New Room

I was building an upstairs extension. We’d just had another baby and were running out of room. I was assisting the builder to save on costs. One night, after a hard day of hammering, I’d gone upstairs alone to check on the progress.

Sitting on one of the ladders I was also admiring the view. A light had gone on in the house next door. New neighbors had moved in, Brad and Sally, and it was their bathroom that someone was occupying. I’m not a snoop or anything but when I saw it was Sally who was getting ready for a shower, I hid in a shadowed corner to watch.

She peeled off her clothes and my eyes nearly popped out. Usually she wore loose clothing so you can imagine my surprise when she dropped her bra to the floor and unleashed the best looking breasts I’ve ever seen. She massaged them for a while, stretching her arms up high before removing her panties.

I hesitated as she pulled the screen across and turned on the taps. I was wondering whether to sneak down by her window for a better view or stay put. The urge to see her up close won and I snuck down the outside stairs so my wife, Marge, wouldn’t know what I was up to.

Very carefully I climbed over the fence and tip-toed up the blind-side of their house. The sound of running water had me scurrying forward eagerly but I kept myself in check. I wasn’t sure if her husband was home. Sidling up, my back flat against the weatherboards, I snuck a quick peek.

She was alone. She’d left the window open a fraction and I heard the fan whirring over head to allow the steam to escape and fortunately give me a better vantage point as the glass was clear. She was one sexy woman I can tell you.

Confident I wouldn’t get caught I became bolder and stood right in the centre, appreciating her gorgeous curves. She had her back to me, her perky butt shinning as soapy water washed down her back and into the crease. She had her long blond hair piled up high on her head but small wisps had escaped and were hugging her slender neck.

Much to my delight she half turned and began to soap up her body. I watched mesmerized as the soap glided over her luscious breasts, down her abdomen to soap up her pubic hair, the suds building up as she massaged it in before they went swirling to the base to disappear down the drain.

She had her eyes closed as the water hit her neck. She rolled her head from side to side, obviously easing out some tight muscles. My own muscle was getting tighter and bigger. I rubbed my hand absently over the bulge in my jeans wishing I was inside the shower stall with her.

˜Hmm,’ she moaned, massaging her breasts now.

Her nipples hardened under her touch. She pulled at them and I watched fascinated as they grew. Her mouth opened and I could only imagine a sigh of pleasure escaping her lips as her hand slid down further, over her slit.

I glanced around to make sure no one was watching me and undid my zip. I pulled out my shaft and began to stroke it lovingly. I debated whether to make myself known or whether to be contented to just watch. The squeak of the bathroom door opening had me dropping to the ground, grazing my knees in my haste.

˜Hey, babe,’ her husband Brad said. ˜Want me to help you with that?’

I climbed up and peek in from the side of the window.

˜Hmm, yeah, that would be great,’ she said, as he dropped his clothes to the floor.

My God, the guy had a cock like a stallion. It was huge and even flaccid it hung way down his thigh. In a flash he squeezed himself into the shower and began to caress her, his hands gliding all over her hot body. Man, I was wishing it was me in there, I can tell you.

She turned in his arms and held onto his neck. He lifted her and she wrapped those gorgeous thighs around his waist. I watched a while longer as he entered her, lifting her up so she slid down his thick shaft. He began to bounce her up and down on his mighty cock and I nearly came then and there.

Adjusting myself I scurried home. My wife was at the sink and the kids were glued to the television. Grabbing her from behind I kissed her neck and my hands found their way under her robe. She was only wearing a g-string.

˜Hmm, nice,’ she said as I rubbed her butt.

Within seconds I grabbed the string and yanked it hard. The rip sounded very loud as I tore the material from her and threw them to the floor.

˜Hey. What do you think you’re doing?’ she said.

˜Shh,’ I whispered.

˜What about the kids,’ she giggled as my knob probed her.

˜They’re watching telly. A bomb could go off and they wouldn’t hear it,’ I whispered as I leaned her further over, grabbing her milk filled breasts and giving them a gentle squeeze.

She glanced over her shoulder at me and pursed her lips. My fingers found her pussy and I was pleased she was already wet. I slid my finger up and down her slit and she quickly opened her legs further.

˜Hurry up,’ Marge giggled.

My cock probed her as she wiggled her butt back into me. With one quick movement I was deep inside her. She moved back and forth taking the initiative.

˜God, your cock’s huge today,’ she whispered.

˜Hmm,’ was all I said back as I grabbed her hips and began to pump into her rhythmically.

˜Oh yeah,’ Marge said. ˜That’s fantastic.’

˜Mum,’ yelled one of the kids. ˜Where’s the popcorn?’

˜Just a minute,’ she said. ˜It’s coming,’ and then in a whisper, ˜and so am I.’

I fucked harder as she ground herself into me. I could feel her pussy contracting and her juices begin to flow. I stopped thinking about Sally and concentrated on Marge slamming into her, just the way she liked it. Within minutes we’d both come and were gasping for breath, I straightened my clothes and fell back into a kitchen chair.

Marge smoothed down her robe just as my son, Jason, ran into the kitchen.

˜The popcorn mum,’ he said. ˜Where is it?’

˜Go back and watch telly,’ she said, trying to kick her g-string under the table so his prying eyes wouldn’t see them. ˜Dad will bring it in.’

He ran from the room and she stared at me and laughed.

˜That was too close,’ she said, giving me a large bowl to take to the kids.

˜It was good though wasn’t it?’ I asked.

˜You bet,’ she said. ˜And I want more of the same in bed tonight.’

I smiled at her and realized what a lucky guy I was to have her. Carrying in the bowl to my kids I sat on the couch with them and we all had our fill.

I was already looking forward for tomorrow’s activities to begin, wondering where their bedroom was.

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