Liberator BonBon Review

The Liberator BonBon is a Liberator shape that is intended to hold dildos or vibrators for hands-free use. The BonBon is covered in a layer of microsuede and includes Liberator’s patented foam that makes for a strong, supportive surface for use of the dildos. The BonBon comes in multiple, vibrant colors including purple, red, gray, yellow, bright green, blue, orange, and bright pink. The BonBon is sixteen inches long, eight inches wide, and ten inches tall.

The BonBon has two layers to make this shape extra useful. The outer layer is a microsuede layer that is really soft and sensual on the skin. It comes in a variety of colors as well. Underneath the microsuede layer is a water-resistant layer that protects the foam itself. This allows you to make all sorts of messes without worrying about harming the underlying foam itself. Since this is made from microsuede, it doesn’t have a no-slip surface with other pieces of Liberator furniture, but we didn’t have any problems with it slipping around during use. We used it on carpet, and the carpet provided enough resistance that the shape didn’t slip around.

The BonBon will fit a variety of sex toys as well. It is supposed to work with wands and toys that lack a flared base, but I found that those with a base worked tons better. Specifically, we tried the BonBon with the LELO Ella, the Tantus Silk Medium, and Vixen Creations Mistress. The two dildos with harness-compatible bases ended up holding more firmly in the BonBon. The Ella, while it did stay, did seem to move back and forth during use while the two dildos would stay pretty stationary. It’s very easy to insert the dildo into the sex shape, and it’s very easy to take it out afterwards. However, it doesn’t slip out during use which is great.

The BonBon does hold the sex toy at the perfect height for grinding against. The sex positioning shape is skinny enough to easily be able to straddle it without feeling strained. You can switch out toys will still straddling the BonBon, but it does seem to work a lot better if you get off of the shape when you want to switch them out.

We also own the Liberator Wing. It basically is the same idea, but it’s much longer and has two separate ends for two separate uses. Surprisingly, I actually fell in love with the BonBon much more. This is odd considering that the Wing even costs more money. Instead, the BonBon was much more useful to use. The Wing had quite a bit of squish to it. While it was made of Liberator’s foam, the circular shape and the small, straddle-able body made it much squishier than the BonBon. The BonBon seems to be made from foam and a frame. I’m not sure if it actually is a frame, but it feels like it. The BonBon just ends up being a lot more supportive during thrusting. With the Wing, your weight ends up making the Wing sag, and it will give under your weight. With the BonBon, you can happily grind up against the sex toy because the BonBon will continue to hold and support all of your weight.

The BonBon comes in a ton of gorgeous colors. We have the Fuchsia color, and it’s beautiful. It’s a very bright, vibrant pink that is contrasted nicely with the black. It doesn’t scream “sex toy”, but it isn’t discreet either, so you may want to store it out of sight. This easily fits under the bed, in the closet, or even in a really tall drawer. The underside of the BonBon does include a zipper, so after use, you can just unzip the outer liner and toss it into the laundry for easy cleaning. We get lubricant and everything else on it during use, and after going through one cycle in the washing machine, it looks brand new again. It’s really easy to put the liner on and off as well.

We do enjoy our Liberator BonBon. When it comes to having a surface to grind up against, it’s perfect. The height is perfect, the material is perfect, and it holds our dildos really nicely. It would hold a vibrator as well, but it’d be a bit of a pain to try and change the vibration levels mid-use. When it comes to hands-free masturbation, the BonBon is great.

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