Lingerie and More for Expectant Moms

You’re bloated, your back hurts, your feet hurt, you have constant acid reflux, and damn, are you horny! It can be hard to feel sexy when you’re pregnant, especially if you don’t happen to be with a partner who is a pregnancy fetishist. Yes, there are stores that carry maternity lingerie, but mostly you’ll find nighties and bra and panty sets, which are great for daily wear–and feeling sexy in your day-to-day grind is not something to be sneered at–but every now and then, you want something more adventurous. But can you spend a fortune on exotic lingerie? Even if you didn’t have that little money sucker on the way, not many of us can afford the delicious maternity lingerie available at Agent Provocateur.

But there are other options! And dear god should you explore them before the onset of those sleepless nights where you’re lucky to even reach for your incognito vibrator before blacking out. And a lot of them don’t require much expenditure or DIY skill. And better yet, all of the options below can be used just as easily whether you’re pregnant, postpartum, or baby-free.

Baby Dolls Most maternity lingerie sites list a selection of baby dolls and they certainly are your best friend for daily (or nightly) wear when you’re expecting. They give you a lot of room to move, but still look cute and flirty and you’ll be able to wear them after pregnancy, too. Baby dolls are a great option for those of us who love vintage style lingerie, but can’t quite stuff our expanding bellies into them anymore. You don’t even have to get them from a specialty shop!

Body Paint and Liquid Latex Explore your new, voluptuous form in detail. If you’re a little shy about your changing body, this is a great way to let your lover explore every new curve before it disappears while simultaneously letting you feel sexy. Or you can paint that lingerie you’ve been missing on yourself as a special surprise!

Bows Who doesn’t fantasize about pulling a wide satin bow loose from their lover’s body and watching it flutter to the ground? It’s like getting the best present ever! Plus, that ribbon can be put to use as a blindfold, soft bondage scarf, or make-shift gag as well. Satin feels lovely when being pulled across the skin or even one’s genitals, too! On a pregnant woman, a bow can be even more enticing. It reminds your partner of the little present from above you’ll soon be giving them and swollen boobs look amazing when bound together with satin. A big roll of ribbon can be bought and cut up every time you get the urge to be unwrapped or you can cut a perfect length and finish the ends with clear nail polish. The satin–which I highly recommend over grosgrain ribbon–can be washed over and over again, though it will stain if you happen to use something oil-based in your lovemaking, so stick to water-based lube when ribbon is involved.

Cling Wrap Don’t worry, you’ll look much better than Kathy Bates did! Whenever I find colored cling wrap on sale, and the holidays are a great time to look, I buy a bunch. My favorite cling wrap creation thus far? A pair of blue Daisy Duke shorts and hot pink tube top with my pregnant belly making me look like a kinky hill billy breeder. Pig tails and a southern drawl completed the illusion.

Garters and Stockings Thigh high stockings are another great, easily procured option for expectant moms. The silhouette of a fecund female wearing naught but thigh high stockings is quite alluring. If you’re a fan of full fashion or suspender-style stockings, you don’t have to abandon them, even if your garter belt has grown too tight. Rather than buying a larger garter belt that you won’t be able to wear again and will just look odd as the straps span straight from your protruding belly to your stockings rather than lying flat, you can wear regular garters with the stocking rolled over them. How ’20s! I’ve also these beltless garters, which are novel enough to be sexy on anyone.

Jewelry Non-piercing body jewelry is so hot! Clitoral adornments, nipple pendulums, long necklaces, anklets, belly rings, long earrings, pasties and more can turn you into a sophisticated slut or an exotic harem girl. “Beautiful girls wearing nothing but pearls” can be pregnant, too! A super long string of imitation pearls around your belly conjures images of a mermaid turned human for the purpose of breeding and can be pulled tantalizingly across your clit. A jewel glued into your navel adorns the evidence of bonding between you and your partner. Custom collars can spell out “Hot Mama,” “Breeder,” or another cute phrase in metal letters.

Nursing Bras Even if you’re not nursing (and I hope you are!) nursing bras are a lot of fun. I wear them almost exclusively even though my son is weaned. The way most of them work is that the cup pops off at the strap and exposes the breast. Do I need to say more than that?

Robes Sexy little robes are available just about everywhere in long or short lengths. The satin or velvet or a luxury robe feels really nice against skin that may have been stretched a little tight and your lover will enjoy it, too!

For daily wear, just type “maternity lingerie” into your favorite search engine. You’ll find tons of stuff and some of it is pretty darn cute, especially since more and more places are turning out attractive maternity bra and panty sets and nursing nighties. When choosing maternity lingerie, be sure to get the right size. This means measuring yourself first, which can be a fun project for you and your partner in itself. Sometimes you can get away with a bra in your pre-pregnancy size by adding an extender to the back, though sales staff may try to convince you to buy a whole new bra wardrobe. But too-tight panties, garter belts, and slips are no fun for you or your baby. Other than that, there aren’t really any special considerations to be made. Panties is panties after all!

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