My Boss’s Husband

Oh, I knew he’d come.

All night he’d been eyeing me off, filling up my glass with more and more alcohol and flirting with me. I had no choice but to sleep the night; there was no way I’d be able to drive. Melissa, my boss, had passed out on the couch. We’d been working long hours and had finished a huge account.

Melissa was the nicest person and a great boss. There was not a chance I’d ever think of doing the wrong thing by her, she’d given me a job when no one else even gave me the time of day and I was so appreciative of her, but now this, her husband coming into my room unannounced. What should I do?

She’d invited me to her house to celebrate, well me and the rest of the staff. They lived in a ritzy part of town and I was curious to see what her home and her husband were like. His name was Ronnie. Had a good body, probably worked out, grey flecks in his hair but the thing that really attracted me to him were his eyes. They were hypnotic.

When he shook my hand he held it just that fraction longer, staring at me as though almost undressing me and it was as if something passed between us. So when he came and spoke to me, asking me all about my life and how I enjoyed working for Melissa, I knew it was only a pretence, that what he really wanted, was sex. You can tell the way their eyes roam over your body and I must admit I was flattered.

It was because I knew it that I foolishly thought I had the upper hand. I thought I could have a bit of fun, keep him at arms length and boost my ego with the attention but as the night wore on my feelings for him grew until having sex with him was the uppermost thought in my mind.

Melissa encouraged me to talk to him, she even spent time with the two of us chatting about all sorts of things to the point where I thought maybe she was going to come on to me but I shook that feeling off, she was married to this gorgeous guy, why would she not be faithful.

Anyway after plying me with drinks, to the point I could barely walk a straight line, well, I pretended I was more intoxicated than I really was. He insisted I stay the night. He assured the others he’d drive me home the next morning and helped me to the spare room. I staggered as we walked, accidently brushing my breast against his arm, wondering if I read the signs right, if he was really interested or if I’d just imagined it. He left me there and said good night.

I must say I was disappointed but stripped down to my g-string and jumped in between the cool satin sheets. So this was how the rich live, satin sheets even in the spare rooms. I could hear him helping Melissa to their room and the distinct sounds of her throwing up.

Guess she wouldn’t be getting up early tomorrow.

I peered about the room. Mirrored ceiling, very kinky. Floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the marina, antique furniture, half nude prints on the wall and an ensuite. Staring up at the mirror I threw back the blankets and stared at my reflection. I ran a hand over my breasts, enjoying the feel of my nipples as they hardened and wondered what they were doing in their room, if Melissa was passed out or if maybe they were into a bit of sexual activity.

I imagined them naked and that certainly had me itching for some sex of my own. I imagined his body, his toned legs, his cock. In my mind’s eye I could see him mounting her, his broad back above her as he positioned himself between her thighs. It has been stupid of me to think he’d be interested. Now I’d have to face him in the morning and I blushed when I thought about how stupid I’d been.

The more I thought about them, the more I realized one day I wanted a life like this so when I heard the door handle turn I tried hard not to let him know I knew he was there. My heart thumped and my stomach fluttered. I’d only managed to pull the sheet half way up and my breasts were exposed. I kept my eyes closed, my breathing shallow, wanting him to think I was half unconscious, almost asleep due to the alcohol but in reality I was now so wide-awake and desperate for a good bit of sex.

He pulled the sheet down, exposing my almost naked body. For moments he just stared but when his rough hand stole down between my legs, I moaned and tried to roll over, you know, move away from him. It was only a half-heartened attempt and he quickly rolled me back.

˜Hey,’ I murmured still pretending to be out of it.

He dropped his robe to the floor and stood there naked staring down at me. Through half opened eyes I saw his silhouette as he was in front of the window and the lights from the marina were behind him and from what I could see he certainly appeared to be in top condition.

˜Very nice,’ he murmured and I flushed at his compliment. ˜Melissa said you’d have a great body.’

The comment threw me. Why would she have said that?

He placed his hand ever so lightly on the side of my face and for a second I thought he might leave, he stayed like that for so long but then his fingers trailed downwards, over my breast causing goose bumps to appear and then further to trace a line along the edge of my mound.

He leaned forward, his fingers groping around at my panties and with a quick tug he ripped them right off. I gasped, thrilled and excited by his forcefulness. In a flash he was down at me, nuzzling in, licking me with the flat of his tongue like a lion would his lioness.

I peered up at the mirror mesmerized by our reflection. My God, I looked so hot with him buried between my open thighs. I dropped them further open, grabbed at my breasts and massaged them in awe of how spectacular we looked together.

My legs tightened about his head and I heard his murmur of approval. Encouraged, I moved my pelvis further to his mouth, squirming with desire, letting him know I was eager to participate as I continued to watch myself being ravished by an almost stranger.

It was exhilarating I can tell you and I was rewarded when his tongue slipped down further before he pulled my legs apart, pushing them upwards so he could access me better and ran it and out my folds before tantalizing my clit.

Then he began to rub. My nub hardened under his touch. I was so hot, trying hard to stifle my moans as he rubbed quicker. I could feel my pussy gaping open, my juices dribbling from me as he masterfully brought me to an almost instant orgasm.

I grabbed at my breasts, pulling my nipples, tugging them, pinching and squeezing, enjoying the exquisite pain I was evoking. I thought of the comments from Melissa, the fact that she’d allowed her husband to ply me with alcohol. Had they had an ulterior motive for tonight?

A threesome with Melissa on a regular basis and living in this sort of home thrilled me beyond belief. I relaxed, held my hands up over my head as though manacled enjoying the image I was conjuring up as I lay there naked while he devoured me.

Then his wet mouth was climbing up my body, kissing my navel, lingering over my breasts before kissing me with such passion I thought I’d pass out. I could taste myself on his tongue and his mouth was all over my eyes, chin, and neck.

I gasped as I felt his huge knob probing. I opened my legs wider to accommodate him. I’d never experienced one so hard and thick before. I was dying to see it. I wanted to throw on the lights and see him in all his glory.

I would never have thought a guy his age could be such a stud. How wrong was I? I suppose experience stands for a lot because he sure knew what he was doing. I was shocked at my own behavior, how quickly I’d turned into a siren.

Spreading my thighs apart he leaned in, opening me up further. My pussy yawned at him, his knob probing for only a fraction of a second before sliding right in. God, it felt fantastic. His shaft hard and thick slipping in and out of me while his mouth and teeth nibbled at my neck.

He rolled over, pulling me with him so I straddled him. I bounced up and down. Then he was pushing me back so I was resting on my hands, my clit pushed forward, hard and pulsating. He rubbed magically over the nub, expertly bringing me to the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had.

I wanted to scream as my juices dribbled out of me and down onto his pelvis. Maneuvering me over again he lifted one leg; ground himself into me while my leg flopped about madly.

˜Fuck me harder,’ I demanded and he obliged slamming into me like a madman.

I’ve never come so much in my life.

The bed rocked, the force of the pounding so severe and then he was collapsing on me. I rolled over and clung onto him, eager for him to stay.

˜That was fantastic, ˜I said.

˜You’re the best,’ he whispered.

˜Really?’ I asked, pleased and hoping this might lead somewhere.

˜You bet,’ he said tweaking a nipple before rising and leaving me alone.

I had trouble sleeping, even though I was exhausted. Thoughts of a relationship with him, maybe he’d even leave Melissa, swirled through my brain. I couldn’t wait to see him again in the morning.

I heard someone up so I showered quickly and made my way to the kitchen. Fortunately it was Ronnie; he was making coffee so I came up behind him and hugged his back.

˜That was wonderful last night,’ I said, smiling up at him as he turned.

˜I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,’ he said.

˜So am I,’ Melissa said coming into the kitchen.

I blushed furiously under her stare. I didn’t know what to say.

˜I’m sorry I missed all the action,’ she said. ˜I was supposed to join in.’

˜What?’ I managed.

˜You’d like that wouldn’t you?’ Melissa asked as Ronnie stared at us.

˜Well, er¦ I think I would,’ I stumbled over my words.

˜Good,’ she said. ˜Now how about a nice breakfast and then we can all go up to our room and see just how much enjoyment we can all have now that I’m feeling so much better.’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Ronnie put his hand around my waist and steered me on while Melissa went ahead dropping her robe as she did. She was naked and as I stared at her gorgeous behind I knew I was in for the time of my life.

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