Meet the Maker: SpareParts HardWear Harnesses

When you visit our stores or come to our website, you’ll see the most innovative and well-designed sex toys around. And just like anything else, there’s a lot of time, experimentation, and design that goes into each and every one.

SpareParts harnesses are the perfect example of that. When you pick one up, you can tell that there’s a lot of care given to every step along the way. We’re looking forward to having Tres, the genius behind these amazing harnesses, at our stores next week. Come get some inside tips on getting the most from your harness, have an expert fit you and make sure you have the right size, and see for yourself what makes these some of our most popular harnesses ever!

Meet the Maker: SpareParts HardWear Harnesses
December 19, 4-8 pm at Good Vibrations Valencia St.
December 20, 3-7 pm at Good Vibrations Berkeley

We had some questions for Tres about SpareParts. Here’s a quick look at the story behind them.

1) What inspired you to design and create such innovative harnesses? Tell us a bit about their backstory.

I was motivated by a good friend who was in need of a proper fitting harness that was durable, could be sanitized and that could fit a person’s small frame.

2) What makes these harnesses different from other models out there?

The SpareParts harnesses are different because they actually fit a person’s body without having to give up comfort. They are made of a lycra/spandex material with the waistband being of a high quality elastic that hugs the waist the way it needs to be. With the proper stitching and lycra/spandex material in the crotch of the products, chafing is non-existent with our products, even when worn under work out clothes, swim suits, etc. This sets the entire line apart from what else is offered in the market.

3) What should people know about picking a SpareParts harness? What are some features they should know about?

We try to be as globally conscious as possible with our products, which is why we make them vegan-lifestyle friendly, with packaging created and products ethically manufactured and color dyed with environmentally friendly color dyes in the USA. Our products are also made to last and don’t need to be continuously replaced, and the packaging can be reused as a storage box or recycled so we are cutting down our waste. Along with a great fit and being 100% hygienic this is what set us apart and why people want to at least consider a SpareParts HardWear harness when they are making their selection.

4) Designing new products takes a lot of testing and experimentation. What did you learn along the way?

The most important thing we learned is that there are many different types of body types within each size measurement, and that just going by a number on a measuring tape only gives part of the picture.

5) Where can people get more info about your harnesses?

They can always visit for information and sizing. And check out the reviews and information at Good Vibrations!

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