More than a Little

“Have you ever sucked a girl’s dick before? I eyed her: a few years older than me, thin but strong, nice jaw, fancy short haircut that was supposed to look like she just rolled out of bed. She had the unmistakable air of confidence of someone who was used to taking home the woman of her choice, and fucking her senseless. She wasn’t stone, but my guess was that she gave a lot more than she got. She had had a lot of sex, but I was pretty sure she had never sucked dick. I’m remarkably good at picking out the people who like to strap on, but who never really sleep with people who also like to wear a cock.

That was what I liked. To take these tough, take-charge butches and reverse things on them. Let them experience something new, let them be shy. These women are hot.  They swagger, they’re charming, they fuck really well.  They have women falling all over them. But everyone likes something different once in a while. Everyone likes to be shown a good time. And that’s what I’m best at: letting a woman who is used to being strong, being in charge, being a little bit hard,  show her softer side. Letting her feel a hard dick inside her, attached to a girl who wants her to be the one who feels. A femme who, from the beginning, isn’t just a pillow queen.

“That’s quite an opener you have, but I think you’ve got the wrong kind of person. May I buy you a drink, though? She was intrigued.

“Oh, no, thanks. I’m done for the night. But I’d gladly buy you a drink. She said no; I knew she would. But she didn’t leave. I studied her, training my gaze on her. She seemed slightly unnerved being examined so intently, shifting her weight, but not looking away.  “So¦why do you say you’re the wrong kind of person? You look like just the right kind to me. I can definitely see you with my cock in your mouth.

She laughed. “I have to admit, I’m surprised hearing those words from a girl like you. Kind of cocky, don’t you think? No pun intended.

Me? Cocky? Not at all. And what do you mean, ˜a girl like me?’ I laughed when she opened her mouth and paused, unsure whether she had actually insulted me.

“Nevermind, I said.  “Would you like to dance? I stood up and reached for her hand. She followed me to the crowded dance floor. And damn, she was the kind of dancer I love¦not show-offy at all, not dancing to look sexy like most people do, just moving her body the right way. I’m jealous of people who can do that. I have my moments, when I’m really into it, when I just slip into the music and dance what I feel. But for the most part, I’m one of those dance-so-you-look-good people.  In all honesty, I’m not cocky. Most days, I’m more on the shy side. I never know quite what to say when meeting someone new, hate the thought of rejection, and get nervous and need a lot of building myself up to put on this confident act. But the game, and the fun of getting someone home, where I am confident that I know what I’m doing, makes the risk worth it.

She grabbed me and twirled me around, and then pulled me into her, entwining her legs in mine. I smiled at her and followed her rhythm, trailing one hand over her chest. I left my hand at her belt, my fingertips ever so slightly dipping into the waistband of her jeans. And then I leaned in and kissed her. Her tongue found mine, and I could feel her tense and then relax into me. When we broke apart, still grinding to the music, I leaned close and spoke into her ear.

“By the way, I’m Sarah.  Would you like to leave with me?

She leaned back and looked at me.  Raised her eyebrows.  Smiled.

“Chris. And, um, yes, I would.

I had come with friends earlier in the evening, so she drove, my hand on the back of her neck as I gave her directions to my place. I let us in, shut the door, turned. I stepped up close to her, looked her over. Let her feel my eyes moving from her messy hair over her chest, with just a hint of breasts under her button-down shirt, lingering at her crotch. And then I kissed her, wrapped my arms around her, and felt her hand in the small of my back, pulling me close to her.  Her lips were soft and her tongue was insistent. I knew I was wet when I pulled away from her.

“Shall I show you to the bedroom?

“Absolutely, she replied.

I led the way down the hall. “Here we are, I said, lighting candles on the dresser and nightstand. I blew out the match and turned, finding her right behind me. I wrapped my arms around her neck, kissing her deeply. I ran my fingers through her hair and pressed myself tight against her, rocking my pelvis against hers. She moaned and slid her hands up under my shirt, grazing up my back and down again, and slipped them into my pants. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, and she grabbed my ass and held me close to her.

We made our way to the bed, and I pushed her down onto it. She sat and watched as I stripped off my shirt and straddled her. I kissed her hard, unbuttoning her shirt, keeping my lips pressed against hers. I wrapped my legs around her and rocked against her as we kissed. Her hands were all over me, grabbing my face, slipping under my bra, and unbuttoning my pants.

At that I climbed off of her.

“I’ll be right back. Get naked. I winked at her and slipped into the bathroom adjoining my bedroom, taking my bra off on the way and dropping it casually on the floor. In the bathroom I took off my pants and slipped on my cock and pink harness. The cock isn’t very big\’just a nice six inches, and made of a soft silicone. I try not to be too intimidating with it. It’s actually the one that I most like to be used on me. Not big enough to be uncomfortable, but big enough that I’m aware of being fucked, my pussy stretching to accommodate something larger than fingers.

I looked in the mirror, ran my fingers through my hair, and put on some shimmery lip gloss. When I emerged, Chris had pulled back the covers and was under the sheet. Even in the candlelight, I could see her eyes widen as she noticed the cock. I slipped into bed and pressed close to her, letting her feel it hard against her. And she had gotten naked. I was a little surprised and more than a little touched that she trusted me enough to do what I had asked.  I ran my hands over her skin\’her breasts, her waist, her ass, her thighs. She was smooth and soft, but I could feel how toned she was under that soft skin. I love strong women, whose muscles I can feel when I’m grabbing onto them. Chris was perfect.

I kissed her neck and worked my way down to her nipples, licking and softly sucking on them. She gasped, and I slid my hand between her legs, gauging how wet she was. I pressed my palm against her and it was slick as I drew it away.  I moved back up and kissed her lips as I took her hand and put it on my cock. She pulled away from my kiss and looked at me. She wasn’t sure what I wanted. She wasn’t used to this.

I touched her face, wanting to reassure her. “Just stroke it. Touch it the way that you like your cock to be touched.  She stroked me lightly and I kissed her forehead. “Yes, just like that.  She stroked it a little bit harder and I played with her breasts, teasing her sensitive nipples. She moaned and started jerking me off hard, the way she liked her cock to be handled. With each stroke, I felt a throb in my clit. I pulled the sheet off of us so that I could watch her. She watched too, her hand sliding up and down my dick.

I put my hand on the back of her head and gently nudged it down. She looked at me and swallowed. She didn’t quite hold my gaze as she said “I didn’t answer you before. But I haven’t ever sucked a girl’s cock. Or practically any cock. I¦I don’t really know what you want¦ She trailed off.

“Yes you do, I said softly. “You’ve done this lots of times and you know what you like. Just do what feels right. She kissed me\’a very long kiss. I could feel her gathering her courage, steeling herself for this new thing, wanting to give me pleasure. She slowly slid down my body, kissing every inch of me along the way. Her lips felt amazing. I was surprised at how tender my feelings towards her were. Most random girls — the ones I meet in bars, the ones that never wind up becoming girlfriends– will give me what I want because they don’t want to turn down the challenge of trying something new. They want to prove that they can do anything; that however I want to be fucked, they can rise to the challenge. They want to show me how big and bad and butch they are, even if that means sucking dick.  But Chris really wanted to make me feel good. She was nervous and unsure, and was willing to work past that to be a good lover. And that was fucking hot.

She got to my cock and lightly licked the head, testing, trying it out. I reached down and softly ran my fingers through her hair, reassuring her, and she licked harder, slowly sliding her mouth over my head, sucking gently. I sighed and let out a small moan, watching her lips, her cheeks, her eyes, as she began to get into what she was doing. She began to suck harder, sliding more of my cock into her mouth, bobbing up and down on it. As my hips began to rock, I heard her moan, felt the vibrations against my dick, and my pussy dripped. I wanted to be inside her.

I grabbed her face and pulled her to my mouth, kissing her hard. She was breathing heavy and her eyes were bright, and I wanted her so badly I shuddered.

“I want to be inside you. I want you to ride my cock. She didn’t hesitate a moment, grabbing my dick, and guiding it into her, sliding her body onto it. I gasped as it sank into her wetness and a sound of naked pleasure escaped Chris’s lips. She began to ride me, sliding up and down along the length of my cock. Her breath came hard, ragged, and she shut her eyes. I placed my hands on her hips, guiding her along, squeezing her, showing her how much I loved and appreciated what she was doing.

“Oh, yeah. I love your pussy. Ride me hard, fuck me just the way you like. At this, she cried out and began fucking me harder, faster. I admired her body as she moved on top of me. Her strong shoulders, fierce jaw, and the way the smooth, hard muscles of her legs contracted with each thrust. I reached up at her breasts, and she leaned forward so I could take them in my hands, squeeze them. They were so shapely and firm. The girl was in amazing shape.  I pinched her hard nipples and delighted at the sounds that flew from her.

“Oh, my god. Fuck yeah. She didn’t have the words to say what she was really feeling, that this was new and exciting and oh, so delicious, that her pussy hadn’t ever felt anything quite like this. That she loved looking down at me, at my sparkly lips, parted and swollen; at my breasts; at my eyes watching her; my long hair spread out on the pillow, as she felt me inside her.  That she could feel me against her g-spot and that her orgasm was building from deep within, pulsing from a spot she had rarely experienced. That she could feel it spreading, warm, towards the surface. That her clit was starting to feel it too.

And so was mine. As I saw her eyes close, watched her lick her lips, my own clit swelled and pulsed. I felt my orgasm rise up suddenly, unexpectedly, a tornado of feeling exploding out of me. I grabbed her hips, squeezed her tight as my back arched and I came so loudly, so explosively, that it sent her over the edge. She rocketed out of control along with me, slamming herself against me, breathing deep animal sounds into the sticky air surrounding us. She came in rolling waves, long and breathtakingly beautiful. As her spasms subsided, she slowly rose up off of my cock and lay down next to me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her forehead, warm and damp with sweat.

“Thank you, I murmured. She pulled back and looked at me, intently holding my gaze.

“No, thank you, she said firmly.  I knew that she would be back for more and that it wouldn’t matter whether I wanted this again or something totally new. And it wouldn’t matter if I wanted something really tame. It wouldn’t even matter if all I wanted was to lie around and watch a movie. But to be honest, I couldn’t quite imagine that with this one. Not for quite some time.  I couldn’t wait to make her come again. And maybe next time, I’d let her be in charge. Maybe.

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