Meet Our Teachers–Jean Franzblau

TONIGHT we’re so happy to offer a brand-new workshop, all about body image–specifically, genital body image. Jean Franzblau helps us take a new and positive look at our parts in her class Gorgeous Junk: Releasing Negative Thoughts About Our Genitals for Hotter Sex?. (“Junk” is a gender-neutral, playful term for the bots Mom used to call “private parts.”) And tomorrow night Good Vibrations sponsors her solo show Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy! I caught up with her on the fly as she prepared to travel to San Francisco for these events. Don’t miss her! –Carol Queen, PhD


CQ: Why do you think people, in this supposedly enlightened time, grow up with shame around their genitals?

Jean: I think it begins when a kid discovers their gorgeous junk and a parent or teacher screams, “Don’t touch that!” The energy of alarm and the message “don’t touch that!” sends a clear message: this part of me is somehow bad or off limits.
CQ: How do you distinguish feelings of shame from privacy or modesty?

Jean: Lowered self esteem accompanies shame. A sense of “this part of me is bad” or “I am bad” accompanies shame.
CQ: Do you see different common manifestations of shame depending on a person’s gender? Are there different answers (by gender) to getting a person to feel good about their gorgeous junk?

Jean: Vulva shame especially tends to center around perceived smell and how the vulva looks. Penis shame can focus on size, shape and perceived sexual performance.

Words of appreciation have a healing effect across all kinds of junk, thank goodness!  JeanF01


Come see Jean TONIGHT and learn deeper delight and appreciation for YOUR gorgeous junk–whatever you’re packing in those pants! –CQ


Gorgeous Junk: Releasing Negative Thoughts About Our Genitals for Hotter Sex

Thursday, October 23, 6:30-8:30 pm

$20 in advance, $25 a the door


In this workshop for vulva and penis owners we’ll explore the multitude of influences that conspire to create shame or at least a negative attitude about our genitals. With discussions, exercises, laughter and creativity, we’ll re-cast our beautiful body parts in a new and positive light. Join sex educator Jean Franzblau for this healing and fun workshop that guarantees a boost in sexual esteem and an appreciation of our gorgeous junk.

BUT that’s not all! Jean comes to the Center for Sex & Culture tomorrow night (Friday, 10/24) with her fabulous solo show

Friday, October 24: Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy
One Night Only – Bay Area Premiere!
Sponsored by Good Vibrations and the Center for Sex and Culture
doors at 7:30, show at 8pm

This solo performance follows one adventurous woman’s curious exploration of her sexuality. When she was a little girl, Jean Franzblau believed that sex must be bad and made the impossible commitment to never be sexual. The show tracks her unusual path of exploration as she discovers that sex is a natural and wonderful part of the human experience. Franzblau portrays some twenty characters in this adventure story for curious and open-minded adults to enjoy.

$20-30 sliding scale (no one turned away)

For sexy toys:

“What makes her stories come alive is Franzblau’s ability to inhabit each of the characters so completely that you really will feel there is more than just one person on the stage.”

“…quite winning.” “…an engrossing tale”
“…unnervingly personal…fascinatingly truthful.”

This comedy completed it’s World Premiere in Los Angeles in 2014 and was selected Top Ten in L.A. 10629718_10152272793212657_4803463420348590368_n

Writer/Producer/Actress Jean Franzblau unveils the 2014 Bay Area Premiere of her sexy play featuring themes of erotic curiosity and empowerment. Based on her own experience of discovery after a painful breakup, the story tracks Franzblau as she gives herself permission to experiment sexually. “It started me on a journey that I just couldn’t stop writing about,” she explains.

When Franzblau learned that there were S&M dungeons in Los Angeles where she lived, she decided to visit one. She was shocked to realize that she had secret desires that only S&M could quench. Franzblau has since come out to family and friends which inspired the show’s title, Coming Out Kinky – A Grown Up Comedy.

Franzblau collaborated with Director Karen Aschenbach for eighteen months to get the show performance ready. The show had its World Premiere in Los Angeles and was selected as a top ten show by For more information, go to

Jean has been a guest on Playboy Radio and has been featured in numerous articles, podcasts and blogs.

A portion of every ticket will be donated to Center for Sex and Culture and Sex-Positive “Sex-positive” is a philosophy of sexuality that emphasizes safety, mutual respect, communication and consent. It also acknowledges and celebrates sexual diversity the idea that there are many ways to express sexuality. Sex-Positive supports the philosophy that sexuality is a natural, healthy and essential part of life.

About Jean Franzblau (Writer/Performer): Over thirteen years ago, Jean debuted her YouTube film, Internet Dating as a writer/producer and lead actress. Jean is also a corporate professional leading seminars on communication and uses these same skills to facilitate sex-ed workshops and snuggle parties. Find Jean at and

About Karen Aschenbach (Director): Karen has worked across multiple disciplines as a writer, director, actor and producer. Of her many Los Angeles productions, her favorites include the solo show Ripe, which was enthusiastically mentioned by the LA Times last year and Mrs. Cage, an LA Times Critics Choice. Karen works with performing artists one-on-one and in her Crafting Your Craft Seminars. Her methods help artists discover meaning and focus so they can get their work done.

$20-30 sliding scale (no one turned away)

Good Vibrations

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