Mindi stepped from the train, a small slender figure in the crowd. Down the escalator, through the grubby station entrance with its ticket machines and loitering down-and-outs, and out into the sunshine she walked, very brisk and upright, a young woman with a mission. A homeless man pushing a battered grocery cart full of ragged possessions called out some vague guttural obscenity and she lifted her chin and stared straight ahead.

So maybe he was right — she was a whore. What of it? Her narrow hips moved sinuously under their taut coating of imitation leather and her high-heeled boots clacked out a forceful rhythm on the tiles.

As usual, Mindi crossed the street at the busy intersection near the station, scanning the oncoming line of traffic for a trolley-bus. The familiar crowd of students and poor people pushed forwards as the bus approached, an ungracious swirling human current funneling itself through the door of the stale-smelling vehicle. As always, Mindi swung, holding onto a leather strap and examining the ads for online courses and cash before payday. Swinging was part of the game, a golden opportunity to exhibit her leather-wrapped wares before a captive audience. She could feel their eyes upon her, lighting here and there like butterflies eager for a taste of sugar. They weren’t all men and they weren’t all young. Mindi read the ads, slowly, pleasurably, her tight little buttocks warm and slightly moist beneath their shiny second skin. It was almost time to get off.

In a trendy area near the university, the young woman stepped from the bus, leaving behind a host of unrequited lustful eyes. She liked the neighborhood with its vegetarian cafés and metaphysical bookstore. It had a groovy sixties feel to it, all joss sticks and tie-dye. She entered a second-hand clothing store, a veritable Aladdin’s cave of ethnic and retro garments, and smiled at the young guy behind the counter. He was beautiful and blonde, too utterly gorgeous to be interested in girls. He returned her greeting with a knowing look.

“Hi, Mindi. Love those fake leather pants! How’s my favorite slut?”

The young woman blew him a kiss.

“Don’t be a bitch, Kyle. I’m good, thanks. Is the Professor in?”

“But of course. Step this way¦”

The store was like a little jungle, its walls draped with tiered layers of dresses, coats and hats. Long scarves hung from the ceiling, floating like silky lianas in the breeze. Mindi caught sight of her reflection in a tall oval mirror-a pretty Asian girl with perky tits and smooth black hair cut in a short angular bob. Her nipples were very prominent, pushing insistently against the fine cotton of her skimpy halter top. She felt horny, like other people felt hungry, three or four times a day. She needed sex like some people needed a fix.

“It’s Mindi, Professor. Wearing skintight imitation leather pants.”

There was a slight pause, then a disembodied voice replied.

“Christ, that sounds hot, girl. Come in and close the door.”

Kyle’s well-defined back disappeared through the racks of shirts and skirts. Mindi pulled the door shut and they were alone in the back room of “Retro Rags”-the young woman in her streetwalker clothes and an average-looking older man, mid forties with a ginger beard and tortoiseshell specs. Silently, Mindi swayed across the tiny room and slid onto his broad corduroy-clad knees. Her shaved pussy was milking sweet juice and her pierced clit ached.

“Here I am, Daddy. Just the way you like me.”

“Mmm hmmm.”

His hands moved to cup her buttocks and she shivered, throwing her head back and arching her spine. The tiny room was little more than a glorified cupboard. It smelled of ancient gas heater and boiled coffee. Mindi put her arms round the Professor’s neck and began to squirm rhythmically.

“Mindi Snake-hips.”

“That’s ‘cos I want my Daddy to eat me. I’m so wet, I can’t stand it. Feel.”

She unzipped her crotch and guided his hand inside the reptilian pants. Her cunt felt hot and slick and he pushed two fingers deep inside her molten depths, making her cry out.

“My little serpent needs to slough her scales. Get naked, girl-I want to taste you.”

Mindi eased herself off the Professor’s lap and quickly shed her sinuous second-skin. His hands briefly appraised her breasts, pinching her nipples through the thin cotton. She moaned, eyes closed, scarlet lips parted in a near-hypnotic rapture.

“Get naked,” he repeated, pushing up her top to reveal her creamy little tits. Slowly, he ran the tip of his tongue around her sweet-tasting areola, then sucked hard, drawing as much of her breast into his mouth as he could. She threw her top on the floor and squatted over him, fully nude but for her stiletto boots, feeding her tit between his hungry lips. Already, her first orgasm sent electric thrills through her swollen shiny clit.

“Daddy!” she screamed, taking deep, perverse pleasure from calling him that. They weren’t blood relations but her favorite kink was to play with taboos. He let her nipple go and she felt the air rush over her inflamed wet skin. His curly head dipped to taste the smooth honey flesh of her belly.

“You smell of sex. Let me eat your cunt.”

Carefully, Mindi removed the Professor’s glasses. She pushed her crotch towards his face, almost unable to bear the tension of waiting for his searching tongue.

“Like a sweet ripe peach.”

He kissed her clit, making her jolt and cry out. Still squatting, she held his head, positioning his mouth to give her maximum pleasure.

“Oh, God, Daddy, you know how to suck pussy¦”

His lips traced the delicate contours of her labia, his tongue darting and swirling into the velvety hole of her cunt. Wild with ecstasy, she pushed her hands through his thick auburn hair, twisting fat strands about her fingers as she ground her hips and began to fuck her partner’s face.

“Christ! Eat me, Daddy!”

The Professor’s lips found her clit, a fat sweet bud, ready to burst. Its little gold ring felt cool against his tongue. He flicked it gently with tiny butterfly kisses then sucked hard. Again, Mindi screamed, coming a second time, harder and deeper than before, all but tearing his hair out by the roots.

“You taste so fucking good, like a Pina Colada.”

Mindi laughed, looking down at his juice-bathed face. His eyes looked through her and her heart swelled for him. He would never be able to see his sexy little afternoon delight. But being blind was no handicap when it came to making love. He could touch and taste her with such exquisite intensity, as if she saturated his remaining senses.

“I have to go now, Daddy. Take care.”

She dressed swiftly, aware of him reaching into his pocket for cash. As always, she took what he offered, a small sheaf of bills, and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

“‘Til next time, Mindi Snake-hips.”

“Bye, Daddy.”

Emerging through the jungle of clothes, Mindi paused, as usual, to silently pass the money to Kyle. As always, he slipped it back into the till.

“You’ll never take a cent from the Prof., will you?”

The young guy’s expression was admiring but curious. Mindi looked out into the busy street. A trolley-bus was heading her way.

“It’d be like stealing from my Daddy.”

“See you next week, girl. You’re my favorite whore.”

“Take care, Kyle.”

In a moment, she was back on the bus, swinging from a strap, a wistful smile on her scarlet lips.


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