My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Part 5 of 6

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When I caught my breath, I opened my eyes to find him staring down at me “ a half-smile on his face. “Wow, he sighed. “That was amazing.

I was embarrassed. My boyfriend had told me that my responses in bed were too much; that it wasn’t lady-like to be so wanton. Between my behavior at the rodeo and this display, I was suddenly afraid Cowboy would think I was a tramp. I stepped out of the circle of his arms and held my blouse closed. “I’m sorry, I stammered. “That’s never happened before ¦ none of this has. It’s just, uh ¦ I trailed off as he frowned at me.

“You’re apologizing? For what?

“I read somewhere that men don’t always like a woman to be so responsive and ¦ well ¦ aggressive. That they’ll think she’s a slut or something. The words sounded lame when I heard myself say them, but I couldn’t take them back. Embarrassed, I just stood there looking at the floor and wondering if I could sink into it.

“Look at me, he softly said. When I raised my eyes to his, he continued. “A man is flattered when a woman responds to him like that, not put off. It gave me pleasure to make you feel that good and I’d like to keep doing it. Okay? Smiling, he waited for my response.

I smiled back at him. “Okay, but we’re overdressed for the shower.

He dropped his shirt on the floor and then reached for mine; it joined his. Next, he bent down to pull off my boots. My fingers traced more scars on his back. “I wish you hadn’t experienced the pain that must have come with those scars.

Straightening, he looked into my eyes. “When I got the first few, I wished so, too. Later, I realized that I each scar represented something I learned the hard way “ something important that I don’t want to forget. I don’t know if those experiences made me a better man, but they made me a smarter and more careful one.

“Oh, yeah? I gave him a sassy look. “Strip off the rest of those clothes so I can see just how smart you are, Cowboy.

I peeled off the rest of my clothes while I watched him undress. He was lean and strong all over. My gaze dropped to his crotch; he was almost fully erect and my attention finished the job. “You look pretty smart to me. I ran my hand down his body. “Where’s that shower?

He picked me up again, showing off those muscles. I must admit that being carried made me feel all female and gushy inside “ a feeling that I discovered I liked. He took me into a bathroom that really was quite decadent.

The shower was everything he said it would be, and more. We slipped and slid over each other, washing away every bit of horse smell and sweat. Slick fingers explored, caressed and washed. It was a delightful interlude “ playful and erotic all at the same time.

After our final rinse-off, Cowboy dropped to his knees. “I’ve been wanting to do this all night. He pressed his face between my legs. This was not something I was used to “ I wasn’t sure what to do, so I did nothing. At first, he just planted small, slow kisses “ almost gentle nibbles “ on my mound and thighs. The feeling was amazing and I was stunned when I realized that he was taking his time because he was enjoying himself. Almost of their own accord, my legs spread and I exposed myself to him. He made some little sounds of pleasure and slipped his tongue between my legs, and my sounds of pleasure mixed with his. Cowboy’s sinuous tongue twisted its way between the folds of my flesh in a way I’d never experienced. When he drew my clit into his mouth and began to suck, I thought my knees “ so unreliable all evening “ would again fail me. I braced arms against the side of the shower and rode out the wondrous feelings his skilled mouth engendered. When he slipped a finger inside me, I came hard against his mouth and hand.

He stood and whispered, “Come to bed. I nodded; it was all the answer I could manage. We staggered toward the bed, grabbing a towel and halfway drying off along the way. Cowboy started to ease me down to the bed, but I stopped him.

“No. I pushed him down on his back. “It’s my turn to ride.

There was enough light spilling in from the hallway for me to see that he was hard and ready for me. I could also see that he had that killer grin on his face. If I had my way “ and I planned to “ by the time I was through with him, he’d be begging instead of grinning. I climbed onto the bed, my hands on either side of his head and my knees straddling his hips.

I kissed him and then brushed my breasts across his face “ teasing without letting him get a mouthful. I slowly kissed my way down his body, giving his penis a few long, wet licks when I reached it. He strained up but I moved away, kissing my way back to his mouth. I leaned down to whisper in his ear, “Want to play City Girl and the Saddle Bronc?

I heard, rather than saw, that grin in his reply. “Sure, City Girl. Think you can last the whole eight seconds?

I shifted my body over his and lowered myself onto him, taking him ever so slowly up inside me. “City girls can last a whole lot longer than eight seconds, Cowboy. I seated myself on him and clenched my muscles around the hard shaft inside me. “We’ll just see who cries ˜enough’ first.

I began to move “ slowly up and just as slowly down. He ran his hands over my body and started to slip his fingers between my legs. I stopped moving and pushed both his hands away, leaning over to hold them against the mattress. “No. You be still. This is my ride. He nodded and I released his hands. Sitting up, I again began to slowly ride him.

to be continued …


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