Mr. Condom VS The Breaker Bunch Part 2

Continued from Mr. Condom VS The Breaker Bunch Part 1.

Mr. Condom and Lady Lube become an instant pair; protecting the citizens of Barrier Bay side by side. It seems like they will finally get to have a happy ever after.

But wait! That crafty Oil has other plans for them. He decides to turn up the fire for the duo by sending in his searing sidekick, Heat. Born from the sun, Heat possesses amazing abilities to make latex barriers frail and brittle. He likes to hide in quiet places like hot cars, pockets, wallets, and especially places where he has a direct line with the sun.

Oil and Heat decide to trick an unsuspecting citizen of Barrier Bay to put Mr. Condom in his wallet. They tell Citizen Bill that Mr. Condom will be safe inside his wallet, and then he’ll always have Mr. Condom right when he’s needed. Citizen Bill agrees that it makes total sense to keep Mr. Condom in his wallet! However, with Citizen Bill’s body heat and the friction of his wallet, it can prove to be a deadly combination for Mr. Condom. What ever will he do?!

Citizen Bill heads over to his local store to get Mr. Condom right away. While he is mulling over which condom would be best for him, Citizen Bill asks one of the sales associate about the condom selection and shares his plan to keep Mr. Condom in his wallet. The sales associate immediately tells Citizen Bill about the importance of correct storage for condoms, and suggests the Pocket Pleasure Pouch instead. Feeling a sense of power in knowledge, Citizen Bill gets the condom case to keep Mr. Condom safe, still able to keep him around for any situation, and there’s even enough room for Lady Lube! The Breaker Bunch has been foiled again!

What ever will Oil do next?!

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