Monday and Tuesday

Monday was Candra. Tuesday was Terrance. They both wanted to know about each other, of course.


“What did you do with Candra yesterday? Terrance asked. We were lying in bed, and he was slowly trailing a black feather across my skin, from nipple to nipple, back and forth.

“Well, when I showed up to her place, she answered the door holding two leather cuffs. She told me to get down on my knees and crawl into the bedroom, like the slut I was.

“And then? Terrance asked, and I watched his cock grow harder with every word.

“And then, she cuffed me to the bed and got out a huge dildo “ I mean, the thing was gargantuan. And then she grinned and said she was going to use it on my ass.

“Wow! Terrance grinned, dropping the feather and slowly crawling on top of me. I could feel his cock throbbing, pressed against my bush. Talking about Candra always excited him to no end, and today was no different. “Can I fuck you while you tell me the rest? he asked, and since he asked so politely, I said, “Yes, of course. Fuck me.

So Terrance got out a condom and put it on, and then he shoved his way inside me, roughly, just the way I like. “Then what?

“Then, then I practically screamed. Yes, I could easily fit that silicone dick into my pussy, given enough warm-up, considering that both you and Candra are able to fist me.

“Hmm, Terrance said, as he began to thrust in and out. “Hmm, that gives me an idea.


“Yeah. Maybe sometime Candra and I should both fist you. You know, one hand in your pussy “ mine, of course “ and her hand in your ass. Oh, would you ever be full. Mmm, I’m picturing it right now, and it’s making me so hard.

“You were already ˜so hard’ sweetie “ I don’t think you needed any help in that¦oh!¦category. You wanna know what happened next?

“Oh, yes, of course. Terrance leaned down. He began to nibble on my neck, and then he grabbed each of my wrists in his large hands, slamming them down onto the bed. “Then what, you little whore?


“And then, I told Candra, as she began to tease my asshole with the giant, scary dildo. “Then, he said, ˜lower, you bitch.’ I was already licking his balls, so there wasn’t much lower I could go “ it was obvious that he wanted my tongue on his asshole.

“Oh, it was? Tell me if I’m going too fast, okay, hon? And then what? Candra began to push it in, and I concentrated on breathing deeply, relaxing, so it wouldn’t hurt, so it would only feel good “ which it definitely did, so far. After all, I’m a total anal whore, as Candra and Terrance are always telling me.

“So what could I do but lick his asshole? And then his friend, the one whose name I never found out, began to ease his dick into my ass. He was well-hung, all right, but nowhere near as big as that dildo you’re sliding into me.

“Yeah, I wasn’t so sure you could take one this big, but as soon as I saw it in that sex toy store, I was certain that we’d have to at least try this. And look at what a good girl you’re being! It’s almost in, almost up to the thickest part.

And it was, spreading my ass wide, my pussy empty for the time being. But then I watched as Candra put on a glove, slicked it up with lube, and slid one finger, then two inside me as she slowly began to fuck me with the huge dildo.

“Then? What happened then?


“Then? Then she put on a glove, and it was obvious that she was going to fuck my cunt with it, even though my ass was already so full, I wasn’t certain I could take anything else. But she eased her hand in, finger by finger, until she was in me, all her fingers, and her thumb and then “ pop! “ in went her whole hand.

“Oh my fucking God, that’s hot! Then? Terrance began to nibble on me again, then, right outta nowhere, he bit me. But I like getting bitten, very much, so instead of yelping in pain like some might, I moaned, deep and loud.

“I’m getting close, sweetie, I gasped.

“I just bet you are. But I’m not going to let you come until you tell me what happened next.



“So, his friend was sliding his dick into your ass? While you were tonguing Terrance’s sweet little asshole? Did he like it as much as I do when you slide that slutty little tongue of yours against my hole?

“Oh, yeah, he was moaning up a storm. Almost like I was topping him for a change, because the sounds he was making, man, I could tell he was enjoying himself a fucking lot. Candra had her whole fist inside me now, and I could feel her hand shoved up against my G-spot, sure to help me get my rocks off in no time flat. She began to fuck both my holes as I talked, both of them stuffed fuller than they’d ever been before, other than when Terrance fisted me. But I didn’t want her to know that, that he made me feel fuller, with his giant, manly hands, one all the way in my pussy, the other with three fingers in my ass, each of them fucking me while I ate out his other girlfriend Tina. She’d cried out when I got her off, and then she and Terrance took turns going down on me till I came, too. It was a lovely memory, and it also got me a bit closer to coming.

“You want to know what happened after that? Well, then his friend, his nameless-but-hot friend shoved his dick all the way inside me, and then Terrance ordered me to suck his dick, so, of course, I did. I sucked it like there was no tomorrow, like it was the last dick I’d ever suck, like it tasted sweeter than ice cream. And his friend was fucking my ass all the while, as I slobbered all over Terrance’s dick, puddles of my drool slipping down its sides.

“Then, my sweet? Candra let go of the dildo and began rubbing her clit, still fucking me with her fist, but I knew my girl “ she’d want to get off while I told her the rest.


“Oh God, Terrance, I’m so close!

“And you’ll stay ˜so close’ until I hear the rest, you lovely little whore.

“After she let go of the dildo, still buried deep in my ass “ there was no way it was leaving it, either, with me clenched so tightly around it “ she began to finger fuck herself, and then she began to rub her clit, furiously, as she continued to fist-fuck my cunt. I was sopping wet by then, of course. Please, Terrance, please, let me come.

“No, I want you to drive me over the edge first. Then you’ll get that sweet, sweet orgasm you want so much. Only then.

“I guess I should tell you the rest, then?

“Yes, tell me the rest.


“So, you were sucking his cock? And his friend was fucking your ass? Buried deep inside it?

“So very deep! Oh God, Candra, I’m so close! Please, can I come?

“Not yet, sweetie, you know I have to get off first “ that’s how it works. Candra grinned down at me, and I could tell “ my lovely lady was getting close, too.

“Okay, I’ll continue, then. So, his friend was fucking me, hard, just so you know, and I was bobbing up and down on Terrance’s cock. Oh, but I forgot to tell you “ the whole time I was blindfolded.

“That really “ oh! “ adds to the wondrous picture you’ve been painting. So, you couldn’t see either of them? You just could feel what you were doing, and what they were doing to you?

“Yep. I could feel my lips around Terrance, of course, could feel his friend’s dick in my ass, and I could tell that they were both close. And then, only a few seconds later, Terrance shoved me up off of him, and I felt him spray come all over my chest. And then, his friend came too, his huge dick pulsing in my ass as he stuttered out noise after noise.

“Oh, fuck, sweetie, that’s so nice.


“You want to know what happened next, don’t you?




“Fuck, tell me, please!


“Then she got me off, right after she came herself, and I came hard “ oh, it was a good one.

I watched as Terrance’s face screwed up, and then his whole body stiffened, and I watched, then, as he came, stuttering and groaning, and then I knew it was my turn.


“Then they fucked me together, in an entirely different way, each of them with a few fingers in each of my holes, while they took turns eating me out.

“Fuck! I watched as Candra’s face screwed up, and then her whole body stiffened, and I watched, then, as she came, gasping and moaning, and then I knew it was my turn.


And as each of them crawled onto all fours, I watched as their faces met my cunt, felt as their tongues pushed me over the edge, and fast, quick, I came, each time. And then they each lay against me, warm, comforting, and we drifted off to sleep after telling each other “I love you and “Goodnight.


Wednesday is Quinn.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton's first novel, Dreaming of Her, is published by Bold Strokes Books - it's an erotic, lesbian, fantasy novel, and has a fair share of romance as well. Her gay, fantasy novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books, and her writing appears in various anthologies, including Eve's Big Bang, Kinky Girls, and Dark Desires. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

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