Kitchen Assault

Evan walked through the front door and sighed as the tantalizing aromas of his wife’s cooking hit him. He inhaled deeply, trying to identify what wonderful concoction Melissa had created today.

Making his way to the kitchen, Evan was surprised to find his wife absent from her favorite room. As always, the gleaming kitchen was spotless, a heavenly aroma coming from the oven. He noticed a note on the counter. Reaching for it, he read two words – turn around.

Turning around, Evan’s jaw dropped in shock at the sight of Melissa standing in the doorway to the dining room. His wife was wearing nothing more than knee-high, black stiletto boots and a black g-string.

She paced across the kitchen with a seductive smile. Evan took two steps back until he was against the counter. He stared, feeling his face flush and his cock grow tight.

Melissa closed the distance between them, her hands reaching for his belt. She made quick work of it and his zipper, sliding his pants to the floor. His eager cock strained against his boxers. His wife then reached behind him, pulling something from a bag on the counter.

Evan swallowed hard as he recognized the fun cuffs from their bedroom. Melissa stared hard at him until he extended his left arm. She wrapped the cuff around his wrist and affixed the suction cup end to the counter. She repeated the same thing with his right arm.

He was now caught tight against the counter, his arms pulled to each side. Melissa now pulled something else from the bag. Evan’s eyes grew large at the right of a ball gag; this was new. Melissa raised an eyebrow and he obediently opened his mouth so she could slide it in. After doing up the strap, she slipped a blindfold over Evan’s eyes.

He could feel her nails running over his chest and gasped when she suddenly twisted his nipples. This was a side of his wife he hadn’t seen before. His cock was getting harder by the second.

He felt her breath against his neck and jumped as her teeth nipped at the tender skin. Evan began to breathe heavily as Melissa’s lips, tongue and teeth played over his skin. With a yank, she peeled off his boxers, letting them join his pants at his feet. He wondered what would come next.

Evan’s breathing grew ragged as Melissa continued to play with him, his excitement heightened by the restraints. He moaned when she finally drew his cock slowly into her mouth. Evan always loved it when Melissa gave him a blow job, but this was something different. He could feel his balls tightening and groaned. He didn’t want this to end so soon.

Just then, Melissa pulled back and Evan took several deep breaths while her hands continued to pull at his nipples and tug lightly at his balls.

Suddenly, he felt her fingers at his asshole and tensed. Evan whimpered as an unyielding pressure blossomed into the perfect combination of pleasure and pain; a long, hard toy slipping deep into his ass.

Melissa gave him a moment to recover and then began to slide the toy in and out of his tight hole. The friction and pressure soon had Evan straining against his bonds, gasping around the gag. Faster and faster his wife fucked his ass as he panted, saliva running out of his mouth.

His moans grew until they became desperate cries of ecstasy. With one final thrust Melissa ceased her movements and he sobbed in disappointment, stopped so close to his edge.

Her mouth descended on his cock again and Evan jolted, pulling on his restraints. His breath caught in his throat as her tongue probed the tip and he shuddered as her teeth dragged over his hard length. With the toy buried deep in his ass, everything felt different, more intense. Then she backed off once more.

He didn’t know what to expect now. Melissa’s heels clicked as she moved around. Something wet brushed against his cock as she backed her pussy onto his cock, his thick member slipping into her wetness. When she reached down and gently squeezed his balls, he almost lost control.

Slowly she began to move, sliding smoothly against his cock. His body shook as the sensations built up, taking him higher and higher. Melissa chuckled lowly, the only warning he had before the toy in his ass sent vibrations though his cock and balls. With his cock deep in Melissa’s pussy, her hand tight around his balls and the toy humming in his ass, Evan was beside himself. His cries grew louder, muffled by the ball gag. He strained with the need for release, the cuffs pressing into his wrists.

She moved faster and faster against him. His breath sobbed in his chest as he fought for air. The vibrations in his ass increased; his strangled cry was met by her chuckle. She kept pounding her pussy onto his cock, the sound of wet flesh against flesh loud in his ears.

With no warning at all, Melissa cranked up the vibrations again. With a tortured scream, Evan climaxed hard, coming deep inside his wife’s pussy. He shook, weak-kneed as she turned off the vibrator and slipped it from his body. She slid off the blindfold and gently removed the gag from between his lips.

Finally she undid the cuffs from his wrists and hugged him close. He couldn’t speak and was barely able to stand after her kitchen assault. He clung to her as she stroked his back. When Evan had caught his breath, he looked at his wife in utter amazement. “You are spectacular!” he whispered.

“I love you,” she replied softly.

He realized those were the only words she had spoken since this erotic interlude had begun.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked. “I’m starving.” Melissa threw back her head and laughed.

Shayna York

Shayna York writes erotica; sexy, steamy fiction. She is the raunchy alter-ego of a 30-something woman who was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. By day, she works in the field of communications, planning events and making things happen. Shayna believes erotica is all about getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Her first published story, 12 Steps to Desire is available now at:!

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