“Matinée” Adult Video Review

Matinee is a short, 33 minute adult film directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell. It’s a single disk that came in a little disk sleeve for me. (That could be just because it’s a review copy though.) While there are supporting characters in the movie, the two main characters are Steven McAlistair and Alicia Whitsover who play the main female and main male. The first ten minutes of the movie are all plot while the last 23 are all sex, so while it is a plot-driven movie, it isn’t exactly long.

The plot is very basic. The two characters had just performed a night of their matinee together, but the review in the newspaper claims that the pair’s lack of chemistry destroyed the entire performance. The two meet together for a run-through of the script and find that they should probably just wing-it on the last night of the matinee since their lines seem stilted. With a casting director coming to watch the performance, the two of them wing it – which includes the final sex scene. Which is really where the sex is at. It takes place on a bed in front of the entire audience.

This movie is just one sex-scene long. With the short length, some people may get frustrated. I feel like the two actors have some serious chemistry with each other, and as such, I would have loved to see the couple more than just once. The one scene does apply well to the storyline though. I’m a little disappointed in the price for the movie when you consider how short the movie is compared to other movies, but this is easily one of the hotter, more sensual sex scenes I’ve ever seen. The two characters obviously had chemistry, and the two of them fit together perfectly.

The two actors had natural bodies. No fake breasts and both had a bit of body fat – not chubby or anything, but not washboard thin. According to the Behind the Scenes, this was their first sex scene on camera – ever. They both look amazingly natural, and the camera person did a great job with editing and filming too. We see the sensual, sexy moments of everything – lips on a neck, the sensual reaching to touch her, her lips parted in pleasure – nothing is crass like you expect from pornography. In fact, I can easily say this is the most sensual sex scene I’ve ever seen. Nothing trashing, and while you do get to see the genitals a couple times in passing, it focuses on the passion the couple is having instead of just the meeting of genitals like most porn seems to focus on.

One complaint I did have about the film was the sound. Even with my volume all the way up on my laptop, I could barely hear the actor’s voices which was annoying during the first ten minutes. It didn’t make much of a difference during the sex scene, but it did make it a bit frustrating to try to understand the plot in the beginning. So just a warning that you will have to turn up your sound or put on some headphones.

I’m also slightly confused about the plot. Maybe it’s just my tiny, boring state, but do these types of plays really go on? If so, where can I find one? But really, it was kinda odd to see the audience’s reaction to them having full-blown, 20-minute sex on stage. Hot, but odd.

Despite my confusion and sound complaint, I have no reservation, none at all, about recommending Matinee to anyone looking for a sexy, sensual love scene. That one sex scene is one that I could see myself rewatching – with is something I rarely say about porn. It’s hot, the actors are hot, and the entire thing is filmed in a sensual manner that, while it doesn’t hide the sex like some porn does, instead, it accentuates the sensuality of it instead of the animalistic qualities. I’d highly recommend Matinee from GoodVibes.


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