Never kiss your baby…

So, I was telling my kid about this study i heard about on This American Life which was focusing on love as it affects babies’ development. So, there’s this guy Harry Harlow who did this series of tests with baby Rhesus monkeys where he gave the baby monkeys two “mommies”: a wire one and a “cloth”/soft one. the upshot of the experiment was that even though the wire mother was the one with the food, the baby monkey preferred to spend time cuddled up to the “cloth” Mommy. The upshot of recounting this upshot was that at one point last night I had both of my babies on my lap and the eldest one announces: “Mmmmmm… Cloth Mommy!” Killed me. seriously. what did i do to deserve such a sweetie????? k. This is what else we managed to accomplish last week-end.

1) Made THE world’s coolest mix tape for the Spark (we made one for Boo about a month ago but I was waiting for some specific CDs to show up before I put together the littlest one’s. Serious, Jason Mraz singing “Rainbow Connection”? A ska version of Animal’s “Manamana”? How you gonna top that???? Yeah, I couldn’t think how to do it either so we waited…)

2) introduced the big girl to the world’s second coolest musical, Jesus Christ Superstar (Grease being the first) and while explaining why all those dancing people want to kill the nice guy with the sweet smile to a kid who hasn’t exactly been raised “within the christian church” was a bit of all stretch, it all worked out in the end. (I mean, really it’s all about belting out the soundtrack at the top of your lungs in the car/restaurant/laundrymat etc. so watching the movie itself is more just to provide context.)

3) Had breakfast with the CP. Boo got a drink named after her (half and half lemonade and orange juice). Next time you’re at the Park Restaurant on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland, ask for a “Boo” and see what they give you!

4) Did more laundry than should be allowed in a free state

5) Went on the world’s nicest walk in the world’s nicest weather to the store where we ended up getting A-Freakin-Dorable halloween hat things; one of which has cool purple braids attached.

All of this and still managed to get my work done for work so…. have to say it’s been a good coupla days! :-]

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