My First Sex Toy

I wish I had a dime for every “first-time-sex-toy-buyer” who has walked into the doors of Good Vibrations, and automatically walks towards the “DILDO” wall. In my 5 years here at Good Vibrations, both working as a Sex Educator Sales Associate, and as an Outreach team member, I have realized many misconceptions that are out there in terms of human sexuality. And my first, yes…I am popping my blogging cherry RIGHT NOW…my FIRST blog for GV Sex Tips will be focusing on one of those misconceptions.

Based on the intro of this, do you wanna take a guess as to which (of the
many) misconceptions I am speaking of?? Is it that only old women need lube, or that gay men are the only people who like anal sex, or could it be the assumption that there are particular porno films that are “for women”?? Give up??? Allright…what I’m talking about today is the concept that women need to be penetrated in order to have a “real” orgasm.

OK. Here’s some facts for those of you reading…only about 10%-20% of all women can actually achieve orgasm through penetration alone. The other 80%-90% require some sort of external stimulation. This comes back to the hundreds of customers I’ve helped throughout the years who automatically assume that a good sex toy involves penetration. Now, for some people out there, that may very well be the case. However, for people who are new to sex toys, I ask, “Have you used a vibrator before?”, to which I am almost always replied a “no”.

So back to the facts…the vaginal walls don’t really have the nerve endings to pick up on subtle sensation (like vibration, light tickling, etc.)…therefore vibrators are most effective when used on the outside of the body. The area of the vulva (term meaning external female genitals) that is most receptive to vibration will be the clitoris, labia, vaginal opening, perineum, and anus.

I have encountered too many women who think there is something wrong with their body since they are unable to orgasm through penetration alone, and too many men who think they aren’t doing something right since they can’t give their partners orgasms from just intercourse. Seriously, now…how many readers have, or know someone who has faked orgasm due to these issues??

“What vibrator is the best for a first time, JoRel?”, you may ask. Well, I seriously think I should be getting paid commission for the manufacturers of the Turbo Gliders. Some criteria for your first time vibe are:
1.) Low maintenance in terms of the material it is made out of. The Turbo Gliders are made out of hard plastic, which is non-porous and transmits vibration fantastically!
2.) Has a good range of low to high.
Once again, the T.G. has a variable speed. and
3.) Isn’t super expensive. At $20.00 you can’t beat the quality that the T.G. has to offer. If you have a little more to spend, you should check out our Turbo Bullet Kit which includes a Turbo Glider, a Magic Touch Bullet with sleeve, some Good Lubrications, and all the batteries you need to get started.

And did I mention that it’s all waterproof?? This can be especially great if you have roommates or kids…just take them in the shower…the sound of the shower will muffle any of the vibe sounds.

Lastly, I notice lots of people who are new to vibrators being dazzled by the Rabbit Pearl or Rabbit Habit. Don’t get me wrong…these vibes can be great for people who have used vibrators before and are ready for the next thing, ya know? I do suggest, however, that if you are getting your first vibe to get one that will allow you to focus solely on how a vibrator feels…explore your body with the vibe…using it externally for a while, then seeing how it feels to use it in other ways. That way you will know if you actually LIKE vibrators and want to invest more money on one that has more features.

Oh yeah…and one more thing…VIBRATORS AREN’T JUST FOR WOMEN, YO!!
Please…if you are a dude and have dude parts (like a cock and balls and
such) PLEASE try placing a vibe behind your scrotum and apply pressure…or how about incorporating a vibe into a hand job…or the latest I heard was to put a vibrator on your cheek while giving a blow job. Someone, please tell me how that pans out…I have to know!!

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