Naughty Gift Ideas

‘Tis the season for fun, love, and gifts. Whether you’re loving someone else or lovin’ yourself it can get really overwhelming to figure out what to get for a saucy treat, so here’s a quick and easy guide to help narrow down what will keep this winter warm.

Quick and Easy:

Sometimes it just makes sense to put great things together, here is are a bunch of kits and gift sets so you don’t have to worry about forgetting lube or batteries because it’s all right there! One kit that stands out is the Treats For Two Kit, which includes the We-Vibe II Couple’s Vibrator a super popular rechargeable toy, Please Liquid Lube, and The Little Bit Naughty Book of the Best Sex Ever a quick and easy tip & technique book.


This section is for folks who are new to sex toys. The best place to start can often be by getting more information, there’s a wide selection of educational books that will point out the differences and pros/cons of between toys. A new book that is particularly well rounded is Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.  It covers a lot of ground from topics like kissing, positions, sex toys, etc. Bringing home a book like this can be a nice saucy way to introduce new topics like sex toys without a feeling of pressure or being overwhelmed.

When it comes to picking out a first time vibe it can be a little more complicated, one really basic and yet very versatile toy is the Night Rider Vibe. The Night Rider has a smaller shaft so it can be used for G-Spot/P-Spot stimulation, but it isn’t too big that it would get in the way if it is used for external stimulation, it’s also anal safe and waterproof. Since it’s made out of hard plastic it’s super easy to keep clean, just regular soap and water.

Another really awesome beginner toy is the O Yeah Vertical Vibrating Ring, since it provides stimulation for both male- and female-bodied folks it can make a great toy for couples. For male-bodied folks this ring can be used as a cock ring, which can make an erection feel fuller and more sensitive, and the vibrator can be placed along the testicles for extra stimulation. For female-bodied folks the O Yeah Ring can be placed around a penis, dildo, or fingers for clitoral stimulation during penetration.


This section is for folks who already have/use sex toys and are looking for the hottest new toy or accessory. This year the new trend in vibes has been rechargeable, remote control vibes like the Lyla Waterproof Remote Controlled Bullet Vibrator by LELO. The Lyla goes above and beyond when it comes to discreet use, for example, there is a setting that controls the intensity of vibration by simply tilting the remote control. How awesome is that?! This vibe does take a little bit of time to get comfortable with the settings and controls, so I would definitely recommend reading the manual before playing with it.

Another anticipated vibe this year is the We-Vibe 3 Couple’s Vibrator, it’s been revamped from it’s previous model and now includes awesome features like being stronger, waterproof, and having a remote control! When it comes to accessories I would definitely keep the Black Label Liberator Shapes in mind; they can help achieve a variety of positions with comfort and the Black Label Ramp/Wedge are unique because they have snaps on the sides so you can attach cuffs for a light bondage (a pair of cuffs and a blindfold are included with the Black Label Ramp and Wedge). There are also the Original Label shapes for folks who are looking for an option without the cuffs and blindfold. The Liberator shapes are not exactly new on the market, but they’re definitely a holiday splurge-worthy treat.

Novelty gifts:

Sometimes a cute shaped vibe can be the best gift between friends, it can also be the talk of the party at white elephant parties. For male-bodied oriented toys, the Man Eaters From Outer Space Waterproof Vibrator is a cute little monster that can be used as a vibrating male masturbation toy. The Man Eater makes a perfect pair with the Retro Pocket Rocket Waterproof Vibrator. It’s in the shape of an iconic 1950’s(ish) space rocket, this pair is great for a couples or a white elephant gift where you don’t know who will get it!

To really get into the holiday season the I Rub My Duckie Santa Vibe is an ideal toy because it’s a super cute vibrating rubber duck dressed up in a Santa coat and hat. It’s packaged inside an ornament, which is sure to make it the most hilarious and memorable new ornament on the tree this year.  If you think the Duckie is a cute idea, but don’t want to be limited to the Santa season, there’s always the regular I Rub My Duckie Junior Vibe.

Side Note: Just to play it safe I would probably not recommend a sex-oriented item for work white elephant parties, and Secret Santa.

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