Off the Scale

The man was taking notes on his last interviewee when he heard the knock on his door. “Enter! he said, not bothering to look up from his clipboard. The sound of his door opening got him to look up, and a young, blonde woman entered the room.

“Please shut the door¦Carolyn, is it?

“Yes, Mr. Kinsey. She did as he said, then walked over to the chair across from his desk, clasping her hands “ a nervous gesture, obviously, but Mr. Kinsey paid no special attention to it. They were all nervous at first, but once he got them talking, they shed the nervousness like a snake sheds its skin “ with only a little trouble.

“Sit, Carolyn, and we’ll start the interview.

She settled into the armchair, arranging her skirt as to not flash him, and she crossed her legs. “What’s the first question?

He pulled two sheets of paper from a pile on his desk, clipping them in place, and then scrawled her name and a few notes onto the top of the first page. “Ah, good, you want to begin. The first question? Are you sexually active at this time, Carolyn?

“Y-yes, Mr. Kinsey, I suppose so. She averted her eyes, showing off her ample lashes as she looked down “ were they enhanced by mascara, or were they naturally that long? Mr. Kinsey settled on the second choice, and then he continued.

“Are you sexually active with men, women, or both?

“Men. No women. I mean, I find them attractive? I guess? But I’m too shy around them. I’m pretty shy in general, actually. I have a boyfriend, and we have sex, but it’s really kind of unsatisfying. But you didn’t ask about all of that, did you, she said, a statement instead of a question.

“Well, thank you for the added information, Carolyn. The next question I will ask is whether you masturbate or not. Mr. Kinsey looked up from his notes. He couldn’t help it “ this was his third favorite question to ask young women. It was his third favorite to ask young men as well, because both were equally alluring, as each had their own special appeal.

“Yes. I do. I bet you’re going to ask me what I think about when I’m doing it next, or maybe how I do it.

“Clever girl. Yes, I would like to know the answers to both of those questions. He really couldn’t help it now “ he smiled, as those were his first and second favorite questions. He could never figure out which came first and which came second, as both were sure to make him rock hard. But his interviewees never would find out, his lower waist hidden by his mammoth, redwood desk.

“I, well, when I’m touching myself, I think about lots of things. I think about kissing people I find attractive, ones I see around the school. Not always my boyfriend, and I’m not always only kissing one person in them either. Sometimes I think about my boyfriend kissing boys in front of me, and I think that’s really sexy¦I think about him caressing a man’s face, maybe touching him in other places¦like¦on his dick. Carolyn has closed her eyes by now, and Mr. Kinsey decided to take a risk. He placed his pencil back on the table (quietly), and reached down, unbuckling his belt and then unzipping his pants. His cock popped out, hard as could be, and he grasped it in his fist, beginning to stroke it as he listened to her speak.

“Maybe, maybe the man sucks on my boyfriend Paul for awhile, and so Paul’s moaning away,  really getting into it, and then maybe, well, this is kind of weird, but maybe Paul comes on the man’s face, and then maybe they force me to lick it off, every last drop, while Paul is shoving his dick into me, deep into me, and he has sex with me while I kiss the other man and¦and if I’m thinking about women, it’s different, of course. I think about one of my professors, sometimes. She’s really pretty, and she has long, long, shiny black hair. It’s beautiful. Sometimes I think about her, completely clothed, running that hair down my naked body, me wearing nothing. I think about that hair grazing down my nipples, and¦ Carolyn began to open her eyes, and Mr. Kinsey quickly removed his hand from his dick, grabbed his pencil, and began taking notes again “ they were all nonsense, but hopefully Carolyn would never find out.

“Mr. Kinsey, is it wrong for me to think about women like that? Is it against the law, or something like that?

“Heavens no, young lady! You can think about it till the cows come home. Mr. Kinsey smiled at her, silently hoping that he could get her to close her eyes again. Maybe if he asked the right question… “What would you do with this professor if you could do anything you wanted with her?

“I would like to¦ and thank the Lord, she closed her eyes again. He grabbed his dick again, and waited for her to continue. “I would like to have her lick my¦crotch. My vulva. I’ve heard other names for it, but I like how vulva sounds¦it sounds like it feels when I touch it, all velvety and wet and smooth and soft. You probably want to know what I do when I’m touching myself now, huh?

Mr. Kinsey managed to choke out a, “Yes, please, and he hoped she wouldn’t notice how thick and rough his voice had become. Oh, was she ever turning him on. Something about this woman was different, something about her was sexier, hotter than the others, the women he’d spoken to before. She was certainly different than his wife “ younger, obviously, with breasts that were small but most likely perfect, with a cunt that was young and lithe and could probably barely take all of him. If only he could find out whether it could, if only he could hear the sounds she made when she touched herself, or the sounds she made when her boyfriend was having sex with her, their bodies coated in sweat, in fluid, his dick sliding in and out of her easy as anything. “Yes, please continue. Only a few more words from her and he would be coming¦only a few more.

“When I’m, you know, touching myself, I like to be completely naked. I spread my lower lips first, maybe after sucking on my fingers a little, to help when I begin rubbing my clitoris. I like to use two fingers, and sometimes I like to put my biggest perfume bottle inside me while I’m touching myself “ I put it in with the sprayer part on the bottom, and it leaks a little sometimes, but I like how full it makes me feel. It’s much bigger than my boyfriend, so it really fills me up, and sometimes I¦screw myself with it.

Mr. Kinsey’s eyes had been shut for awhile, now, because it was so much easier to picture these things while they were shut. So of course he didn’t know that now Carolyn’s eyes were open, and that she had quietly stood up, and was now peering over the desk, watching him touch himself, and she knew from watching her boyfriend a few times that Mr. Kinsey was probably really close.

“And then, I guess, I fuck myself until I come, screaming, picturing a man, somewhat like you, jacking off all over me. And then Mr. Kinsey couldn’t hold it in any longer, and he couldn’t keep quiet either, and then his eyes shot open and his dick pulsed and he came all over his stomach.

“And then after I’m done, Carolyn said, slowly walking towards the door, keeping eye contact with a shell-shocked Mr. Kinsey, “I picture going to an interview like this, only I’m the one touching myself at it. So, Mr. Kinsey, same time next week?


Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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