Meet the Boo!

Ha! so Pretty Boy called last night to “chat” and before he got me, he got the Boo. I know this because I saw her go answer the phone then indulge in quite the lengthy conversation before she hung up, walked into the livingroom and said “Pretty Boy wants you to call him.” (!!) I, of course, am dying to know what they discussed onna counta the last time PB interacted with the Boo she was three and covered in paint. Plus I know how grown-ups get about her (flustered/silly/possessive – just like I do, only I’m allowed onna counta the stitches and stuff), plus when I called him back he was all “Wow!” and “Man, I had no idea” and “She’s only eight???” This, to me, simply points to the fact that all those hours I’ve spent talking to him about the sheer overall perfection of my children he was not paying attention/thinking about my butt but I can live with that. :-]

So, back to Pretty Boy — When I finally got past all the “Gee, whiz” stuff and we started talking about our lives, he mentioned that he wanted to “talk” more and I got all paranoid like this was yet another version of the “got a new girlfriend/I just not interested in schtupping you anymore” speech but no. He did just want to talk. Hmmm. Talking to the person you’re having sex with…. Interesting…..

You choose the ending!

SlackerBoy: Hey!
Me: Hey, Honey, what’s up?
SlackerBoy: I’m coming out there in August.
Me: Cool!
SlackerBoy: What’re you doing the week-end of the 21st?
Me: Nothin. Miss Boo has a sleep-over in San Jose but I’ll be around.
SlackerBoy: Can I crash at your place?
Me: Of course! You can meet the Baby.
SlackerBoy: {loooong pause} Oh. Right. I forgot about the baby.
Me: Meaning??
SlackerBoy: Um… I guess she’s probably too young to go to someone’s house. Like for a sleepover or something, huh?

Ending one:

Me: {offended} Damn Skippy! And she’s a light sleeper AND I just got rid of all the skanky-ass, cold-sore-inducing germology you spread all over the place the last time I let your loser self “stay over!” Plus, you have a girlfriend now! Pig.

Ending two:

Me: Um. let me make some calls…

Now I know what Jesus would do but what do the rest of you’all think?

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