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We are so happy that the world-renowned Midori is joining us this week to teach a post-Folsom Street Fair class! As usual, while at the fair I watched throngs of curious, almost-ready-to-dip-their-toes-in vanilla folk (that’s the word kinky people use to remind everyone that there are many, many flavors of eroticism). What better opportunity than an evening with creative, no-nonsense, slightly wicked and very compassionate Midori? Learn those ropes, people! She’s a great teacher and this is a terrific opportunity to learn a few kinks. –Carol Queen, Staff Sexologist


CQ: When someone’s curious about kink, and BDSM, what are the things you
want them to lean about it right away? What’s the biggest source of mistaken ideas about
kink, do you find?

Midori: First and foremost, I want to people know about what what BDSM really is.
It’s the spirit of childhood joyous play, with adult sexual privilege and
fun toys! It’s cops and robbers with hot sex for lovers.
Oftentimes people and the media think of it as something sinister. It’s
about the mind’s capacity for imagination and game playing.
It’s about a shared sense of fun and temporary vacation from all our daily

Biggest source of mistaken ideas? Well, there’s an awful lot of bad
information floating around on the internet. There is good information as
well, but somehow the vast quantity of incorrect or misguided information
seems to outweigh the good.
CQ: Besides the erotic thrill that kink gives people, are there things
you think just about anyone could gain from exploring BDSM play? What
sorts of things would those be?

Midori: It’s a great tool towards sexual fulfillment… here’s why.
BDSM explorations can give people an opportunity to practice excellent
communication skills about one’s desires, fantasies and boundaries. That’s
really the key to sexual satisfaction for all types of erotic
explorations, kinky or non-kinky.
Being able to clearly communicate your wants and limits, and to ask and
understand one’s partner’s wants and limits.
Just simply understanding that there’s a wide and varied erotic style and
options can be the beginning to giving yourself and your partner the
permission to think “outside the box.” We get to consider sensual
pleasures through greater and more creative options.


CQ: OK, we’ll bite: You mention “spectacular goofy bloopers” in your class description—share just one?

Midori: Hotel coffee tables only look sturdy. It seemed like a good idea at the
time – but we should have shagged on the bed only. Not the coffee table.
And it can be really hard to find wood glue at 10 in the morning on a Sunday!
CQ: You stay busier than most sex educators, with a creative art-making
side, writing, and so much else. What are you up to these days? What are
you most excited about?

Midori: ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive is coming up in San
Francisco soon. It’s October 17-19. I love leading this weekend! The women
who attend this course graduate with such amazing confidence and grace –
it carries over from the bedroom to the boardroom. Right now I’m most
fired up about that.

After they graduate, I’m looking forward to spending a few days in my
studio finishing the next set of paintings and scrolls. It’s part of my
long term project. This next set will be based on the installation and
performance I recently created at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

Thanks, Midori! Don’t miss:
Auntie Midori’s Tips for New Tops
Thursday, September 25th, 2014
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
$20 in advance, $25 at the door, as space allows

Curious about BDSM? Are you just beginning to explore your top or dominant
side? Do you find all the information out there a bit intimidating? Do you
want to have successful kinky fun scenes and feel confident? Auntie
Midori’s here to help! She’ll share practical tips, easy ways to get
started, and how to avoid common mistakes. Learn how to find out your and
your partner’s desires and select the right toys to make that a steamy
reality. She’ll talk about how to avoid harming your partner while keeping
the thrill. She’ll also answer all the questions. She’s prone to confess
tales of her spectacular goofy bloopers too.

Dr. Carol Queen

Carol Queen has a PhD in sexology; she calls herself a "cultural sexologist" because her earlier academic degree is in sociology: while she addresses individual issues and couple's sexual concerns, her overarching interest is in cultural issues (gender, shame, access to education, etc.). Queen has worked at Good Vibrations, the woman-founded sexuality company based in San Francisco that turned 35 years old in 2012, since 1990. Her current position is Staff Sexologist and Good Vibrations Historian; her roles include representing the company to the press and the public; overseeing educational programming for staff and others; and scripting/hosting a line of sex education videos, the Pleasure-Ed series, for GV’s sister company Good Releasing. She also curates the company's Antique Vibrator Museum. She is also the founding director of the Center for Sex & Culture, a non-profit sex ed and arts center San Francisco, and is a frequent lecturer at colleges, universities, and community-based organizations. Her dozen books include a Lambda Literary Award winner, PoMoSexuals, and Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture, which are used as texts in some college classes. She blogs at the Good Vibes Magazine and at SFGate's City Brights bloggers page and contributes to the Boston Dig. For more about her at

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