Mommy’s little helper!

My three-year-old is so helpful. she helps me carry in the groceries. She brings her plate into the kitchen when she’s through eating. She helped me load the laundry into the washer last night (Sunday)…. So very useful!

Speaking of Sunday, how nice was it to get together with the world’s cutest families for a little pizza-fest Sunday night. Very that’s what! the “hanging out with grown-up friends without feeling guilty for ignoring little ones because they’re riht there with you time was long overdue and much appreciated. Plus I got to see my boy an extra time this week (in a non-“me-demanding-that-he-strip-immediately setting which he has been wanting so it’s good that we got THAT out of the way!) I’m not mad at him anymore BTW. He was appropriately open to discussing and i was uncharacteristically open to not just writing him off so we talked and kissed and made up. (We made up more last night which was also REALLY nice but again, more in a put-your-hands-here-and-kiss-me-hard kind of way which I like alot but which doesn’t exactly mesh with his ideas about what girlfriends and boyfriends DO. Apparently we’re supposed to go out or something. Hmmmm. I’ll have to look into that….

In other news:

Me: [post-dinner — noticing my kid is sitting on the couch looking sad] What’s up?

Boo: Do you ever have the feeling like you just want to take a day off and not go do what you’re supposed to do? you know, just go to the beach or something?

Me: {sigh}Yeah. [long pained silence as we both reflect on how impossible that would be to schedule…] K. Let’s get going…


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