Mama’s Got a Girlfriend Now!!

I told the boys, my 11yr old and my 6 yr old, that their dad was going out on a date Wednesday night and that a girlfriend of mine, Swift, was coming over for dinner and to hang out after they went to bed. I have a lot of female friends that I refer to as my “girlfriends”. Tons. We hug and kiss when we greet each other. This is normal behavior for me and most of my friends, no matter what gender they are. My children have seen me kiss other adults thousands and thousands of times. And plenty of friends have come over to visit us for dinner and hanging out. There was no reason for them to think this time was any different. Except that it was. My energy was different. I was pretty darn excited about it.

First of all, although I had known Swift for about 4 months, this was the first time she had come to my space. I have always either gone to her place or we met somewhere else, usually involving a planned event. She has expressed a desire to see where I live and to meet my kids. Swift and I had met 4 months ago at a sex party. I was intrigued by her, but had little contact other than a great conversation at the beginning of the party. I was psyched when she ended up finding me on Facebook later.

Another few weeks went by before we finally got to hang out. From the beginning, this relationship has been incredibly sweet and romantic and loving, full of a type of tenderness and affection that I don’t experience with the men I date. I have little experience dating women, but Swift is WAY more experienced. She has dated women all her dating life, not exclusively, but consistently. So she was wonderful about taking it all very slowly. She is not into rushing anyway, often defining those she is dating as “lovers” even if they have not had sex. Swift told me once that she liked the sexual tension to build over time and I bought it, entirely. It was hot to wait and enjoy the time together without forcing anything.

But, in the week or so before this date, we both came to a place of realizing that we wanted to take the relationship further physically, and we were aware that this was a good time to do this. Swift knows that I have not had many lovers at my house period, but even more rarely when the kids were at home. This was definitely part of a larger experiment going on, the process of bringing my lovers more fully into my life and my world. In particular, bringing a lover home and being physical while my kids were in the other room was new for me.

Due to some very odd circumstances, the night got off to a strange start, including my locking my keys in my car and a tow truck guy breaking into my car right as Swift was arriving. But the boys got to meet her and she witnessed the bedtime rituals of our household with bedtime stories, night time reading and a brief tussle with my 11 yr old to get him to go to bed at a decent time. He seemed a little too anxious to show off how obstinate he could be in front of my new friend, almost forcing me to be mean in front of her. After he went to bed, Swift and I went into my bedroom to talk to give the boys some peace and quiet to fall asleep.

At one point, my 11 yr old called me into his room to let me know that he could not fall asleep. I talked to him gently about relaxing his body one muscle group at a time, and I asked him if he was nervous having a new person hanging out in my bedroom with me. He denied the anxiety at the time, but I still believe he could feel the energy and his intuition told him that something new was going on.

However, he did eventually go to sleep while Swift and I spent a long time telling each other what we love about each other. The subject came up when discussion ensued about how one of her male lovers, very similar to one of mine, was not capable of very much intimate emotional discussion. I mentioned that I had wanted to tell my lover all the things I love about him, but that he seemed like he would be too overwhelmed by that to be able to stand it. She got a big excited smile on her face and said, “Lets talk about all the things we love about each other!!”

While laying on the bed together telling one another sweet things we love, Swift noticed that my calves were sore, and she began rubbing them down. She moved from my calves to my hamstrings, then to my glutes and my lower back. It was heavenly and I loved the firm, easy way she touched me. She finally stopped and asked me suggestively what we should do. I suggested that she lay beside me and she suggested that we get naked. Both of which were lovely ideas that we were eager to do.

Swift is a runner and a personal trainer who takes good care of her own body with plenty of work out time. She has an amazing body that I am happy to admire with clothes on, but she is even more gorgeous naked. I wanted to devour her, but we took it slow and kissed and stroked each other a lot. I kissed her nipples and moved down to her belly and beyond. I was nervous about all this since I am not that experienced, but it felt like the right thing to do, so I went with it. She smelled and tasted and looked wonderful and all I wanted was to give her pleasure. From Swift’s reaction, it seems like I did a pretty good job. We talked a little bit about it. I mentioned that she was very quiet, and she stated that she is generally pretty quiet, but that she thought she was probably being more quiet because of the kids.

Then she took me on an amazing journey of sensation and pleasure. As I mentioned before, it has been many years since I have dated a woman and I have gotten very used to the touch of men. I have become a sensation whore, wanting a lot of stimulation and a fast, intense experience. This was not at all what Swift appeared to be used to, and was definitely not what she gave me. But OH MY GOD. With her, I was able to slow down, enjoy several plateaus of sensation, always rising, always moving toward that climax, but taking a much more languid journey to that place. And when I got to the climax, it went on and on and on and on. I have never in my life had such a long and endless orgasm.

Now, I don’t mean to gush, but I can tell you this: I was not very quiet on that journey. I have more experience with having sex in my household with my kids in the next room than Swift does, just not as much experience with people other than my husband. I really have no idea if my kids heard me. I suspect that someone in the building HAD to have heard me. But neither of the kids mentioned it. Swift asked me later what it was like the next morning with the kids. I let her know that other than being a little tired from the lack of sleep, there was virtually no difference between that morning and every other one I have with the boys. We got up, got ready for our day and rushed out the door. Except for what I knew in my head. Which was that I LOVE having a girlfriend!

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