Newly Perverted, Part 2

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Beth bent over, opened the bag, and now she knew what was inside it•a vibrator still in its box and another box, one that looked quite familiar. “Leave the smaller box alone, Beth, that’s for later,” Aaron said, “But take out the vibrator. I thought it was time for you to replace that crappy old one you have sitting next to the condoms.”

Beth did as he ordered. Out came the larger box, and she slid the casing holding the vibrator out of its packaging. It was almost as beautiful as the butt plug, she decided•it was a red matte, smooth and slightly supple against her fingers, and had little circles of faceted clear “stones” around the part where the twist-on control was. Beth didn’t wait for his order – she popped the requisite batteries out of the remote on the bedside table and got ready.

“Do you like it?” came Aaron’s voice, startling her out of her reverie.

“Yes, it’s beautiful. Can I…do you want me to use it while we’re on the phone?”

“That’s exactly what I want you to do, Beth. Go ahead and put in the batteries, then lie down on the bed, but don’t turn it on yet.” Beth did as he said•she put in the batteries, and then she placed two pillows against the bed’s headboard and lay down, eagerly awaiting Aaron’s next order.

“Unbutton your blouse, and turn the vibrator onto its lowest setting,” he said, “Then I want you to place it on each of your nipples for a few moments, feel that gentle buzz against those lovely, pink buds, the ones I love to pull on and suck into my mouth, the ones I love to bite.” Beth had unbuttoned her blouse as he spoke, and unhooked the front of her bra. Her nipples reacted to the exposure to the slightly cool bedroom air, hardening almost instantly. Then Beth turned on the vibrator, a gentle click and a slight twist of the bottom of it bringing slight vibrations from it. She placed it on her left nipple, something that she’d never thought of doing before, and instantly regretted her failure to think of it, a low, stuttery moan coming from her lips.

“I take it that feels good, sweetheart?”

“Yes…yes, oh, it does.” She moved it from the left one to the right one, which had always been more sensitive, and another moan traveled through the phone and into Aaron’s ear. She wondered if he might be pleasuring himself, and the thought brought a sudden gush of warmth and wetness to her cunt.. “Are you…are you stroking yourself?” she asked, hoping he would say he was.

“Maybe. But don’t concern yourself with that right now, because now I want you to open up your pants and push them down your thighs, take them all the way off. Your panties, too.” She could hear a bit of breathlessness in his voice. Yes, he was definitely stroking himself.

“Just a moment,” Beth said, and she placed the phone to her right, the still-buzzing vibrator to her left, and got off the bed. She stripped off her pants and panties as fast as possible, but left on her blouse•he hadn’t told her she could remove it, after all. Then she got back on the bed, picked up the vibrator and the phone, and waited, anxiously, for what his next order would be.

Please, please let it involve my pussy and the vibrator!

Just her luck•it did. “I want you to run the vibrator against your lips…the lower ones.” The way his voice sounded hinted to Beth that he might be smiling.

She certainly was. Beth did as he’d said, almost jumping at the sensation of the vibrations against her lips. Oh God, did it ever feel good. She felt it throughout her entire pussy, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to come just from this alone, and now she was almost willing to beg him, if only he would let her move the vibrator to the spot that would surely send her over the edge. Well, it couldn’t hurt to ask. Her voice shook slightly as she said, “May I…may I please put it on my clit now?”

“Well,” Aaron said, “I don’t know…”

“You sadistic bastard,” Beth said, but her laughter took away the potential harshness. “Fine, what do I have to do to talk you into it?”

“Only one thing•you have to promise me that you’ll come really, really, hard.”

Beth didn’t hesitate for a second. “I promise,” she said, and only moments after she put the vibrator where she’d wanted to all along, she came, and it certainly wasn’t a small orgasm, or a subtle one. Beth’s back arched, her hands clenched tight around the vibrator and the phone, and then it was all she could do to hold onto both of them. The sounds that went traveled down the phone lines and into Aaron’s ear made it quite clear that she was coming•coming very hard•and she managed to register the fact•only barely•that he must be coming too, from the lovely sounds coming from him through the phone. “Oh, my,” Beth gasped, as the very last sensations of pleasure finally faded away. “That was…well, that was a good one.”

“Mine wasn’t half bad either, sweetheart. Now, would you like to check out the other thing I got you?”

“Give me…a second…please.” Beth took a few moments to catch her breath, then put down the vibrator and stood up, rustling around in the bag from Perversions and taking out the box, the very familiar box. “Can I…?”

“Yes, go ahead and open it. I think you’ll like what’s inside.”

Beth opened it, and while its contents weren’t exactly what she’d expected, she certainly wasn’t disappointed. No, not at all, because inside the box, in the butt plug shaped hole, was an absolutely gorgeous diamond ring. Beth gasped, as a smile quickly spread across her face. “Do you, I mean, is this…are you asking me to marry you?”

“Yes, in a quite unconventional way, but you are a delightfully unconventional girl, honey. So…” He was quiet for a moment, then said, “Okay, I’m officially down on one knee. Beth, will you make me the happiest man alive and become my wife?”

“Yes! Yes, of course!” A tear slid down Beth’s cheek, and she was grinning wider than she’d previously thought possible. Then, she began to wonder about something, and she decided she might as well ask him. “Where…where is the butt plug, sweetie?”

Aaron didn’t answer her right away, and she heard peals of laughter coming from him. Then, finally, he said, “Where do you think?”

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