Love Intimates Art: Museums, Art and Antique Vibrators

As one might imagine, we are pretty excited about the grand opening of the Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum.  Being the Sex Toy Geeks that many of us Good Vibrations people are, seeing a historical progression of vibrators and how they’ve evolved over the years is pretty fascinating, and something that we are excited to share with fans and friends everywhere.  In a perfect world, every city would have an Antique Vibrator museum¦

Unfortunately, they don’t.  Most places do, however, have museums in some form or another, and often that museum is an art museum “ possibly because Art is not only the product of inspiration, it is often the source of it.  In the making of everything from widgets to whoopee, the influence of the artistic aesthetic is evident in every stage of production, from inception to design to execution.  We’d like to think that sex toys are no exception.

And, as many people who design things for a living are partial to a particular art period“ be it Romanticism, Renaissance or something from the Contemporary Era “ the influence of that period is often revealed in an object’s design.  We’d like to think that sex toys are no exception.

So, in celebration of Vibrators, Art, Museums, and other things that life would be less enjoyable without, here is a list of five historical art periods (pretty much in chronological order) and the vibes that best represent them:

1)      Period: Pre-Historic.  Vibrator: The Fling G-Spot Dildo “ While not exactly a formalized period of art, pre-historic humanity demonstrated a strong desire to turn objects from the immediate environment into something to enhance the quality of life.  What better embodies this idea than the Fling?  (Granted it’s not a vibrator, but the dearth of batteries during this part of history necessitates a power-free stimulus option.) Made completely of wood, this surprisingly smooth and sexy part of our Ecorotic® collection is a natural beauty as well as an inspired choice for g-spot stimulation.

2)      Period: Renaissance.  Vibrator: The Big Boss “ Characterized by contrast, the application of reason and scholarly study to art and drawing inspiration from human form, the Renaissance aesthetic is exemplified by the Big Boss Vibrator.  The realistically-designed shaft is coupled with the extraordinary genius of a multi-function motor and magnetic induction charging.  Not to mention that the black silicone shaft attached to the white looped handle is about as contrast-y as contrast can get!

3)      Period: Romanticism. Vibrator: The HeartOn Wand – Celebrating emotion and feeling as a valid source for artistic inspiration, the Romantic Period was all about free expression.  The HeartOn’s design uses the traditional symbol of love and emotion to deliver deeply resonant sensation and a curved handle to hug the body in its sensual embrace.

4)      Period: Modern Art.  Vibrator: The We-Vibe 3 “ With an unusual design and application, the We-Vibe 3 exemplifies this highly experimental artistic period in form and function.  The first vibe designed for use by couples during sex, the We-Vibe has revolutionized idea of what a sex toy can be in much the same way Picasso revolutionized the color blue.

5)      The Period: Contemporary Art. The Vibe: The Cobra Libre Stimulator for Men “ Blending the everyday with the extraordinary, Contemporary art’s claim to fame is blurring the line between art and culture to create something entirely new.  With a design reminiscent of the race car, this stylized stimulator  mixes vibration, pulsation and oscillation and applies it to one of the most sensitive areas of the male body.  Sexy and sublime, The Cobra Libre is a museum-quality wonder.

Hopefully you now feel inspired to make a little sensual art of your own.  For a additional inspiration, please feel free to join us at the Antique Vibrator Museum located at 1620 Polk Street in San Francisco  for the grand opening celebration, April 12 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  If you can’t make it for the festivities,  please stop by anytime and check out our collection!


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