Last Day on the Job (part 1)

As I approached the posh hotel the doorman nodded at me, a look of recognition on his face. It wasn’t my first “visit” and I never thought it would be my last. Most of my encounters here ran together, one just like the next. This one, however, might be different. Grayson Peeler was a name that everyone in our city had heard. He was a business tycoon and was famous for donating money to various worthy causes.

The cause tonight was the removal of his youngest son’s virginity. Ben Peeler was the youngest of Grayson’s four sons. Apparently he had confided to one of his brothers that he was still a virgin. Not for lack of desire, although Ben was attractive and intelligent, socially speaking he was almost backward. Grayson Peeler, being the “man’s man” that he was couldn’t stand the thought of his son’s lack of experience, so he decided that for Ben’s birthday he’d arrange for his maiden voyage into the world of sex. He’d gotten my name and number from a colleague who was one of my regular customers.

He’d been told that I was an expert at keeping my men happy and my mouth shut, which was apparently a strong selling point for him. He had some very specific and unusual requests, but was paying me a fortune, so I was obliging. Not only did he want me to service his son; he wanted to watch me do so. Ben, of course, knew nothing of this. From what I’d heard, it was none too easy to convince him to do it at all, much less with an audience. The hotel’s owner was an old friend of Grayson’s and had a suite equipped with a two way mirror that he was letting Grayson borrow for the afternoon. I found the suite and knocked. Grayson let me in and introduced himself.

He was strikingly handsome and looked younger than I’d expected. He had a large, muscular build and an air of confidence that must have played a major role in his success in the business world. Ben was due any minute, so he showed me where he would be watching from and left the room. Just as I tuned in some sultry jazz on the stereo, I heard a knock at the door. I was surprised when I answered at how different father and son were in appearance.

Ben was attractive, but not ruggedly handsome like his father. He was average in height and on the thin side. He wore glasses and looked as though he’d be most comfortable in the company of periodic charts and Bunsen burners. As he came through the door, he tripped over his feet and turned the brightest shade of crimson I’d ever seen.

“Relax, hon,” I told him. “Come over here and let me make you comfortable.”

My original plan had been to loosen him up with a little slow dancing, but based on his entrance, I decided that wouldn’t be such a good idea. Taking his hand, I led him over to the bed and helped him out of his jacket.

“Would you give me a hand?” I asked him. Turning around, I lifted my hair so he could get to my zipper. When he’d gotten it down, I dropped my dress to the floor, revealing the lacy, white teddy underneath. Stepping out of the pile my dress had made on the floor, I began swaying slowly to the music.

“You’re really beautiful,” Ben stuttered.

“That’s sweet of you to say, I’m glad you approve.”

Still dancing, I began to unbutton his shirt. There was not one hair to be found on his young body. Pulling his shirt off, I ran my tongue over the sort, smooth skin of his chest pausing to tease each nipple with playful bites.

As we kissed, I parted his lips and explored his mouth with my tongue. He began to moan as I reached down, unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and freed what turned out to be a very impressive dick.

“I’ve got to have a taste of this,” I whispered. Pushing him gently down onto the bed, I planted kisses down his neck and chest and began running my tongue around the head of his bulging penis. I had positioned him on the bed so that Grayson could watch the pleasure on his boy’s face. After teasing him long enough with my tongue, I took his entire cock in my warm mouth, licking and sucking greedily.

“I need to feel this inside me. Please don’t make me beg, baby,” I cooed. After all, this was his day to feel like a man. He was out of his pants in a heart beat and I let him pull off my skimpy lingerie, exposing my ample breasts.

“They need some love and attention,” I told him when I saw the look of awe and admiration apparent on his face. He touched them gently, as if they were fine pieces of china liable to break at any minute.

“They’re sweet too,” I said as I guided his lips to my hard nipples. He sucked and bit them, forgetting at this point to be gentle.

“Come over here, I don’t want to wait any longer,” I breathed.

Taking him by the hand, I climbed onto the bed and laid across it sideways so that Grayson had a perfect view of Ben in action.

As he climbed on top of me, I guided his cock to its target. He was awkward at first, but soon got a rhythm going and, while not perfect, showed great potential.

His body shuddered as he came and he collapsed onto me. I ran my fingers through his hair and told him how great he’d made me feel. When the euphoria of the moment passed he must have begun to feel embarrassed. He made some excuses about having to meet a friend. He got dressed quickly and kissed me on the cheek. Watching as he closed the door behind him, I felt sure that some day he would be a wonderful lover.

As soon as the door closed behind Ben, Grayson come into the room. I could tell by the look in his eye that he’d been totally turned on by the scene he’d just witnessed. I started to gather up my clothes, but he came over and put his hands on my shoulders.

“How would you like to double your money while you’re here?” he asked………..

End of Part One-Look for Last Day on the Job, Part Two, in an upcoming issue of the GV Magazine!

Tempest DuMoor is a registered nurse and a single mother of four.


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