Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Cards Spell Good Business

An interview with the subliminally sexy Lusty Letter company owner, Stacey!

Good Vibrations was founded in 1977 by Joani Blank and to this day continues to be woman-focused. The executive and top level management team is all woman-run, many of whom have been with the company for 20 years! From Chief Operating Officer Jackie Strano and Chief Cultural Officer and Staff Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen, to our Purchasing Manager Coyote Days, who corresponds with many new companies entering the adult novelty industry, Good Vibrations supports women in leadership positions.

Many of our vendors are women-owned businesses and we’ll be spotlighting these extraordinary companies in a series of interviews with the women who make it happen. 

Our first interview, conducted by Events & Publicity Manager, Camilla Lombard, profiles Stacey from Lusty Letter — a new company specializing in subliminally sexy greeting cards!

Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Card – Happy Anniversary (time to fuck)



How did you get started? What gave you the idea for these greeting cards?

After designing for Fortune 500 companies and fledgling start ups for a number of years, I wanted to create more than a brand – I wanted to create a product. I’m always sketching new ideas, so I dove into my sketchbook to see if I had any ideas worth elevating into a new company.

Last Valentine’s Day, I decided to give my partner, Scott, a home-made card. At first glance it was nice, friendly and conventional, but upon closer inspection, he saw that there was a very sexy message woven into the conventional Valentine greeting. He then proceeded to laugh so hard that he started crying – in a restaurant – in public. Scott is often affectionately known as “Spock.” So I thought if I could make Spock laugh so hard that he cried, I might be on to something.

Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Card – Happy Birthday (let’s fuck now)


What obstacles have you found as a new business? What does it mean to you that Lusty Letter is a woman-run company?

One of the things that has been most interesting in developing this new product is seeing the broad spectrum of responses to the cards. Some people feel like I should push them further, go darker and dirtier, while others ask, “Do you have to use the word, “fuck?” It’s such a harsh word.” Maintaining focus on the path that you think is right can be challenging when you get such a broad array of feedback. I’m lucky to have a network of sound counsel (family, friends & associates) around to help me stay focused and remind me that my instinct is spot on. As with most businesses, rounding up the funds to print more product is always challenging when you’re just starting. Oddly enough, coming up with new ideas hasn’t been an issue yet (knocking wood in background).

The fact that I’m a woman, and I own this business is great! I have a lot of people who are proud of me – both women and men – and myself! I’ve run my own design & branding business for the last seven years, so in some respects, I knew what I was getting into. Yet because this is a product-based business (vs a service-based business), I’m learning quite a bit – which is invigorating. What is also great about Lusty Letter being a woman-run company is how direct, fearless and highly enjoyable the card messages are. I think they will give people license to say what’s traipsing around in their lusty minds. And lastly, my Mom always pointed out that even though it was only women cleaning houses on TV, that that’s not how it had to be. And growing up in the Bay Area, I think the entrepreneurial spirit became embedded in my blood. So I never felt like I couldn’t just start something.

Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Card – Congratulations (now let’s have sex)


Which of the cards is your personal favorite? Is there anything you wanted to print but it was too risque?

Congratulations is my favorite card. Though I may have some new favorites in the next batch as well. They are going to be good. I mean bad. In a good way.

I have not held back or toned down any of the messages. If I were to tone it down, it wouldn’t be as funny.

Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Card – Hey You! (do me)


What can we hope to see from you in the future?

Cards for the Winter Holidays: Christmas, Hannukah; for Spring: Happy Mother’s/Father’s Day. More all-occasion cards. And of course, Valentine’s Day!

Lusty Letter Sexy Greeting Card – Thank You (lick me)


We’re looking forward to more! In the meantime, you can find Stacey’s Sexy Greeting Cards at Good Vibrations.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews and woman-run business spotlights in future posts on Good Vibrations’ Online Magazine!

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