time, he’d slid his right hand down between her legs and found her swollen clit. Using the perfect combination of pressure and speed, he had brought her home in wave after wave of intense pleasure.
When Jade said goodbye, she reached up and gave Ben a kiss on the cheek. “You sure know how to make a girl happy,” she said, letting her fingers brush against his cock for a final time. Waving cheerfully at the doorman downstairs, she practically skipped across the parking lot to her car. She felt as though she was walking on air.
What was it about older guys, anyway?

Clive Dixon

An English teacher in a former life, Clive Dixon now works as a psychotherapist. When not listening to his clients talk about their sex lives, he writes erotic and other fiction. His stories have also appeared in Clean Sheets and Penthouse Variations.

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