Local Roomie Makes Good

She came by one day a few months after their divorce while Kevin was away on a business trip.

When I opened the door, she looked fabulous, as if she had done a makeover.

“Kim! Hi! What brings you up here?” I asked, trying to mask my sudden excitement at seeing her look so good. She was wearing a two-piece sort of business outfit. It was a crushed black-velvet jacket with a short skirt and a white silk blouse with a ruffled collar. It made her look authoritative and sexy at the same time.

“You’re always welcomed here, so come in.” I tried to be charming.

“Oh thank you. I can’t stay too long. I just came by to pick up a few things that I left behind while he’s not here to whine. I’ll just get what I need and say goodbye before I leave. Don’t let me tie you up.”

She was so nice to be around for a change. I wanted to visit, but I chose to look busy and went back into my room. I noticed that she seemed to be much quieter than she used to be around the house. I went back out and as I started down the hall, she stopped me and began to talk.

“I hope you don’t think I’m a bitch for leaving him. He just seems to have given up on life these past few years.” She started to run her hand up my shoulder and around my neck.

“You may have a few years on him, but you seem so much younger. You’re fun and you like to do things. I’ve always liked that about you.” She pulled me in tight and hugged me in a way that seemed not so much to say “I miss you” as “I want to fuck you.” I tried to feign indifference.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked lamely. She looked at me as if to say “you fool” and then she jammed her tongue into my mouth. She was firm and good and felt fantastic. I could sense that I was about to become her prey. I sighed in apprehension.

“Come now, you can’t tell me you don’t want this. I know you dig women and I also know you’re kind of shy and never date. I’ll bet do yourself pretty often. I’d also bet that you’re a really good fuck.”

She eased me towards the bed-his bed!

“I umm, found what I came here for, in case you were wondering.” She pushed me back onto the bed and stood over me, taking off her blouse and taking control. She undid my shirt and left it splayed open on the bed. She laid on top of me and began to kiss my neck, her breasts rubbing against me.

“I know you’re kind of freaky about this, but what if you can’t stop me? If I get too forceful to resist and seduce you against your will, then you shouldn’t feel guilty, right?”

She opened a night stand drawer and produced a pair of leather handcuffs.

“Let’s just say your hands were tied¬¶” Assuredly and with a wicked smile, she locked a cuff around each of my wrists. She then took out two tethers from the drawer, fastened the cuffs to them and tied me up securely to the bedposts. She undid my pants, took them off and tied my feet up as well, rendering me all but motionless. She then crawled back on top of me.

“You see, it was my idea to have you move in here in the first place. He didn’t want you, but I persisted and got my way as usual, just like I’m going to do now.” She continued to kiss and lick my chest, my nipples, my stomach, letting me feel her breasts slide down my body. She slid my cock in between them, breast-fucking me until I began to moan.

“Don’t let me down, now-we’re just getting started.” She began to lick the underside of my cock, flicking her tongue wildly just below the head, the most sensitive spot. She then drove her lips down the length of it, sucking and twisting on it furiously as she went. I felt like I was going to lose it and started to thrust upward.

“Ooh, excitable, aren’t we? I think I’m going to see just how much you can take-before I take you.” Fixing her gaze on me, she turned sideways on the bed and slid off her skirt, revealing the length of her tight athletic legs and perfect ass. She looked phenomenal. Completely naked, she overtook me again, writhing against me and forcing every curve of her flesh into mine. She was firm and soft and felt like purely fucking heaven.

“This could go on all night, you know”, she said as she flicked her tongue into my ear. “Nobody knows where I am and I know you never have anyone over, so I’m just going to tease you for as long as I fucking damned well please, until you beg for me. I’ve often wondered what you would be like as my fuck-slave, and now I’m about to find out.”

She straddled me and started to rock her hips back and forth, sliding the lips of her cunt against my ravenous cock. I could feel the hot and wet flesh just inside her walls as she tortured me, not yet ready to swallow me in. I let out a shudder of excitement.

“Eeeasy¬¶ this is just a taste! What’s it going to be like when I’m fucking you? I hope you can handle it, because I’m going to fuck you real good and real hard. I have wanted to do this to you ever since you moved in-just hold you down and have at you against your will.”

She then lay over at my side and started to rub my chest, laughing and tormenting me.

“Don’t worry-I’m going to make you come-eventually!” She mounted me again, this time sliding just the head of my cock back and forth between the lips of her vagina. She swallowed me in just enough to make me insane but not enough to make me lose it. She threw her head back in deep pleasure, her eyes closed tightly and mouth agape.

“Ooohhhh, yyesss! Your head feels sooo fucking nice!” She brought her gaze back to mine, smiling fiendishly. “That’s right-I’m going to have you right now, but I’m going to go so slow it will make you scream. I’m just going to watch you squirm underneath me while I fuck you raw.”

She took her hand away and began to slide torturingly slow down my shaft and then back up, pushing down just a little harder each time. I could feel every fold of flesh inside of her hot cunt as she slowly ground into me. I could feel the muscles tighten against my cock, gripping me mercilessly as she rode me up and down. She finally threw herself down against me, pumping me furiously.

She started to jerk me off at the same time and I completely lost it. We both came and she let out a wail that seemed to go on forever, much louder and more urgent than the cockatiel imitation I used to hear coming from this same bed-from down the hall, once every 3 weeks or so. We lay there for quite some time, ecstatic. She knew me a lot better than I had given her credit for. I prayed that she would somehow arrange for this to happen again.

The next day, I felt like I reeked of sex and I wanted to be that woman’s plaything as soon as we could create some new scenario. I had been out when Kevin got back. I walked in to find him in his usual position-butt hard-wired to the couch, eyes hard-wired to the screen.

“I heard Kim was in town!” he announced. My heart was in my throat. I could have shit. “I’m just glad she didn’t stop by here”, he continued. My pulse returned to non-life-threatening. “I don’t miss being tied down by that control-freak!”

As for me, I couldn’t wait to be that woman’s sex toy again.

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