Newer, Better, Bolder (Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica Runner-up)

Good Vibrations is pleased to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor Coliloquy’s Entwined Erotica contest. Entwined Erotica features a story begun by one erotic author which is then concluded by several other noted erotica writers, giving the reader a choice of many happy endings. The May 2013 contest gave fans of the project the opportunity to writer their very own conclusions to EE’s Volume One, Unbound. We published the winning story, “Airport Bathroom” by MsRobin, last month; this week we feature the runners-up. Thanks again to Coliloquy for the chance to participate in this fun and steamy project! — Carol Queen

Newer, Better, Bolder, by VampireInChains

Not but an hour later I was seated on an all-too familiar jet with a one-way ticket on a non-stop flight to Ireland and a new chapter in the “year of me.”  My heart pounded and my mind raced as I thought of what lay before me – my first encounter since my failed marriage, an incredibly sexy Patrick, and a wife who I imagined was nothing but cute and fantastic in bed.

The very thought of this grand experiment – not only with a woman but with two lovers – sent me into overdrive.  Despite a 7 hour flight ahead of me, I could not sleep.  My mind was filled with anticipation, my heart racing so fast I felt it might explode from beneath my chest, and a wetness I had not felt in a considerable time between my ivory thighs.

Arriving in Ireland once more, I was met at my gate by Patrick and a rather tiny redhead who introduced herself as Meg.  My heart leapt into my throat.  What if she did not like me?  What if this was a mistake?  What about Drew and New York and…?  Oh stop it, Charity!  This year is about you – about being bold and adventurous.  What could be more adventurous than this?

Moving forward, I approached the quaint couple and exchanged cordial kisses with Patrick and his wife.  Relax, Charity, it will all be fine, I told myself.  Pleasantries aside, Patrick, ever the gentleman, took my bags while Meg and I chatted.  She described in, what I later found what I later found was understated, detail their home and their lives and seemed genuinely happy that I had chosen to become a part of their “alternative” lifestyle.  “Alternative,” I would fine was not quite the right word for it…

When finally the time came for everyone to become more…intimately…familiar with each other, I found myself thrust headfirst into a world of new experiences.  Nothing my mind had ever prepared me for.

Before I knew it, I found myself bare and bound to a four-poster, writhing with the most exquisite pleasure on black satin sheets soaked beneath me.  Meg’s soft red hair tickled my most private of places as her tongue slid painfully slowly along my labia, pressing into me with each thrust from the lover behind.  Oh, I could not bear it!  How was it even possible to feel this much desire, this hunger, this…pleasure?  I moaned loudly into the gag round my mouth, desperately wanting more.  Meg giggled and moaned as Patrick drove into her, driving her smooth flesh against the coarseness between my thighs.

Deftly, she placed a long, slender finger inside, stroking lightly, exploring.  She found what she was looking for quite quickly though.  With a firm stroke to my G-spot and a light flick to my clit, she sent me into a flurry of spasms, waves of pleasure crashing over me like waves upon the sand.  My ex-husband had never been able to please me like this!  Loud moans erupted from my mouth as I clenched my kegels around her hand, my back arching violently, straining my restraints.

“More?” came her soft, velvety purr as she slipped yet another finger into me, stretching me as if preparing me for the girth of her lover.  I nodded violently, begging her not to stop.  Little did I know that this was only the beginning.
Moving aside and grabbing a harness with a rather impressive-looking dildo seated firmly inside, Meg slipped into the harness and handed her husband the controller before straddling my hips.  Slowly she bent down, her hands gently caressing my breasts as her lips grazed my neck.  So distracted was I by this that Patrick’s length pressing deep into me took me by surprise.  A loud gasp escaped my lips as Meg bit down on my neck, moaning into my tanned flesh as Patrick dialed up the vibrator, causing Meg’s hips to buck into mine.

Faster, he pressed, dialing the vibrator to send Meg on an equally wild rollercoaster ride of sheer bliss, which I could easily feel in my hips and drove me just as mad.  Her lips grazing my body, hot and seductive, touching me where I had not been touched in so long, his hands moving to teasingly stimulate my clit, it sent me over the edge in a way I had never before experienced.  I was writhing with pleasure, unable to think, and, for once, just responding.  I was free, of everything from my old life.

And as Meg came, time and time again, her juices flowing over my hips, her hands squeezing so deliciously tight on my breasts, my ass, my hair, I realized that this was what it felt like to experience true pleasure.  To simply react and enjoy.  Drenched in my juices, I felt Patrick explode deep inside me, the pressure in my loins rising as he filled me with his cum.  And I, cumming for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight, clenched tight around him, milking every last drop from his splendid length.

Meg practically collapsed next to me in a panting, sweaty heap and hastily moved to undo the gag that had been nothing but a bane (a lovely one though) all night while Patrick unbound me.  The ache in my body from resisting the binds was quite alien and the aftershocks that coursed through me felt surreal.  It took a small eternity for my mind to regain any semblance of coherent thought, but when at last it did, I looked to Meg and Patrick, who were curled on either side of me with a satisfied, glazed look.

“So you’ll stay?” Meg asked through soft pants.

“Yes…Yes I will,” was all I had the strength to say.

And so began the next great chapter in my life – newer, better, and bolder than ever before.

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