Lyla- the Perfect Present for In Your Stocking

This may turn out to be smuttier than my usual reviews, but it was a really good time, so bear with me.

As you may know, I went to Massachusetts for two weeks to visit my family and my dear boy. Excited to introduce him to a new interesting toy, I pulled out the Lyla from LELO.

Unfortunately, the power was out, so while we could marvel at the beautiful packaging (LELO always packages their toys in these discreet, really pretty black boxes that are made for gift giving, though there’s usually a tasteful graphic with the toy on it that slides over that box) and figure out how the toys might work, we couldn’t give them a trial run as the bullet vibe is rechargeable. So for the time being, we oohed over the packaging, used the enclosed key to unscrew the top of the flying-saucer-shaped controller and put in the AA batteries that’s included (score!), and stuck the whole lot into the enclosed satin bag for when we could really try it out.

Fast forward a few days, when we could charge the toy properly (2 hours for 1 hour playtime). The bullet vibe unscrews and you plug it in inside the toy, while the controller is powered by the two AA batteries. The egg has a leash to help you pull it out, which makes it easy for vaginal use. There’s a button you push on the bullet to turn it on after you push the + button on the controller. Now when you do this, you’ll notice that BOTH parts vibrate… leading to some very fun possibilities.

It supposedly has a range of up to 39 feet- we found the range to be a little more sporadic with what we did, so while you can picture the fun that can be had with this out and about, as a couple, or with both pieces used on different areas of one body, you may need to occasionally wave the control near the egg to keep it going. That was my only frustration  with the toy- personally, we worked that into an asset, but it might be annoying for you if you’re looking for a toy to use publicly and discreetly.

Still, we had a lot of fun with it! As you can see here, the boy is exploring how enjoyable it is to use one on his nipples and the other on the ridge of his cock head. On my personal blog you can see him massaging both sides of his cock with the two parts of the toy.

Now for a “safety third” disclaimer- you should not depend on a leash on a toy for anal removal of an egg like this. The ass is great at sucking things up into it, and the leash bits sometimes break on the best of toys.

Do not go sticking toys without a flare up your ass unless you are really ready for them to possibly do damage and/or end up with you in the emergency room if something goes wrong. 

We *did* use this toy on the boy anally- we wrapped it in a condom and I checked in to make sure the tail stayed outside his body by a couple inches throughout. 

It was still risky. Just fyi. 

Anyway! The boy and I being who we are, just a little rubbing-a-vibe-over-genitals was not going to be enough for us. We wanted to get a little more creative. So I snapped his (now very hard) cock into a leather gates of hell (Fetlife has some images, they’re quite pretty if you ask me), lubed up the now-condomed egg, slowly and gently pushed it into his ass, placed a pacifier into his mouth, and slid a diaper under him.

Now’s a good time to mention that this vibe has 8 modes. 6 vibration modes (steady vibration, pulse, faster pulse, increased intensity pulse, up and down intensity pulse, and a musical one) that pulse on both the egg and the controller at the same time, so that you both feel what the other feels, which is remarkable for mutual masturbation or watching each other perform. And those are all really nice.

But there’s a particular setting that makes this the remote control vibe to beat out others, in my opinion- and that’s Sensemotion technology. There’s two Sensemotion settings, the first two, and they’re what makes this toy worth it!

What Sensemotion does is allows the person with the controller affect the vibration intensity for both toys- so I can force the boy to coast the vibration style that works for me, hee hee! The first setting has you control the intensity by what angle you have the controller at- flat gives you the lowest vibe, 90 degree angle gives you the most intense vibration.

I can imagine predicament scenes involving that!

To experiment with that setting, I lotioned, powdered and diapered the boy all up, the egg pushing nicely on his prostate and humming merrily. Then I set the Sensemotion to work, and started moving the controller back and forth.

He began to moan, and squirm, and gasp, and his eyes would get very wide as he felt the egg moving inside him, controlled by my hand. I used the other control against his very sensitive nipples, watching him intently as he groaned and clutched Twilight Sparkle in his arms. When I tired of that game, I began to rub the vibrating controller over his cock inside the diaper, feeling him stiffen  and hearing the diaper crinkle.

This kind of power game really, really worked for me. I was still a little unsure about diapers, but using it as a way to control his cock so I could enjoy watching him squirm… it was surprisingly hot for me. Especially as I knew I’d get to unwrap him later and I’d get an amazingly hard pounding for my trouble. Who knew diaper chastity could be so sexy?

Anyway, teasing him like this started to get to me. I get really wet when I hear a boy whimpering, and I was really getting off on this oversexed Mummy/chaste boy who wasn’t allowed to cum thing. For those who haven’t been reading my blog for a while, this is a Big Deal. I’ve struggled to eroticize the caregiver role in my interactions with the boy, but in this scenario, the Lyla‘s controller in my hand, I felt powerful. I could give pleasure or take it away, and that was truly sexy for me. I started using the vibrating controller on my clit at full blast, watching him coast the sensations of the toy humming in his ass. I was incredibly slippery and wet, and his cock was straining against the tight padded diaper.

At this point, I’m really getting into this.

It eventually got too much for both of us and I ripped the diaper off him so we could fuck, all while I’m whispering dirty filthy fantasies in his ear and he’s smelling of baby powder and boyscent.

I don’t know that we’ve had that kind of reaction to a toy before, especially as we’re jaded sex toy experts. I think it’s a pretty good advertisement for it. I wish the controller was a little more consistent, but I’m pretty happy with it and will definitely be using it in play again soon!

This is a silicone toy, but as it’s a vibrator, don’t go boiling it. Warm water and antibacterial soap will do just fine. And of course don’t use silicone lube with this toy- they enclose a handy packet of water based lubricant to use instead, which I made enjoyable use of. Though I gave the Sliquid Sea lube a go and found that it plus the velvety silicone = orgasmic heaven, so there’s that.

The Lyla‘s a really fun toy to experiment with- recommended. 😉

Kitty Stryker

Kitty Stryker is a geeky sex worker, Burner, rabid writer and feminist activist with one high-heeled boot in San Francisco, California and one in London, England. In London, Stryker worked with the TLC Trust, an online organization connecting people with disabilities with sex workers experienced with emotional or physical limitations. She is the founder of the award-winning Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society, and was nominated by the Erotic Awards as Sex Worker of the Year for her charity and activism work. Now back in the States, Stryker has been presenting Safe/Ward, a workshop on combating entitlement culture within alternative sexual communities, along with being the PR rep for the Bay Area Sex Workers Outreach Project promoting sex worker rights. She has written for Huffington Post, Filament, and Tits and Sass, built a social media strategy for Cleis Press, and consults with sex workers about their online presence. In her copious free time, she enjoys switching things up with her two hot lovers. Read more from Stryker on her personal blog, Purrversatility.

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