Lube, Orgasms and Rocking Vibes — Summer is Here!

Hello Lovies! It’s that time for another Call Center Confession! Summer is here and there is so much to do with Weddings and Pride Celebrations! So take some time for yourself and dig into our new catalog and see what is new on the website. Molly and I have been very busy in the Call Center placing orders for all of those bachelorette parties and answering some really great questions! Don’t forget if you have questions for us please feel free to send them to!

CeeCee and Molly

Q: Hello, I have a question about the different lubes you have on your website. I received a sample tube of Eros with a kit I bought from Good Vibes. I REALLY like this lube, yet the tube is so small for the price. (I know you get what you pay for… ) Well, what I am wondering is if there is a different lube that will be as good… or better, yet be slightly less expensive.
— Melissa

A: Hey Melissa! Eros is a fabulous lube that is silicone based. It is great for water play and stays slick for a very long time. Wet Platinum 4 oz is another great silicone lube that we carry. I also think that the thicker gel lubes are great if you don’t want them for water play. Slippery Stuff Gel is a great one and our very own Good Lubrications Gel is fabulous. You don’t need a lot, it lasts a long time and when it starts to dry out if you just add a couple drops of water or saliva it slicks right back up for you.

Q: HELP! I’m really stuck here. I think I hate sex. I have NEVER had an orgasm. It’s really depressing. Is there something wrong with me?? Me and my fianc have been together for 6 years, we’ve bought hundreds of books, but we don’t have a lot of time to “experiment”. I would really like to enjoy sex as much as he does but its getting to the point where he thinks he is doing something wrong and I don’t know what to do!!
— Ashley

A: Thanks for the question Ashley; let’s see what we can do to help you out a bit. I think it is important to remember that everyone’s bodies and sex drives are made up differently, so not everyone enjoys the same things. When we get hard on ourselves it adds extra pressure and it is hard to relax. So the first suggestion I have it to take a deep breathe and relax. Next, I know you have said that you have bought hundreds of books but here are a few more that I think would be great for you. The brilliant Annie Sprinkle has just put out a new book called Dr. Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex; it has tons of really great information in it. I am also wondering if you have thought about solo sex or masturbating then once you become comfortable maybe letting your partner in on playing with you. There is a great book called Tickle Your Fancy that is wonderful for beginners and has really great tips and techniques in it.

Another suggestion I am going to make is possible watching a film or two together. There are some really great how to videos like Nina’s Guide To Couples Sexploration and The Complete Guide To Sexual Positions or just watching a hot movie and copying what is going on. Some of our favorites right now are, Eyes of Desire 2 or Looking In and Angelique.

Sometimes extra help is a nice change. You could try some great new toys that we have like the My Craby it gives you a great hands free buzz with or without your partner. The Turbo Gliders have been best sellers since we got them in a few years ago. They are waterproof and great to use in or out of the water! The Perfect Pair Ring is a great toy for your fianc to wear that adds extra stimulation for you.

Hope these suggestions help and Good Luck to you!

Q: Hey CeeCee and Molly. We read your column all the time and I am so excited I finally have a question for you. My sweetie and I are celebrating 25 years together and I want to give her something extra special this year for our anniversary. We have our beloved Hitachi and a Rabbit Habit but I would really like to get her something that would knock her socks off! Any suggestions?
— Claire

A: Congratulations on 25 years! I think we have the perfect “Special Gift” for you. A while back we got in these AMAZING toys made by peeps formally in the aircraft business. They are the Le Tigre and the Panthere! We loves these toys!!!! They are made from anodized aluminum, which is waterproof, dishwasher safe, and can be heated by immersing in warm water. They come with three different head attachments, each with a different speed and texture. Packaged in a hot looking lockable chrome case with velvet lining! Hope you have a great anniversary!!!!


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