Ladies Break Up 101 Basic Survival List

Okay girl so it’s over and it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you kicked that loo-loo (loser) to the curb or if they cut you free. What matters is that you get a nice healthy start on your new single life style. Really these things can be blessings in disguise, which I’m sure is hard to hear right now….or not.

Let’s look at the situation realistically.
For one thing it completely sucks to add horny on top of heart broken.
Rather than making some poor rebounding decisions, the best idea is to get yourself some supplies.

Grab a new toy or two so you won’t have to worry about where your next orgasm will come from. And honey, I am just gonna say that sometimes during times of desperation us ladies do desperate things, like sleeping with complete mistakes. Right now you do not need to add to your emotionally distressed state.

Let’s consider a vibrator.

The strong would include electric vibratorssuch as the famed Hitachi Magic Wand,
Acuvibe, our newest, Ideal. If you are into a wand style those range in price between $52.00 – 72.00. If you are looking for a more direct-spot, heavy-duty vibrator you’ll want to try either the Wahl Coil ($34.00) or Essential Coil ($36.00). These are excellent for external stimulation, or furnish with an attachment for internal stimulation.

Twice as Nice vibrators are the rabbit style of vibrators. They have a vibrating or rotating shaft and also a little vibrator attached to the front. Perfect if you are a fan of internal and external stimulation at the same time, these vibes may just be your jam. If this is your first vibrator I would advise against a model like this. It would be like learning to ride a bike without the training wheels first.

Classic battery vibes are simple, straight to the point models that are reasonably priced so your pocket book won’t match your heart. Either a smoothie style like the Lady Luster ($20.00)–great for internal or external–or a Silver Bullet ($16.00). You can find a lot of variations on these models that might catch your eye and keep you out of trouble.

Keep your mind dirty and yourself in the mood with some dvd’s or erotica, depending on if you are a watcher or a reader. You’ll be needing some new inspirational material to relax that ex right out of your head. If you are a reader I would check out the “best of” yearly collections of erotica. If you don’t like one story just switch to the next. Or you could look for an erotic novel with a story line that peaks your interest. If you are a watcher figure out if you want to be watching something with a plot, theme, or all sex. Just don’t expect any oscar worthy performances. You will soon see there is a difference between the AVN Awards and the Academy Awards. Remember the fast forward button (or the slow motion button, depending on your mood and the scene) is a girl’s best friend when viewing dirty movies.

Then pamper yourself inside and out. Take a shower or bubble bath with your favorite product, write in a journal, get a mani-pedi, and a new pair of shoes and you will make it through girl. Stronger and sexier then ever.


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