My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys, Part 3 of 6

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That stopped him in his tracks. He eyed me thoughtfully. “About rodeos or cowboys?

I smiled and kept moving. “I thought I was going to meet Missy.

I heard him mutter, “Jesus, under his breath as he hurried to catch up.

He got ahead of me and led me through a shadowed maze of horse trailers and pickup trucks to a poorly lit area full of the smell of horses and hay. I stopped to let my eyes adjust and saw Cowboy move on to a section near the back of the corral.

I followed him to the enclosure that held his dark-colored mare. She was butting her white-blazed forehead against my cowboy “ eager for his attention. He scratched under her jaw, something she seemed to like.

He turned to me. “This is Missy. Say ˜Hello’.

Talk to a horse? “Um, hi Missy. I held out my hand, palm down as I would to a dog, for her to sniff. She snuffled my hand and then nudged it. “What’s she doing?

He turned on that killer smile. “She just wants you to scratch her forehead. I hesitated. “Go on. She won’t hurt you.

I slowly reached out to the horse. “Nice girl. Nice Missy. I gently scratched her forehead. “Good girl, I crooned to her as I moved my hand down to stroke her velvet nose. I laughed when she snuffled into my hand again.

“She likes you. He was stroking Missy’s neck while he spoke.

Watching, I wondered what it would feel like if he stroked my body like that and then blushed at the thought. Thankful for the dim light, I looked at the horse instead of him. “Really? I was foolishly pleased. “How can you tell?

He took a moment to consider. “Well, she didn’t pull away from you and she didn’t bite, so she must like you.

I regarded him, the horse between us. “Do you bite people you don’t like? Jesus! Was I ever going to say one intelligent thing to this man?

His intent gaze caught and held mine. “No, City Girl. But sometimes I bite people I do like.

I stepped away and came up against the side of a horse trailer. We did the hot, staring thing once again. We did the standing there thing again, too; my back to the trailer and him next to Missy’s corral. Have you ever seen those magnets that jump toward each other in the blink of an eye? That’s what happened to us “ one minute we were apart and in the blink of an eye, we were slammed together.

His hard body pressed mine up against the trailer. I felt him everywhere at once “ hands in my hair, mouth on my neck and hips pressing against mine. I hooked a leg around his waist and tried to pull him closer. He kissed his way up my neck to my ear. “Are you sure?

Eloquent as always, I said, “Shut up, right before I turned and covered his mouth with mine. Still kissing him, I pushed his body just far enough from mine so that I could get my hands to his belt buckle. I wanted to hold what I had felt pressed hard against me. I wanted him inside me. I just wanted.

He moved his hands to my breasts “ my thin shirt did nothing to hide the hardening of my nipples. His rough, greedy caress almost distracted me from my task. I finally managed to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans. My hand closed around him “ so hard and thick “ and he groaned.

I stroked him as his hands moved to the opening of my jeans. Belt, then button then zipper “ all opened before him and then he stopped. He dragged his mouth from mine; our eyes met. “Say now. He drew a shuddering breath. “Say now if you want to stop. ˜Cause once I get my hands in your pants, I don’t think I’ll be able to leave you alone.

My response was to smile and stroke him more firmly “ adding a little squeeze. He jammed his hand down the front of my jeans, calloused fingers finding soft flesh that was hot and wet. He kissed me again while his fingers worked up and down, quickly bringing me to a surprisingly intense orgasm. I tore my mouth from his, barely able to gasp out any words. “I want you. Inside me. Right now.

He seemed surprised. “Here? He glanced around. “Someone could come by.

I squeezed him again “ not even that great orgasm had caused me to lose my grip on what I wanted. “Then we’d better hurry up, hadn’t we? I want to wrap my legs around you and see if you last more than eight seconds. The primal side of me “ a side I usually kept restrained “was in control; I wanted nothing more than for him to fill me. Part of me thought I should know his name “ most of me didn’t care whether he had one or not.

“Jesus. He took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay, City Girl, have it your way. I intended to, but the fashion of the day changed my plans. He pulled and tugged but only managed to move my jeans down to my hips. “Shit, he muttered, frustrated. “The rodeo will be over by the time I get these off.

Damn, damn, damn tight jeans to hell. “Wait, I have an idea. Reluctantly, I let go of the prize I’d found between his legs and shimmied my jeans and panties down to the tops of my thighs. I leaned up to bite his ear. “Ride me, Cowboy!

My cowboy was quick on the uptake “ I’ll give him that. In a flash, he had me turned around and bent over the fender of that horse trailer. He forcefully gripped my hips and then shoved his hardness up inside me. I know I screamed as another orgasm shook me. I was mare in heat to his stallion “ hot-blooded with desire and need. He wrapped a hand in my hair and steadily rode me to another orgasm.

to be continued …


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