Mr. Condom VS The Breaker Bunch Part 1

The Breaker Bunch is the most vicious and powerful villains in Barrier Bay. The gang is lead by Oil, the brains of the operation, and followed up by Heat and Friction, the muscle of the bunch.

Oil has been brewing up a crafty revenge plan for his old nemesis Mr. Condom. This revenge plan will be especially sweet since Mr. Condom foiled Oil’s plans*. Oil puts his plans in motion by setting Friction loose, sending him to destroy Mr. Condom. Friction is an especially nasty villain. He’s a silent killer, sneaking up on unsuspecting condoms, pinning them down, and shredding them between his rough and dry edges.

Friction finds Mr. Condom doing his nightly patrol, and before Mr. Condom can react, Friction has him pinned. There is no doubt in Mr. Condom’s mind that he’s done for.

Out of the shadows there is a tiny refection of light and then both Mr. Condom and Friction are doused with liquid. Mr. Condom is thrown to the ground and all he sees is Lady Lube drowning Friction in lube, causing his dry, rough edges to melt away into a slippery puddle.

Mr. Condom is overwhelmed and awestricken by her power and beauty. It’s love at first sight. He feels like they are two halves of a whole, and like they can do anything together. In that moment he feels totally safe like nothing can hurt them.

To be continued…

*See Mr. Condom VS Oil Part 1 & Part 2

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