More than 50 Shades of Grey

While the ramped-up media attention surrounding E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey might lead you to believe that erotic bondage fiction is a recent creation, BDSM has been a popular theme of erotica pretty much since erotica was invented.  Having much in common with the fairy tale fantasies we are exposed to as kids, it is a natural extension of a basic desire to explore the shadowy side of life.  The want to escape from the everyday world is in our blood, whether we are issuing foot-stamping threats of running away and joining the circus, or being seduced by the charms of a dangerously mysterious man or woman tempting us with delights beyond imagination if only we would sign on the dotted line, we not so secretly long to live at least a little of our life on the other side of mundania.

Thankfully, erotic fiction is a wonderful way to not only escape into a world where forbidden fruit is laid out on every table, but it can also add a little fuel to the fires of passion by inspiring your own real-life sensual adventures.

But where to begin?  Going far beyond Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM/Bondage fantasies come in many colors.  For some people it is as simple as a length of rope and a bed post, for others, the chase and capture is what gets their juices flowing.  Still others are enamored of the raw power of Domination and Submission, and some will find that a confident seduction is what makes them melt.  Whether its slap and tickle or sweet surrender, it is clear that gray is just one point on the spectrum

If you are interested in investigating the literary landscape of BDSM erotica, but not sure which direction to head off in, Good Vibrations carries a full range of  books that offer endless avenues of exploration. If your curiosity about BDSM and Bondage erotica is newly piqued, anthologies are an excellent way to get a taste of everything. Books like the Best Bondage Erotica, along with the 2011 and 2012 editions feature some of the best short stories of the genre, encompassing a variety of scenarios and interests, while Please, Sir and Please, Ma’am both edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, focus on gender-specific submission (Please Sir featuring tales of female submission, Please Ma’am on male submission.)  In Say Please, Sinclair Sexsmith hand picks some of her favorite BDSM short stories featuring lesbian lust, while Slave to Love delves into the delights of erotic restraint.

For a longer sojourn into darker realms, full novels featuring BDSM and sensual bondage themes are also in plentiful supply. Enduring classics such as the Story of O and Justine give us a glimpse BDSM in a bygone age, while Sins of the Flesh by Devyn Quinn uses a Gothic Club as a modern-day rabbit hole down which you can tumble to land in a world full of wonders of a different kind.

The desire to travel down the darker roads of the sensual imagination is as natural as imagination itself, and erotic stories of every hue are an excellent vehicle to take you there.


GV Blogger, writer, armchair physicist, budding astronomer and superhero, Harlequinn parlays her observational skills into a series of musings on both stuff and whatnot. Secretly disguised as a mild-mannered staff member of an iconic Bay Area naughty bits retailer, she unleashes her internal chaos on the world via the written word in a sinister bid to become Supreme Dictator of All Realities. It is quietly whispered among those who know her well that she probably already is…

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  1. Thanks for the book tips – I’d been meaning to try Anne Rice’s books for ages. Personally I think it’s a great shame that Fifty Shades is getting so much attention: the story is dire and for a book purporting to be about BDSM it seems pretty anti-kink to me. More rantiness here at: xRH