Menthol Attack

Lolling in and out of consciousness, I saw a vision of the Angel of Death. She had a hot little camisole on, tight around her slim, perky breasts, and a black garter belt with lace-top seamed stockings. A black lace G-string with a string of little red hearts completed the ensemble.

“What do you think?” she asked me. “Too slutty?”

I popped another sickly-sweet cherry-flavored cough drop and looked her up and down. She looked good in that outfit, and if I hadn’t been staring into the vast abyss of eternal dark, she would have given me quite a hard-on. I sucked on the sticky sweet of the cough drop and stifled a pulmonary eruption as I tried to speak.

“I don’t know,” I rasped. “It’s pretty slutty.”

“But is it too slutty?”

I reached out and grabbed Melanie, pulled her onto the bed, tumbling her over the mound of covers piled atop me. Her pretty white bum gestured up to me invitingly and I swatted it, right where the arrow plunged through the Irish-red heart. She yelped and swatted me back, lightly, on the arm.

“That’s not playing fair,” Melanie said. “I can’t hit you back, because you’re sick.”

I spanked her again and she squirmed, reaching back and grabbing my wrist. “Stop it!” she barked. “Tell me if I look too slutty!”

“I’m giving you your answer,” I said, wrenching my hand free from her grasp and going to spank her again. She got a stern look on her face, eyes wide, lips pursed, and I relented. Stifling another cough as I sucked on the cherry drop, I ran my fingertips lightly over her smooth ass, loving the way the G-string crept tight and tiny up between her cheeks. I eased my hand between her slightly parted cheeks and began to rub her pussy.

Mel sighed gently. “That sounds like a yes,” she said, arching her back and pushing her butt up into my grasp. She was wet, and when I tucked my fingers under the none-too-substantial crotch of the G-string, she wriggled alluringly and pushed herself more firmly onto my hand.

“Definitely slutty,” I said. “I wish I was well enough to really do something about it.” I covered my mouth and coughed, and she rolled over, straddling me and pushing her tits into my face.

“You’re evil,” she growled. “Getting me all turned the fuck on and then claiming illness. Have you been taking those herbs I gave you?”

I bent forward and nipped at her breasts. She plucked them away, swaying just out of reach. “Martin! Did you take my fucking herbs?”

“Yes, well, about those –”

“And the herbal syrup?”

“Well, it tastes kind of –”

“And the cough drops?” Now she was getting pissed.

“I’m sticking to cherry.”

“Pervert! I gave you the herbal ones.”

I coughed. “They’re too strong.”

“They’re menthol-fucking-ated,” she growled.

“They make my mouth hurt.”

“They’re supposed to make your mouth hurt,” she said severely. “They also numb your throat. You are the worst sick person I have ever dated.”

I shrugged.

“You won’t even feel me up properly,” she said, clamping her thighs around me and humping me playfully. “You get me all wet and then next thing you know you’re too sick. And I go to the trouble of trying on lingerie for you and everything…”

“All right,” I said. “I’m a bad sick person. Better than being a bad well person.”

“If you’d use my magic herbal cough drops, you’d be better by now.”


“Just try one.”

“They hurt.”

She got that look in her eyes, smiled slightly. She leaned close, her tits brushing my chest. She began to nuzzle my throat. She kissed her way up my chin and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue wriggling its way into my mouth as she ground her pelvis firmly against my crotch. Even through the pile of blankets, I could feel its heat.

Deftly, Melanie sucked the cherry-flavored cough drop out of my mouth and spat it across the room.

“Bitch,” I said, grabbing her sides and tickling her.

Melanie is impossible to tickle. She slapped my shoulders and bounced up and down. “That’s the spirit! Fighting spirit! Cough drop! Try the cough drop!”

“God damn it,” I said. “You’re the stubbornest –”

“Most stubborn,” she said, grabbing the environmentally friendly wax paper package from the nightstand and tearing it open. She plucked out a brown lozenge that looked suspiciously like a rat turd. “Try it.”

Grimly, I opened my mouth.

She popped it in and my mouth was enveloped in a taste sensation at once sickly sweet and nauseatingly icy cool. Flushes of heat went through my face.

“Yuck,” I said, and opened my mouth wide, sticking out my tongue with the rat turd resting defiantly on it.

Melanie sighed. “Only one thing to try, then,” she said, and plucked the cough drop off my tongue. Before I knew it, she’d popped it in her own mouth, peeled back the covers, and was burrowing her way underneath, slutty lingerie and all.

“What are you doing?” I asked suspiciously.

If there’s one thing Melanie knows, it’s how to get my drawstring sweat pants untied quickly. Pushing them down around my knees, she took my cock in her hand. It was already half-hard from my feisty girlfriend’s insistence on jocular banter. When her mouth molded to it, the sizzle/chill of mentholated goodness overwhelmed it, and it was hard all the way in an instant.

“Holy fuck,” I said. “Stop that!”

Her mouth lifted off my cock for a split second. “I can’t hear you,” she called out, her voice muffled by about ten pounds of blankets and her syllables punctuated by the soft clack of the lozenge against her teeth. My whole body shivered as the pastille from hell swirled up and down the shaft of my cock, teased into motion by Mel’s adroit tongue. I gasped when she tickled the very tip of my cock, salving the sensitive glans with the icy hot sensation.

“Stop that!” I said, but by then I was so hard Mel wouldn’t have listened to me even if my hips hadn’t been slowly circling in time with her ministrations. Once Mel gets started sucking cock, there’s only one thing that can stop her.

I was all the way in her mouth, now, the full length of my shaft enveloped by the warmth of her mouth and the shimmering sensations of heat and cold. I moaned, lifting my hips high as Mel’s hands reached under to grip my ass-cheeks. She was sucking me rhythmically, the way she does it when she wants me to come. I felt numb, though, my cock surrounded by bizarre sensations that left me unsure of where I was.

Mel found where I was, her mouth coming up and sucking tightly around my head, the lozenge pressed to the tip of my cock as she stroked me with her hand.

“Fuck,” I gasped. “I’m going to –”

There’s a curious sensation that comes with an orgasm had in the midst of a menthol attack. It’s like the surface sensations of penile stimulation overtake the deep burst of pleasure that forms a climax, and my whole body went cold then hot in an instant. Mel stayed with me, her full, tight lips tight around my cock as I came in her mouth, moaning.

She sat up, sweeping the heavy covers back, munching conspicuously.

“Yum yum yum,” she said with a confused look on her face, her voice thick and gurgly. “Minty fresh come.” She swallowed. And smiled like the cat who ate the canary.

“Are you happy now?”

“Mmm-hmmm,” she grinned. “I got you to try it. Do you feel better?”

“Much,” I said. I yanked the covers back over her head and reached out for my cherry drops.

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