My Postpartum Body

Pregnant With Desire - Penny and Eric recently put up some pictures from “Pregnant With Desire,” a film my husband and I appeared in a couple of months after I gave birth. The pictures are very raw with no Photoshop work, lighting tricks, or body make-up and I look freaking amazing, stretch marks and all. My husband looks great, too, of course.

My stretch marks had all but disappeared when I got pregnant again, as had the black line (linea nigra) that appeared down my belly. They’re still visible in the pictures, though, and I really enjoy looking back at them. I suppose some women would want to forget that period, but it’s just another stage of my ever-changing body, part of the metamorphosis that keeps my relationship with my husband fresh and keeps me curiously gazing in the mirror, able to enjoy different incarnations.

I’m not saying that I would want to have stretch marks for the rest of my life, but they do fade over time and I would probably get them lasered off or get a tan to lessen their noticeability if they threatened to stay for good. But for that little while, they were pretty cool.

And I wasn’t alone in enjoying the exotic patterns left on my skin by the process of becoming a mother. My husband was captivated, especially by the line on my stomach. Sadly, it hasn’t come back with this pregnancy. He used to trace the line with his fingers, lips, and tongue, saying how perfect it was and how it made my belly look even bigger. He was also particularly fond of the marks on my breasts. “Dear god, they got even bigger!”  The additional verisimilitude when role playing a fertility goddess or breeder slave fantasy was an added perk.

Even the marks on my belly and thighs held some magic for him. Like so many men, he was, for some reason, very proud that some of his ejaculate turned into a person and he thought of the lines as being some sort of physical change made to my body by his penis. I suppose, in a way, he was right, but the marks represented intimacy as well as virility.

I loved the aftermath of my last pregnancy and look forward to seeing what this pregnancy brings. Of course, I’m lucky enough to have a partner who appreciates the fun of fucking his beloved wife in a different body and takes pleasure in seeing the physical changes that our lives together have rendered on my physique.

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