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New Interview Series: Sex Educator Profiles

One of the things that I love about being a sex educator is the incredible diversity of my colleagues. Sex educators come to the profession for many different reasons and via many different paths. And yet, there are quite a few similarities among us.

I receive a lot of inquiries from people who want to become sex educators, either as a profession or as something to do on occasion. I’m always happy to offer what support I can, but it occurred to me that one of the best ways to support potential educators and show the rest of the world what amazing people are doing the work would be to interview some of them and let them speak for themselves.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll post the interviews here on the magazine. I think you’ll be as impressed by these people as I am. And if you’re a sex educator and you’d like to be part of the series, email me at charlieg@goodvibes.com!

Dr. Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman is the Education Program Manager at Good Vibrations. He also writes, blogs, teaches workshops and university courses, presents at conferences, and trains sexuality educators. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and loves geeking out about sex, relationships, sex-positivity, love and shame, communities of erotic affiliation, and sexual practices and techniques of all varieties. Follow him online, on Twitter at @charlieglickman, or on Facebook.

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